3TC #85

Di has given us a new 3TC challenge, todays words are Kite, happiness and bell.

Little cian was out with his dad, flying a kite. His happiness was written all over his little face.
“Wow, dad!” This is great!
They spent an hour flying his kite, then, the church bell rang.
“Come on son, his dad said” “Its time to go and sing christmas carols”
5 more minutes dad?
Ok then, his dad laughed, you win! 5 more minutes.


First line Friday!

Dylan hosts first line friday, and I am participating for the first time this week!

It is First Line Friday! Welcome and lets get writing.

Below, I give you the first line, and you all get to write the rest.

Your line for this week is:

Never burn a bridge you could push them off later.


Never burn a bridge, you could push them off later.

This has been said to me so much

By so many people


What does it mean?

For me, it means, dont rush

dont rush to end things

with someone

you might regret it

the you could push them off later?

what does that mean?

for me, it means

Wait for them to do something that causes you to want to end things

Then, before they will do it

you do it first

At least for me

Never burn a bridge

You could push them off later


Mulling it over still even now

Its such a profound line

Book promo: Going dark, by paula light

Paula light who blogs over at light motifs has written a wonderful book, actually she’s written more than one, I read this one a few weeks ago. It was amazing! She is very talented and her writing is captivating and really draws you in!

This is what Paula says about her book…read below…

Going Dark is Paula Light’s second collection of poetry and short fiction. As the title suggests, the subject matter can be a little dark at times, but there are also many bright and hopeful pieces too. The main focus is about emotional healing.

Here is a link to the Kindle version:

Here is a link to the Audiobook:

Do read it if you can! You wont be disappointed!

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My summer reading list is…

Sarahs writing prompt for this week is My summer reading list is

Are you sure you wanna know?
Well, I am going to start reading a series soon, it will either be the in death series by Jd robb, or the hannah swensen series by joanne fluke, I havent really ever read a series, I also would love to try to get into the harry potter books, yes, go on, laugh, I’ve never read them, can you imagine that?

I’ve been reading a stolen life by Jacee dugart, and I also reread cathy glass’s book called will you love me as I love that one. I read two of Paula lights books, those were excellent short reads.
I am also reading just a child by sammy woodhouse right now.
I also have the new maggie hartley book on my to read list for the rest of the summer!
I want to start reading a bit more fiction, and I do have a few books in mind to start reading, lisa jenova, beverly barton, some danielle steele, and emma hannigans latest.
what do you have on your to read list right now? And what are you currently reading?

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?? Book review:Going dark, by paula light ??

I have just finished the second of Paulas books, paula light, who blogs over at light motifs.
Her book going dark is a great one. Its a short read, the audio version is 41 minutes in length, so I was able to read it in one sitting! It is a fantastic page turner!
If you love poetry and short stories then this is the book for you! I loved the dark poetry in this volume. My favourite pieces were angel, waves, and kalaideascope.
Paula is a fantastic writer. I’ve read both of her books now and both of them left me wanting more! I highly recommend you read them. The links to them are below!
the amazon link is

and the audiobook link is:


Do enjoy them! You will not be disappointed!

And if you can you should also go check out Paulas blog light motifs she’s a really awesome blogger!

Thanks for the fabulous reads Paula! I thought the two books were awesome!

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Book review: burnt offerings, by Paula light

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading Paula lights new book, burnt offerings. Paula blogs over at Light Motifs, and she is a fantastic writer, she writes poems, fiction and the book is a collection of short fiction stories and it also has some poetry in it.
It was a great read! Entertaining, gripping, and it kept me wanting more!
My favourite stories in the book were the smoothie, valentines, and there was also a poem about being from different places, that I really liked!
The book is available on kindle, and in audio. I read the audio version!
Its a short read, I read it in one sitting!
I highly recommend this book! If you enjoy poetry and short stories, then this is the book for you!
Do have a read of it I will put the link to it below!

Link to paulas book, burnt offerings, on amazon…


Do also check out Paulas blog over at

Give her a follow, she’s a really awesome person and you will love her blog as much as I do!
She also got nominated for an award lately her award post can be found here!

Her book kept me distracted when I was unable to sleep last night, so, thanks so much, Paula!
I am so grateful for the distraction!

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