Guess whose in my bad books?

Nitro! He’s being a goofball!
He’s making an idiot out of me!
😀 He is pretending he needs to go out and then when I go to open the door to let him out, he stands there with a look of who me? Not me! On his face!
He just will not move to go out!
Talk about a dog who knows his own mind! 😀
I have to laugh at him!
At least he is making me smile!
But he’s really in the dog house tonight!
Or maybe its me who is! Lol!


Blustery night

The wind whips up
Rain falls
Bouncing off the ground
And windows
Me and Nitro
Are cosy and warm
In our cocoon
With the heat on
I hear the rain
Hammer my window paynes
Oh how glad I am
Not to be
Outside on this wet night

a kitty cat

it is darina
gess wat?
thers a kitty cat ote side ar window
i not sure if hes a boy r a gurl
but the kittys miaowing
makin a big noise
it skard me a litle
until i figur ote its a kitty doin it
den i was ok agin and wasint skard
i fink da kitty cats siting on ar window sill
it onlee bes 4 20 in da mornin
so hes up late or shes up late
i not sure which it is ha ha
or mabe it is dat dey ar up erly
lik us haha
and ya knos wat else
im rely bummed
cuz carol anne said we gots ta drink watr
no coke
jus watr and eat fruit for brekfast
i lik fruit but i don lik ta hav ta bes healthy all da time
dats stupid
darina ballerina i six

Being outside at 1 AM

As I stand at the back door
to let Nitro out
the wind howls
freezing my ass off
hurry up, Nitro
he’s sniffing around outside
not in any hurry to come in
its after 1 AM now
the rain splashes me
as I stick my head out and call
Nitro, Nitro
Come on boy
Time to come in
He runs up to me
soaking wet
Shakes himself all over me
As I turn to close the back door
We rush inside
Out of the biting wind
We sit
Me wrapped in my blanket
Nitro at my feet
I sip on a mug of hot chocolate
And begin to read
As nitro begins to sleep
And outside my window
The wind blows and rain falls

it bes lexi! and we just heres a kitty cat!

we hered a kitty ote side our windo! she was goin meow meow!
liz wanted ta send nitro ote ther to see if hed chase her!
but he wudnt go ote!
he sat by tha door and he wudnt go silly puppy!
we don kno if de kitty cats still der!
im sayin shes a gurl kitty but her mit bes a boy!
but she was rite oteside ar window of ar bedroom!
now im not skard! i wana go pet her!
but liz sayed no we cant, it only 3:30 in de mornin!
and wed hav ta go ote in the garden and how wud we find her!
so no pettin her fir us!
lexi whoos six

Nitro is retiring, soon!

so this morning i rang gude dogs. i wanted to see what the situation was about someone coming out to me to do some aftercare.

they were meant to come out in december, but the visit got canceled, and nobody has contacted me since then.

so i took it upon myself to call them. and i am so glad that i did.

I explained about Nitro being 9 now, and that I was just wondering about an aftercare visit. the lady said, the soonest anyone can get to me would be in march.

The staff are all out training dogs right now and will be for at least the next 2 months.

thats ok though. I can wait. I told her that Nitro isnt really working any longer, and that he’s slowed down considerably.

she asked me if I wanted to get another dog, because if I did, she’d have to start the process of me getting a medical and other stuff. I told her no, I didnt. That I’d be keeping Nitro and for now, I didnt want another dog.

So march it is then. I’m guessing they’ll come out towards the end of march, and he’ll retire then with immediate effect.

I am sad that he’s come to the end of his working life, but happy he’ll get to spend a few years just relaxing and having fun, and being just a regular pet.

He’s been a lifesaver for me. He’s been a super, super dog. A great little worker. I love him so, so much.