My who won the week 13th February edition

Fandango has a weekly prompt called who won the week…where, he says we can write about someone or something who has won the week for us.
Check his prompt out here!
Who Won the Week 02/13/2022 This, That, and The Other (

This week I’m going with author cathy glass!
Cathy glass is a UK author, she is a foster parent, and her books are mostly about her experiences of fostering kids. She tells the childrens stories in her books. They are fantastic, inspiring stories, and I love her books.
I always read them very quickly!
This week, Cathy has a new book coming out. Its called, neglected. Its available on amazon and audible.
I am waiting with anticipation for Thursday to come. That is the day her new book is released.
So cathy, well done! You are my who won the weeks winner this week!
Everyone should go check her books out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!