Fandango’s flash fiction challenge #57

The building loomed, old, and very big, it scared debbie. She wasnt looking forward to having to enter it. Summing up all of her courage, she took the final few steps up to the old ornate building, and looking around, she reached out and pressed the bell on the front door.
She heard footsteps and the door flew open…a tall, dark haired lady greeted her.
“Come in, come in”, she said enthusiastically.
Debbie gingerly stepped inside, she didnt know what awaited her, but she had to be brave, and face her fears head on.

follow your dreams…

The little girl looked up at her mom. Follow your dreams, sweetie, her mom would always tell her. Now her mom was very ill. Looking into her moms big blue eyes, her daughter was determined, I’m going to become a ballet dancer, mom, I promise, I’ll do it for you, she knew her mom always wanted to be a ballet dancer. Her mom smiled weakly. Do it for yourself, darling, only do it for yourself, nothing will make me prouder. And so she did, because she wanted nothing more than to make her mom proud of her.

March 22: Flash Fiction Challenge