afternoon ramble

Well I feel somewhat better. I took a whole load of meds. That seems to have helped somewhat.
I’m at my parents now. I’ll be here for a few days.
Mom and dad are gone out, so I have the house to myself, well the dogs are here, but other than them its just me.
Dad has an apt with the eye doctor. So mom went with him.
I’m happy cuz I can still go to the gym tonight. That makes me happy.
Exercise will do me good I think. I need to exercise.
Did I tell you it cost me 80 euro to fix my house alarm? Yep. Good thing I had extra money. It was 10 euro for each battery and I needed 7 batteries, and then the guy charged me 10 euro for fitting them.
Tomorrow evening I am going for a meal with the old staff from the basement club. There are a few of us going. It should be fun. It will be nice to see them all again.
Anyway I’m going to go and make a cup of tea now. And book my taxi to take me to the gym later on.

Still feel bad!

I still feel sick. So I am not going in to college today. I am staying home instead!

I feel so achey and weak!

I am going to dose myself up with a lemsip, which is a UK brand of cold medicine. I will make that, take it and hope I feel better in a few hours.

I have plans to go to the gym this evening with my PA instead of going to slimming world. I hope I can still go. I’m thinking I’ll be ok in a few hours.

I got very little sleep last night too which isn’t helping. I tossed and turned all night and felt really bad.

I have a few hours before mom comes over to pick me up. I am going to her house and spending a few nights there. We’re actually going away this weekend to Killarney in co. Kerry. We’re going there for my nieces 11th birthday, we’re having a girly weekend, mom my sister and me and the two kids. It should be fun!

I am so excited to go! I am going to hopefully feel a lot better by then so I can enjoy myself.

Well off to feed the pup and make my lemsip! Catch ya’ll later!

Sick and feel bla

ug i feel awful. i woke up after a nap feeling bla. head hurting. achy. pain and weakness. dizziness too. it is horrible. i drank some water to try to feel better. mom said i might be dehydrated. it helped. but i still feel yuck. and i feel teary and emotional and very overwhelmed too. my mood is still kinda low. i am just not feeling it tonight. i just feel sad, overwhelmed and it feels awful.


Feeling very off last night, and this morning

so last night i had to take myself off to bed after i ate dinner.

my stomach was really hurting me. it wasnt pain from what i had eaten, but it was more like muscular pain. when i breathed in, it hurt. it still hurts when I breathe in.

its actually my ribs, stomach and back that all hurt. if i breathe in sharply, its very painful.

i took an antiinflamatory tablet a little while ago. i hope that will help things. if i need to, i can take another later in the day.

i slept well last night though which was great. i had to be up early this morning, as we had to go to the solicitors office mom, my sister and me, to sign our cheques.

we decided to give the solicitor a nice big box of chocolates and a thank you card as a gesture of thanks for taking on our case. she loved them. she kept thanking us for giving them to her.

we came back to mom and dads afterwords and had breakfast. mom and me are going out later today for afternoon tea, with moms two sisters. I am excited to go. I just hope my pain lessens before then.

i think though the good night of relaxation and sleep helped things speed up and even now i can feel the pain start to lessen so thats really positive.


Puking dog!

Nitro is having a bit of a night of it. He’s heaving and trying to puke. I had to let him out in the back yard! I am hoping he wont actually puke, as I hate cleaning up dog vomit! Its so gross. I hope he is just feeling a little off but that he will be ok in a little while. He did vomit a little, but it was outside, thank goodness. I got him out before he actually puked. I just hope he’ll be ok now and thats the end of it for him and for me too! I really want him to be feeling ok, and feeling better again


More on dad and his eyes

well it looks like dad is going back to the doctors tomorrow. the drops he got from the emergency doctor arent working. of course this is a huge deal to him. he didnt want to go in the first place and be seen! so the fact they arent working now for him, just gives him more to whine at us about.
mom said she’d make an appointment for him to see his own gp tomorrow. he’s saying he told the out of hours doctor about the drops he always gets, the ones he’s always put on for his eyes, but he wouldnt give them to him since he said the infection is bacterial and they wouldnt work on it.
i dont know, but to be honest? i dont trust the out of hours service. the doctors there they dont really care, they dont take the time to really examine you or to see what might be wrong, and most of the time they misdiagnose you.
right now dad has to be in complete darkness. he cant open his eyes. he finds it hard to keep them open or to look at any sort of bright light.
i just hope they’ll sort it tomorrow!


Dad update!

hi everyone

thanks for all of the prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, etc you sent my dads way!

He’s on the mend now! It was a bacterial eye infection that he had. Both eyes are effected!

He got two lots of drops which he has to take and if it doesnt get any better within a few days then he has to go back to the doctor again! I hope they will work! Im pretty sure they will though.

He’s very whiny, so not the greatest being around him at all tonight! But he went to the doctor, thats the main thing! After much coaxing from mom and me!

Just glad he’s doing somewhat ok! Heres hoping this double eye infection clears up quickly!