My house is like a zoo!

This house, its like a zoo
The mess, it is so not cool
I am spending my morning
Cleaning, and pruning
Doing dishes
Mopping, cleaning
All so that my house will be gleaming
I am hard at work
It sure aint a perk
Gotta eat now
and Stay full up, somehow!


My head its like a zoo in here!

There is so much noise inside my head! Kids chatting, some are excited, some are crying, some are scared, some are just chatting to each other.
Its like a zoo in here!
The teen insiders are just as bad! Some are complaining about how unfair their life is, some are in the midst of trauma and stuck in their own pain and memories, some are in their rooms with their music blaring, some are writing their thoughts on paper.
And here we are me and liz and sienna and the other adults, trying to manage the unmanageable!
And it does feel really unmanageable tonight!
Its always like that the day of therapy and the day or two after it!
We had a really great session yesterday, which I will write more about in the coming days. But Shirley came out for part of it, and our eyes were opened. Also Liz talked to Eileen about her own feelings and I know that really helped her a lot.
We came home last night from slimming world, ate dinner, and simply crashed, but sleep didn’t come easily, every time that we tried to settle, the kids were crying, afraid of having nightmares, so they were afraid to go to sleep!
We finally slept a bit, but woke at 3 AM! Got up, showered, and now we’re ready for the day!
I just gotta get our zoo in order! 😀

Zoo lovers day?

Did you know?
That today is Zoo Lovers Day? Get your family together and go see the animals of the world at your local zoo! Trivia buffs: Approximately 175 million people visit a zoo or aquarium each year. And more than 3.2 million choose the San Diego Zoo, making it the most popular in America.


Did you know? 18th december 2018

Did you know?
That today is Giant Panda Day? This week in 1936, the first live giant panda from China was brought to the United States by clothing designer Ruth Harkness. Named Su-Lin, the male bear cub arrived in San Francisco and was subsequently sold to the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago for $8,750. It marked the beginning of an extensive series of pandas going abroad from China.