Working on us, week 11, pet therapy!

This weeks working on us prompt is all about pet therapy and emotional support animals. Something thats very very dear to my heart. I am going to participate in the two prompts this week. So…lets get going…

  1. Do you own a pet for emotional support and/or service/therapy?

Yes! I own a guide dog as I am blind. He is not officially an emotional support animal, but he does support me emotionally, in so so many different ways.
Is your pet a certified therapy animal?
No, he’s not certified, well he’s trained as a guide dog. Maybe thats being certified in a way. But for emotional support, he’s not certified.

What kind of pet do you own?
He’s a labrador retriever cross! He’s almost 9 now. I’ve had him since he was two years old.
Do you believe that support animals truly assist those in need?
Definitely! When I am sad, mad, agitated, anxious, or depressed, Nitro comes to me. He gives me his paw, he licks my hands, he sits at my feet, or he lays his head on me, nudging me and giving me love and being very attentive to my needs.
Do you believe that any animal can be a therapy/support pet?
Most animals can be. I went to a petting farm recently, and I absolutely loved it there. I loved the goats, the llamas, the pigs, all of the wonderful animals. I believe animals have many healing powers. And they love you unconditionally!

Prompt two: Describe how your pet is of support to you? EXAMPLE: Helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc (And, please Share their name and a photo) if you desire.

Nitro helps me with my anxiety. Like I already said, if I am anxious, he sits by me, he rests his head on my lap, he licks my hands, or gives me his paw. He also helps when I am depressed. As I feed him, let him out, walk him, I need to take care of him, so I cant just stay depressed, as he needs me, so I need to focus on him and doing that helps me to get out of my head and break out of my depressive state. I am so grateful for Nitro. I love him and I am so, so glad heh is my guide dog. I’d be lost if he wasnt in my life, and I cant bear to think about a time when he wont be in my life.

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Who won the week?

Fandango has a new prompt, called, who won the week!
It is where you choose someone who you think won the week, who is either outstanding, did something good, it can be a celeb, blogger, politician, etc. Anyone you think who is worthy of the title!
For me, this first week goes to a local celeb, a restaurant here where I live, had a kitten on their roof. The kitten was stuck there for days. They tried everything to rescue it, but nothing was working, the fire department even came out, but they had no luck either, they didn’t rescue it. The local animal welfare people gave them traps to try to catch it, and still they couldnt rescue the kitten. It was very nervous, and every time anyone went near it it ran away.
Eventually, one of the restaurants employees, named lauren, and her brother, rescued the cat. The cat jumped from the roof, two floors up, and lauren and her brother heroically caught it.
What a stroke of luck!
I just heard Lauren being interviewed on the local radio. She said she’s going to name her new kitty roofus! 😀 what a cute name for the cat! I love it!
She definitely gets my vote for who won the week!

check out fandangos post and instructions here!

Who Won The Week?

News on nitro

well nitros check up is over with for another while. it went ok. i got both good and bad news. the good news is he’s mostly healthy. i say mostly because the vet did say his right back leg is stiff, and it looks like he may be getting a little arthritic. she said we’d monitor it, keep an eye on things. and if needs be we can start injections, or supplements with his food, or he can have pain relief if he needs it. she asked me if i had pet insurance, i do, so i am not to worried about costs. its a good thing i have insurance for him. i was a little upset that he may have arthritis. it means he’s getting old. my boy is almost 9 now. he’s not a puppy any more. i wish he still was. also, she weighed him and he should be 35 kg, which is around 70 pounds, but he’s 40 kg, around 80 pounds, so she said i need to cut out treats, and give him less dog food. i’ll start with less treats, i only feed him one scoop of dry food in the morning, and one scoop in the afternoon. she said i may want to cut it down to 2 thirds of a cup in the morning and afternoon. but if i do that he’ll be starving. my dad is a terror for giving him treats. i warned him now, no more treats. only apples and carrots. nothing else. i have to get his weight back down. i dont want it putting pressure on his joints. so besides those two things, there was one other thing and that was his ears, the vet gave me ointment for his ears, she gave his ears a deep clean, but she said they were very dirty, and it looked like some infection had set in too. so she told me to use the ointment for 3 weeks, and then bring him in again for her to look at his ears again. if the ointment doesnt work, she said we could try others, or else we may do allergy testing. he did have skin allergies as a puppy, and he’s always had trouble with his ears. so its nothing new. so other than all that, he’s healthy. he got his shots, and kennel cough vaccines. he got flea and worming treatment. he hated being in the vets office. he was panicking and panting a lot. i knew he was very stressed out. he really just doesnt like it. the vet also clipped his nails, and he hated having that done. i’m glad its over now. cost me 120 euro for the visit. that included his dog food though so the actual vet visit was only 70 euro, for nail trimming, ear cleaning, shots, and his ear meds. so that was reasonably priced I thought. I’m happy with him and the vet was as well. I just hope his ears clear up quickly. and I hope the leg issues arent going to be too serious for him. Only time will tell I suppose.


Vet visit

Im taking Nitro to the vet today. This morning. He’s gotta get his shots, his yearly ones. He has to get the main ones, and then the kennel cough one too, which they will give him up his nose, poor puppy, he hates that, he’s going to whimper when they put it up his nose, because well, I think it hurts when they squeeze it up there. He also has to get his worm treatment, and flea treatment, as its summer now, and fleas and ticks are everywhere, I also have to buy another bag of food for him, I’m almost out of dog food now. There is a tiny little lump on his right ear, on the outside of it. I need to get the vet to look at it and hopefully she’ll know what it is. Its not bothering him, and I think its either a wart, or a bite of some sort, but I am going to get it checked out for safety sake. I know he’s going to pull and whine when we get to the vets, he hates going in to see her. He will go in, but he will drag his feet, he’ll probably try to go towards the front door when we stand up to be called back to her office. He always does that, silly little puppy!


Elephants make me smile, from Emily

hi. its emily. for people who dont know me im 12. and Im an alter in our system. im going to write a little.  i hope all of you are having a good night.
i wanted to write about elephants. the prompt word for the word of the day today is elephant.
elephants are so amazing. they are so big. i wish i could ride on one. now that’d be neat. can you even do that? does anyone know if you can ride on an elephant? i like to visit the zoo and see the elephants at the zoo. thats a whole lot of fun.
i think they eat peanuts, i’d like to feed them peanuts, it’d be fun to see them suck them up with their trunks. Does anyone else know what elephants eat?
i like to watch programmes about elephants too. nature programmes. i like nature documentaries. i bet none of you knew that about me. you probably just knowed i liked butterflies. i like a lot of animals actually. i love nature and think its fascinating.
does anyone else like nature shows?
Elephants got big ears too. Maybe they hear real good cuz they got such big ears. I think they use their ears for something maybe its to cool them down? Im not sure. But I know their ears are huge.
I like the sound they make, too. The trumpety trump sound.
And I like the song nelly the elephant, does anyone know it? Its a kids song. I used to know all the words to it. But I forgot some of them now. We had a cd when we were little, of animal songs, and that song was on it.
So do you like elephants?
butterfly hugs ❤
Loves you,
emily age 12

Cutie nitros making me laugh again!

My dog is incredible! I mean it guys, he’s always making me laugh! He’s done it again now! Just what I needed, a good laugh!
Last week, I was outside in my front garden, talking to my next door neighbour, and I brought him out with me. He sniffed around for a while, and then unbeknowns to me, he did a huge pooh! I mean this was no ordinary sized one! No it was humungus!
I was like, I am not going to clean that!
So mom did it for me!
Tonight, I let him follow me out while I threw something in the bin, and what do you know, he pooped again! Another huge one!
I had to laugh! Is he trying to tell me something?
Last week, my PA saw what he’d done and said, he is building a house! He should have been an architect! 😀
She thought he was hilarious and so do I!
I mean tonight, I had just let him out five mins beforehand, in the back yard to go! But he had to wait until I let him out in the front garden to go! Now anyone walking in to my house can see his monster sized pooh!
But he’s cheered me up! Thanks, cute boy!


He just wants treats!

Nitro is hilarious! I love him! He makes me laugh so hard, which I need to be doing right now!

I bought him some treats the other day. I bought him some chews, and some bones, and some chicken strips and beef strips.

I made the mistake of giving them to him after he goes out to do his business, so now, every time he goes out, he runs in and goes to where the treats are and stands there begging me for one! 😀

Its so funny! Of course I cant resist!

He’ll be fat in no time if I keep going and keep allowing him to have so many treats!

but how can I resist that cute face?

He’s happy and content, and so am I!
Love you nitro doodle bug!