What We’re Told Not To Talk About – Christine E. Ray

Christine Ray has written a very poignant piece! I can relate, so, so much to it! Read it and give her a like and a comment! She deserves it! 🙂

Go Dog Go Café

what we are told black and white

My apologies for anyone who is stunned or dismayed by this piece.  I generally only share my most gentle writing on Go Dog Go, but life is not always gentle, is it?

we liked you better
when you were a girl
with your mouth muzzled shut
by strong adult hands
seen but not heard
on your scabbed bony knees
easily rendered

we liked you better
when you were young
held the shared secrets close
carried the blame
our blame
as if it were your own
eyes cast down
head hung in shame
feeling unclean

we liked you better
before something within you
started to wake
to stir
and you began clearing the debris
painstakingly from your throat
with bare hands, knuckles bloody
looking up from the floor
to meet our gaze
simmering with mute rage
challenging our authority
our integrity

we liked you better
before you…

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