Tale weaver-books

I love books. I read a lot. I got through a lot of books. Reading is one of my distractions techniques.

Right now I am reading a book by vikki phelan, an irish woman who is an overarian cancer survivor, her story is her life story before and up to her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, its a great read.

I am thoroughly enjoying it. She has a good writing style, and her story is captivating.

Before this I read exploited by Maggie Hartley, that book was sad, but very good, and it did have a happy ending.

I like a lot of authors, but some of my favourites are cathy glass, maggie hartley, shane dunphy, rosie lewis and casey watson. Those are all forster carers.

I also like danielle steele, cathy kelly, kitty neale, and joanne fluke.

I dont always read a lot of fiction though. Mostly I read memoirs, or animal stories, or inspirational stories of people overcoming the odds.

What about you? Do you like to read? if so what type of books do you like?

#3TC #196

Your three things today are:

Sarah stood transfixed. All around her she felt the humdrum of the busy streets. She was not really there though. She was transfixed by the memory of a long ago time. Suddenly a piece of paper started to blow in the wind, it brought her out of her thoughts as she looked at it. A wrapper from a pack of sweets, she gazed at it moving in the wind, life was so strange she thought. Then she started walking again as she made her way back home, the weather had turned suddenly colder and the wind was whipping up. She was looking forward to getting inside and making herself a mug of hot chocolate.


Fandango’s flash fiction challenge #57

The building loomed, old, and very big, it scared debbie. She wasnt looking forward to having to enter it. Summing up all of her courage, she took the final few steps up to the old ornate building, and looking around, she reached out and pressed the bell on the front door.
She heard footsteps and the door flew open…a tall, dark haired lady greeted her.
“Come in, come in”, she said enthusiastically.
Debbie gingerly stepped inside, she didnt know what awaited her, but she had to be brave, and face her fears head on.


#3TC Feb. 23rd 2020

Di has given us the following 3 words to use today in the #3tc challenge.


Danny hated injustice of any kind. He sat and thought, what was he going to do. How could he fix this?
Dont squirm, danny said to frank, people will know this is a hard one for us to fix!
Frank threw his eyes up to heaven!
Lets ask dave to throw his two cents worth into the mix, surely he’ll know what we should do to fix this injustice, he said.
Ok, Danny said, I’m on it!