Mom is ill, prayers appreciated

My mom is ill. She has a bad chest infection. She started to feel ill yesterday, and when we were at the doctors surgery getting our flu shots, she tried to see a doctor to get an antibiotic. But, there was no doctor there so she couldnt get one then.
She got worse, and this morning she is coughing up green stuff, and she’s coughing a lot, and has a burning sensation in the middle of her chest.
She rang south doc, our out of hours emergency doctor. A nurse called her back, and now she’s waiting on the doctor to phone her, she’s hoping the doctor will fax a prescription into the pharmacy, since she doesnt drive, and the out of hours doctor is very far away from where she lives.
She’s really feeling very off and just needs to get an antibiotic into her.
Please send prayers that she’ll be ok!