3TC #85

Di has given us a new 3TC challenge, todays words are Kite, happiness and bell.

Little cian was out with his dad, flying a kite. His happiness was written all over his little face.
“Wow, dad!” This is great!
They spent an hour flying his kite, then, the church bell rang.
“Come on son, his dad said” “Its time to go and sing christmas carols”
5 more minutes dad?
Ok then, his dad laughed, you win! 5 more minutes.


snails and worms eww gross!

its lexi. im six in case yu forgoted. anyways gess wat? nitro brot a snail in ar house! he musta brot it in on his paws. tha snail was in ar bedroom, ewww. our pa got him out, she pic him up and fro him out in tha garden. i so glad! i not like snails! thems gross!
so glad hes gone now! then kno wat else? we letted nitro out jus now and when he came in a worm came in wif him too!
ewww! its so so gross!
worms ar nasty!
i onlie likes gummy worms!
wel i gots ta go now cuz tha bigs wants ta wach somfin on tv!
love lexi six