He’s still holding on

Biggie is still holding on. He’s a little brighter, although our dad is refusing to take him to the vet. I am absolutely appauled at our dad but he wont do it, he says its because he doesnt have the money for vet bills, but to me, if your dog is ill, then you do all you can to help him, and not let him suffer. To me that is what I would do. You would get the money even if you have to borrow it. I wouldnt have minded paying some of the costs to take biggie to the vets. Instead my dad is giving him painkillers, that you’d give to a human. Which I feel he shouldnt do. But I am not saying anything, because I’ll only land myself in a lot of trouble and it will only cause a lot of disagreement. Biggie has eaten a few bits of kibble, and a little bit of cooked ham, but thats it. He is drinking though. He’s still very weak. He’s just laying down a lot. For now he’s holding his own but for how long I dont know. I hope if he does go it will be in his sleep…he is 13.5 and its probably getting close to his time to go. He’s not whimpering or howling or anything but every now and then he’s panting and I think thats because he’s in pain. Please continue to send up prayers for him and for my dad too, even though he is making me so angry at the moment. My dad does love biggie very much. He literally saved my dads life, when my dad quit drinking for a few years, he threw all of his energy into caring for biggie, who was much younger at the time. He’d walk him every day and it kept him busy and kept him from thinking about alcohol. So he has a lot to thank biggie for. I just wish he’d do the right thing and bring him in to the vets to see what is wrong with him.

Prayers for my mom

Can you all send my mom some positive juju and prayers?

She’s really sick. As you know, she has COPD, well, at the moment she has a very bad chest infection.

She also has a bad ear infection.

She went to the doctor yesterday and he gave her loads of meds, antibiotics, drops for her ear, stuff to put in her nebuliser, and steroids.

Its just gone 4 AM now and she’s been up since 3:15. She cant lie down as she cant breathe when she lays down.

I’m worried about her. Some supportive prayers and thoughts for her recovery would be much appreciated by me.

Feeling so much better!

I am finally feeling well again! I feel so much more like myself!
Yay I am so thrilled to be feeling good again!
I still have a little bit of a cough, but nothing like what it was!
I am no longer taking meds! I am able to finally breathe again!
My nose isnt running like a tap any more yay!
Feels good to be better! ❤ ❤

I still feel under the weather

I’m still sick, a week has passed and this stupid cold and cough are still hanging on. Its so annoying. My nose stopped running but now the cough is really bad. I’m still taking lemsips for it which have paracetamol in them.
I stayed home all day yesterday. I just relaxed in front of my new apple tv.
Sometimes you just need a chill day of rest.
I dont think I’ll go in to work today. It wouldnt be fair to pass this thing on to other people.
Waiting now for my PA to get here at 9 AM. Also have a guy coming to fix my boiler, put a new part into it.
Then will go to mom and dads for the weekend!
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy it!

Still not over it yet!

I am still feeling awful!
No sign of it letting up yet! I am so achy and weak!
My head is pounding, I am going hot then cold, I am blowing my nose a lot also!
I am trying to motivate myself to get the rest of my assignment done, but so far, I havent gotten to it. I am not worried either if I dont get to it tonight. I have until midnight on Tuesday.
I just feel too sick and I want to get a little bit better so that I wont miss therapy tomorrow. I wont miss it, because whether I am well enough or not, I will still go.
I cant afford to miss seeing eileen!
I have some lemsip, which has paracetamol in it, and I will take that tonight before going to bed.
That should help me. Other than that I am just going to take things easy today. I have my heat on and I am snug and cosy and warm so that will also help.
I hate being sick! I hate this feeling!
I’m slowly getting better, but it seems to be taking too long for my liking!

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I still feel so off

I still feel very off. My head is just all blocked up, and I feel so so crappy. I have college work to finish, but to be honest, I dont really feel up to it. I’ve done a little bit, the assignment I have is a learner log, a kinda journal of learning, its 800 words, doesnt seem like a lot, but it is taking everything I have to do it. I did 250 words this morning.
I’ve put it away for now and will tackle more of it later this afternoon!
I rested up all weekend, didnt do much of anything! I think it helped. I’ve been also taking over the counter meds.
I really hope I start to feel better soon!

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Sick as a dog!

c I’m so sick. I can hardly move. My body aches. My head is pounding and my nose is running like a tap.

I went to bed at 7 Pm last night and I didnt surface again until 9 AM this morning. Thats totally not like me. I’ve been feeling so sorry for myself all morning.

I’m taking some over the counter meds for it. I’m also trying to keep as warm as I can.

Right now though I just feel awful! And I want this to go away and fast!

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