tv shows to binge watch when your down with the flu!

The adorable and very sweet becky over at beckys mental mess has nominated me for a challenge, the challenge is to pick my favourite 3 tv shows to binge watch when I am sick with the flu or just sick in general!


  • No more than 3 TV-Shows
  • Pick the heros you like in each show
  • Add pictures of gifs, if you like
  • Humor is welcomed
  • Nominate some folks around Yes, that means other bloggers Spread the word!
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Ok here goes!

1 full house!
When I am feeling unwell I turn it on, its a very safe show for us, there are no triggers, very good and our littles love it, we all do actually. So I turn it on and watch the whole 8 seasons!
2 big bang theory
Sheldon, OMG sheldon is sooo funny! I laugh and laugh hysterically at him all day!
That show has so much good humour in it!
3 Law and order SVU
My fave of the law and order series, I love this show, I love the character olivia especially, I think she’s kick ass!

and my nominees to pass this challenge on to now are:
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Have fun doing this, I did!
carol anne


Woke up sick but…

so i woke up feeling like crap. my head was pounding and my nose was all stuffed up. i was thinking about not going to the ILS course this week. but then i decided i’d just suck it up and go.
i took two panadol which helped matters. after a little while i ate breakfast and my head stopped pounding. i am still not really able to breathe properly and i still feel very off but im just pushing on through.
i just got here to the ILS course about 20 minutes ago. i took my bags to my apartment and put away my fruit that I’d bought and let nitro out and now I’m ready to start class.
i have to work on my diary for my work experience module. im the only one in class today. there should be another girl with me but she rarely comes in. to be honest i donno how she gets away with it. she is so unreliable. always missing tons of days.
i hope im not sick for too long. i’ve just gotten over a similar illness. my immune system must be really low because this is about my fourth time this year having this flu type thing.