Dad is so ill, need some support…

So my dad is really ill. He’s been ill for days now, and he’s getting worse, basically, he sounds hoarse, he can hardly talk, its not a throat infection though, it sounds more like a deep lung infection. He’s been taking over the counter meds, neurophin, paracetamol, lemsip, etc. Nothings working to take the symptoms away. He’s really weak too. And then this morning he said his poop was black, and we all got super worried, as I know black poop can be a sign of internal bleeding.
He insisted on walking Nitro this morning, even though I said no to him, he said he wanted to get fresh air, so I told him to take his phone, he was like why? I said in case you need help, he’s like why would I need help? Its like he doesnt seem to get how ill he is. He is refusing any treatment, he wont let my mom call an ambulance, or he wont go see a doctor. Every time my mom tries to talk to him he goes balistic, gets fits of anger, starts shouting and yelling at her.
Its awful and we are all going out of our minds with worry, especially my mom, and I am as well. I left their house early today, I couldnt stay there for a minute longer, the atmosphere is awful, and I’m already super triggered, and then last night he kept my mom and me awake all night basically, he was moaning in pain with his back, his joints, his head, every time I was falling asleep he’d start up moaning again, and wake me up.
So not sure what to do now, except wait.
And hope my mom doesnt find him dead in bed, thats a real possibility at this point.
Its so unfair what he’s doing to all of us, we’ve tried our best to help him, get him to see sense, he just wont though.