My parents dog biggie is sick again, prayers needed

I’d appreciate it guys if you would send up some prayers for my parents dog biggie. He is sick again, we think its his heart, he’s panting a lot, and drinking a ton of water, my dad put glucose in his water, and they are trying to contact the emergency vet. He’s 14 years old now…his body is slowly giving up. I think and I hate to say it but I do think it would be an ease to him if he passed away. But I dont want him to be in any pain. His panting today just reminded me of my guide dog Goldie, who died of a heart attack when she was 13 years old. I hope I’m wrong about it though. Please send positive thoughts for him that he’ll either pass away peacefully in his sleep or that the vet will be able to give him something to take away his pain.