what a cutie!

Nitro is being so cute! He’s in his bed, snoring loudly!
I love when he does that!
He’s so adorable!
I wish I could get a picture of him or take a video!
But if I go over to where he is he’ll stop!
Animals are so amazing! I am so glad I have Nitro. He makes me so happy.
I am so proud to be his mommy!

I didnt give in!

I feel so proud of myself. Today in work, at lunch time, all of the girls in the office got chipper food, for those who might not know, its take away food like chips, burgers, sausage in batter, fish, peas, curry sauce, chicken wraps etc. There is a lot to choose from but its all very unhealthy.

I didnt have any. I said no to it. I decided I didnt want to sabbotage my weight loss result for this coming week. So I said no, and went home and had stir fry instead.

Usually I would just cave and have it. I am so proud of myself for not giving in. I just hope when I step on that scales next week, all the fruit and vegetables I’ve been eating will pay off and I will have lost a few pounds.

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Smashed it!

So I smashed it tonight guys! At weigh in I was down 2 pounds!
I am so thrilled! Its a perfect result!
I was really praying hard that I’d be down when I stepped on the scales. And I was so yay! So so happy!
I think all the exercising I am doing is helping. I am doing 20 to 30 mins on the treadmill each day! I did 30 minutes today on it. So I am burning calories and getting fit at the same time which is great!
I hope I can keep this going! I am going to try hard to keep up my healthy eating regime! Writing a food log is definitely working for me also!
So I am a very happy camper right now! I am so proud of myself!

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All set up!

I’m all set up on my new mac!

However I haven’t used it much yet. I am learning!

It is going to take me a while to get to grips with it I think. I don’t mind, I have time! I will go slow! Take my time! Get to know how VO, that’s voice over, works.

I am proud that I managed to set it up without too much help. Mom did help me a little to do it. She got me started and I finished it.

At first we kept going into dutch instead of English. We must have restarted the set up process 3 or 4 times! Finally though we got it going.

I found out too that there are no USB ports on this MacBook. The ones on it are US C ports. You know, the ones that use tiny plugs, like the apple charger, but apparently you can buy a wire that allows you to plug in a USB device into your phone. I will have to buy that, otherwise I wont be able to use my external hard drives.

I also need to figure out wifi at my parents. They don’t have regular wifi. Normally I use my phones data. I plug it in using my hotspot. I normally use a USB port on my PC to plug it in. I think though on the mac I’ll be able to use Bluetooth to do it. I haven’t really checked that out yet though to see if I can or not.

I’m going to do a little learning on the mac each day and hopefully in a few days I’ll be all set and will know a lot.

I love my MacBook though. Its really slim! It has a real nice feel to it.

I’m glad I was able to get one!