Nitro has been sick this morning

I had a bit of a bad night with Nitro. He got sick at 5 AM. I had to get up with him and let him out. He puked all over his rug, and the bedroom floor and the rug in the hall. Poor puppy. I dont know what made him so sick. Maybe he just got a bad turn in his stomach, or maybe he was too hot. My dad helped me clean it up. He only got sick once, when he went back to bed he was fine. And he ate his breakfast and he seems ok now. Thank goodness. I hate it when he’s ill. I always worry its going to be something big thats wrong with him. I get really anxious every time he throws up. Especially now that he’s older. So its good that he seems ok again now. And after we went back to bed, I was able to sleep for another hour and a half. I thought I wouldnt sleep any more but am thankful I was able to. Now we’ll have to wash his bedding, my dad is doing that now. At least the weather is good so it will dry quickly.