3 things challenge 29th Jan. 2019

Today’s prompts are: story, elf, art

Buddy the elf sat on a shelf. Oh how I wish I wasnt an elf, he sighed. I wish I was an artist, doing art. I would happily draw all day long! I would sketch to my hearts content!
How he longed to stop playing that stupid game of elf on the shelf. The kids loved it though! They were always looking to see what his next mistievious adventure would be!
Some day, some day, he thought, I’ll be a famous artist, the first artist elf in the country! I’ll change from being a christmas elf, to an art elf!
Then I can be art elf on the shelf!
And that is the end of this little story!


3 things challenge 19th January 2019

Todays prompt is: fish, nuke, jalopy

I’m really stumped!
so…Here I go…

I nuke a fish I caught. I nuke him in a corner, reel him in, and then, plop! He falls off the line! So much for nuking that little bugger!
Fishing just isnt my thing!

I couldnt think of a poem, or something to write for jalopy!
So this little titbit of silliness will have to do!


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