Who won the week? July 4th 2021

Fandango hosts this prompt each sunday, it is where we can pick a person, place, or thing that has won the week for us and write about it.

Mine is a little different each week.
The people, not person who won my week are all the people who share about lost pets on fb.
It really does work to share about a pet whose missing.
I know it works because a couple of weeks ago my PA’s dog Missy went missing. Her daughter shared a post on fb and asked people to share it. Within 2 hours the dog was found.
So my thanks go to anyone who hits that share button! To me, your all really awesome people. It takes literally 2 seconds to share a post, and you are generous enough to take that 2 seconds and share.
Thank you!
I always share posts about lost cats or dogs, because I know, for me, if Nitro went missing, it would break my heart. So I know how the owners of these missing animals must be feeling.
So that my friends, is my who won the week post for this week.