A day for xmas shopping

todays been really good. i am feeling so happy. i went xmas shopping with my mom and sister. we decided to go to a local shopping mall and get the last few presents bought. i am all done now, i have everyones gift who i am buying for. and it only took us about 3 hours! i got gifts for my home help and pa, a gift for my neighbour who lives next door because we always buy for each other, a couple things for my sister, a gift for my uncle who is also my god father, a gift for my sisters partner because we do secret santa with his family and i got him as my secret santa, and i think thats all i bought. while i was there i got a couple of grocery items too, all of the party food was on sale 2 platters for six euro, so i got a ton of party foods too. they are handy for me when i dont have someone to help me cook, because they are easy and dont take too long and i can just throw them in the oven myself if i need to. on our way home we stopped off at mcdonalds, and we all got food. of course they forgot to put my apple pie in the bag, but they charged me for it. i suppose its only a euro so i cant really complain. the food was good. i got a quarter pounder with cheese meal, thats my favourite mcdonalds food. i also had a call today from the mental health weekend team, dr. barry had referred me to them for some extra support. a nurse named Una rang me, i knew her so that was good. she asked me about my sleep, anxiety, and if i had any thoughts of self harm, i hadnt. she said she’d call tomorrow morning to check in with me again. so all in all its been a very fun day.