I have a theory exam this morning. I think I’m prepared. I went over everything for it and I’m pretty sure I know what I need to know. I actually haven’t been that stressed out about it which makes a change. I am trying to see it as a challenge instead of a stresser. The exam is worth 40 percent of our overall grade in the module. So if I don’t do good on it I have other parts of the module where I possibly can do better and pull my grade up a bit. I am sure I’ll do ok on it though. Staying positive…

Here is the song I am working on with my vocal coach right now, its not my version

so here it is, the song I am working on at the moment, I just started working on it in my singing lessons. I love this song. The lyrics are so meaningful and I really think it suits my voice.
Its called I’m not afraid of anything and is from the musical songs from a brave new world.
This is not my version, I’m not near ready to share that yet.

carol anne

Singing lesson tonight and my version of let it go

Just got home from another amazing singing lesson. I’m working on the song let it go from frozen so thought I’d try to sing it while its still fresh in my head. So here it is my version of it. Its not practiced or anything, I hope you like it.