3TC challenge

Your three words today are:



There was a lot of unrest in the house. The telivision was always on and jill was furious at her kids. You’ve got some nerve she said to them! I’m going to get rid of this telivision! Its causing your brains to melt. And with that, she plugged it out, and lifted it up and out of the room. Her kids didnt know what to do or think. No telivision? It was a tragedy! What would they do now! They would have to have a conversation with each other. And they just werent used to doing that.


Fowc: A scary dream

Todays word is scary!
eyes are wide
sit bolt upright
wide awake now
just had a scary dream
as I wipe my eyes
and manage to get my heart to stop pounding
I turn on the light
oh but it is bright outside
a new day has begun
the world is awake
and scary dreams
arent real
they are only
in my memory
go away, scary dreams
I’m facing a new day
facing the sun
good morning, world


#Justjojan prompt for Jan. 6th

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 6th, 2020, is possibility. Use the word possibility any way youd like. Have fun!

the possibility
of my anxiety
going away
its not happening
not tonight
but I have hope
hope in my heart
that I’ll be able
to sleep
relax, breathe
with my dog by my side
snuggling into his soft fur
the anxiety disapates
and slowly, carefully
I allow myself
to think about
the possibility
of becoming calm
once again
Calm enough
That my heart rate goes down
My mind slows
And I might
ust might
be able to sleep


Snuggling with the pup!

Nestled beside him
His soft nose against my face
His beautiful soft fur
Making me feel safe
I hug him tightly
Bury my face in his fur
Breathe in his scent
Oh how I love him
He makes me complete
His waggling tail
Soft doggy kisses
Fluffy coat
He’s my hero
In every sense of the word

#Jusjojan plus one liner wednesday for jan. 1st 2020! Back home again!

I am back home in my own house, and me and Nitro are so happy to be home!
My sister dropped me off about half an hour ago!
I love my sister! She is exhausted, but she offered to drive me anyway, to save me money on a taxi!
She is so sweet to want to do that for me!
Now that I am home, I am unpacking all of my christmas loot!
And Nitro is following me around because he knows I have treats! And of course he’d love it if I gave some to him!
And of course I cant resist giving in to him!
So tomorrow will be mostly a day of rest, although I do have to work for 2 hours in the morning, but I am working from home so that is all good! I dont mind having to do that!
Ok off to make a coffee and eat my delicious roast beef sandwich that my dad very kindly made for me out of our leftover roast beef!