US election so hopeful for byden to win!

I am anticipating that if Joe byden doesnt win the US election, things will get very bad over in america. The next four years will be utter hell!
He just has to win!
Even over here in ireland, things will be different, if he wins, compared to if trump takes office again.
No matter what happens, I am anticipating there will be riots on the streets of america.
Its so sad that it has got this bad over there! So much unrest and tention!
I am praying for byden to win! Just because I hate trump and all he stands for! I watched a documentary the other night about him, and about how much money he has made out of the whole covid experience, especially with the production of PPE equipment!
Its a disgrace how he has made millions and how so many americans are dying!
So byden to wain, please!

Written in response to fowc with fandango, where the daily word today was anticipate!