I feel so lousy!

My stomach is playing up tonight. I feel like shit. I dont know what is wrong with it, I didnt eat a lot today. I ate dinner, and breakfast, I ate some fruit, and a sandwich tonight, and a few pringles. Now I feel so off. It feels like I have acid in my stomach. Its horrible. I feel lousy. I asked mom if she had something I could take. She gave me one of her antacid tablets. I hope it starts to work soon. I hope I dont have this for the whole night! There is no pain, no nausia or vomiting, just a horrible taste in my mouth and some reflux too. Ug this sucks!


I have the worst headache ever guys. I dont know where it came from. It came on me really suddenly about an hour ago. Mom came over with some tablets for me and I took those. Its not going away though. I think I need to lie down for an hour and rest. I have to go to slimming world tonight so hoping I can get rid of it by then. I feel so sick with it. Really nausious and just feel really yucky.
carol anne

That darn dog…

nitro is not doing that great tonight. i think he ate something when he was outside.

his stomach is growling, and he is farting and stinking up my whole room. ewwww. darn dog!

i hope this wont last too long. hoping he’ll be ok by the morning.

nothing worse than a dog with a tummy upset, I just hope he starts perking up soon.

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A sick dog

Nitro has been really ill. he was vomiting in the middle of the night. i didnt even hear him getting sick. but when i woke up this morning there it was, all over the mat in the hall and in the living room.

i tried to clean it up as best as i could. but there was just too much of it and it was hard so i had to ring my mom and ask her to get a taxi to my house and help me sort it out.

thankfully i had some time because I wasnt going to see dr. barry until 11:30. by then we were done. i was nervous to leave nitro alone in the house but when i got back a few minutes ago everything was fine, and he hadnt vomited again.

i boiled some rice and will give him that this afternoon. i didnt feed him this morning. i decided not to just in case he got sick again. hopefully the rice will settle his tummy.

its awful when he’s ill. i feel for him. i dont know how i didnt hear him in the night. im usually a light sleeper and wake easily on hearing noise.

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A sleepy day

I’ve had a sleepy day. I was sick yesterday. I felt all achy and my head hurt. I am not sure what brought it on. But I felt pretty awful.
So I pretty much stayed in bed all day. And slept. And I am much better this morning.
Some days you just need to take care of yourself. Thats what I did. Now I feel energised and ready to face today.

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Ill dog

my dads bullstaff biggie is ill tonight. he must have eaten something when he was outside. he puked all over the place. poor thing.
he’s 12 now so getting old. we went to let him out when he was puking and he was kinda choking and we thought he was having some sort of seizure.
he’s ok now though. he hasnt gotten sick again. there was a lot of panic when he was getting sick though. my dads looking after my sisters two pugs tonight because she’s at a wedding. and biggie whose our dads bullstaff doesnt like the pugs at all. He gets all agitated when they are in our parents house.
Through all this Nitro was so good. He just lay by my feet, he didnt move. I took him into the bedroom with me, its where I am right now. Its cooler in here and he’s able to lie on the cool wooden floor.
My dad was really panicking about biggie. I wouldnt blame him though because if it was nitro I’d have been panicking too. No one wants to see their beloved dog ill.

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tv shows to binge watch when your down with the flu!

The adorable and very sweet becky over at beckys mental mess has nominated me for a challenge, the challenge is to pick my favourite 3 tv shows to binge watch when I am sick with the flu or just sick in general!


  • No more than 3 TV-Shows
  • Pick the heros you like in each show
  • Add pictures of gifs, if you like
  • Humor is welcomed
  • Nominate some folks around Yes, that means other bloggers Spread the word!
  • Pingback to my pos

Ok here goes!

1 full house!
When I am feeling unwell I turn it on, its a very safe show for us, there are no triggers, very good and our littles love it, we all do actually. So I turn it on and watch the whole 8 seasons!
2 big bang theory
Sheldon, OMG sheldon is sooo funny! I laugh and laugh hysterically at him all day!
That show has so much good humour in it!
3 Law and order SVU
My fave of the law and order series, I love this show, I love the character olivia especially, I think she’s kick ass!

and my nominees to pass this challenge on to now are:
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Have fun doing this, I did!
carol anne


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