#whatif prompt 6-22-2018 tie dyed lion

Todays whatif prompt from what if we all cared is tie dyed lion.

one of our littles favourite stuffies is a tie dyed lion, a ty stuffed animal, you know ty, they make beanies?
this stuffy isnt a beanie baby though, he is a beanie buddy, so bigger than a beanie baby.
he’s really cute, and our kids just love him!
His name is bushy! bushy the lion!
He’s like a protector for the kids. They feel like lions are protectors, and will keep them safe from the badguys!


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from one very hot pup!

hi you guys! 😀
its me, nitro! and you know what? i’m boiling! i cant get enough water! i’m just so hot! i’m drinking tons and tons of cold cold water! 😀 my mom says she’s never seen me drink so much water! but whats a dog to do in this heat? its so unbearable! my coat is fluffy and thick and i get so hot! i need to lie on the cool ground just to cool down. of course i have a blanket but its far too hot to lie on that. so instead i’m laying on the cool floor by moms bed. mom wants me close to her. i was sitting in the living room with nana and grandad. they’re watching tv. its very boring though. i was sooo bored! 😀 i had enough of that so sloped off to mommy in the bedroom. she was so pleased and she gave me lots of pats and cuddles! im looking forward to tomorrow, grandad said he’d take me for a walk! i cant wait! I’m very thrilled at the idea of going out walking! he always takes me for walks. if it isnt too hot he’ll take me, but even if its going to be hot he’ll probably still take me, he takes me out early in the morning before the sun gets to be too hot. i wonder if i’ll be able to sleep tonight in this heat? 😀 who knows, maybe I’ll keep mom awake! She wont be thrilled if I do that 🙂
well wags and licks to ou all my blog friends!

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and he wants out now?

my dog is a clown! i’ve been trying all night since 8 pm to let him out. i fed him at 6:30. i let him out just before he was fed. normally he goes out for the final time to pee around 8 or 9 pm. tonight though he had other ideas. he wouldnt go. he literally went into his bed, sat down in it and refused to budge, no amount of coaxing him, calling his name, patting my leg to get him up, nothing would coax him to go out. so i quit after a while because i was feeling frustrated. so 2 hours went by. at 11 pm im in the bedroom, and in he strolls, tail wagging, comes up to me, i was on the bed on the computer, pushes his wet nose in my face, and starts whining. and im like, dude, you want out now? at 11 pm at night? thank god i have a back yard and i dont have to bring him out on the street! i’d be so scared and nervous if i had to go out on the street with him. so yeah im really thankful for my little back yard. it means i can let him out and stand inside and not worry about him running off, i can close the door if i need to, wait for him to finish and then call him back inside. tonight though when i finally let him out i stood at the back door and listened to see if i could hear him doing his business. i couldnt, all i heard was cars passing by. eventually i called him back inside, and now he’s cuddled up in his bed, happy again. im happy too. he wont need to go out now until at least 6 AM tomorrow morning. i was thinking if he didnt go out tonight he’d probably wake me up at like 3 or 4 AM wanting out then.
carol anne

Reblog. Does anyone remember me yet? :/

Emilia over at my inner mish mash sometimes lets her Russian blue cat, misha, take over her blog!

Misha is worried that because he hasn’t written in a while, people will forget him!




via Does anyone remember me yet? :/

he’s not a fan

so i just found out that nitros not a fan of britains got talent, lol.
he’s afraid of the noise the buzzers make.
He started shaking when the buzzers went off. Thats the buzzers that the judges use to say that the contestants are not good.
Poor nitro. He’s such a wimpy dog lol.
I ended up going out of the room with him, so I never watched the end of the show.
I’d say his ears were hurting, they are very sensitive to loud noises.
Lots of pats and cuddles will put him right again I’m sure.

a fun day at kennedys pet farm

we goed to a pet farm taday
it was sooo much fun
we got to feed lambs
and goats too
we fed them wif a botle
and they guzzled it all down
they was hungery
we also petted guinea pigs and rabbits
and some donkeys and some sheep
and the sheep were real wooly
and the donkeys were fun they were sunbathing
they were napping a lot in the sun
the lambs nibbled our fingers
and we saw puppys too
one was asleep
ther were piggies to but we culdnt touch them
and lots of chickens walking around
all the aminals were alowed to roam around
cuz theyre all frendly and thay lik peple
we were havinga picnic lunch
and a deer came over
and he tried to eat ar food
he wanted it! he was sniffing out ar picnic hahahaa
we had to get up and go somewhere else out of his way
he almost knock over ar moms flask of tea
he funy very funy deer
i patted his head and he tried to nudge my arm
i loved all tha aminals
im glad we got to go there today
cuz its the last day of ar vacation today
we go home tomorow
im sad bout that
but we had a fun vacation
darina ballerina im six