Outside my window…

I decided to distract and do a Writing prompt…the prompt I chose is Outside the Window: What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?

The weather outside tonight is cold and dry, we had rain earlier though!
I am glad to be inside! I don’t like to be cold!
I enjoy listening to the rain pitter pattering off the windows!
There was hailstone earlier tonight! It was huge!
Tomorrow I will hope for sun!
How about your weather? What is the weather like where you are right now?

Writing prompt…

When it rains, it pours. Case in point…

That’s how I feel right now about the amount of rain we’re having! I know this is quite a different take on the question posed, but…rain! I mean guys, its almost May! It shouldn’t be raining so hard outside, we actually had a huge storm last night, and now its still pouring down outside! And I gotta go out in it, as I have to go to therapy!

Storms trigger us big time! We were so scared during the night, we didn’t sleep well at all, tossing and turning a lot. There wasn’t any thunder, just rain and high winds. But still we felt really scared, so we brought Nitro on the bed with us and snuggled up to him.

That felt so good. Felt so grounding. Snuggling him always helps!

Writing Prompt #15

Walking wishes: whatif prompt for april 28th

walking in nature
always brings calm
its where
all my hopes, and wishes come true
where i can be
simply be
breathe in the fresh air
fresh spring air
where i can sit for a while
listen to the sounds
of bird song
the sounds of nature
as i ponder
wish and dream
and hope
that all of my
wishes will come true
some day soon.

Well and truly over

so another blog friend of mine wrote a post about a part of her life that is well and truly over. the prompt came from an e book. the prompt is to write about a part of your life that is truly over. so i thought I’d do it for a distraction…so here goes.

the part of my life that i want to write about is taking my abusers to the redress board. while they werent punished, this was a very hard process for us. we had to make statements about our abuse, we had to talk to a solicitor, and doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, etc. we had to go before a judge, and while it was so that we could get awarded some money, the fact we had to sit in front of a judge and have our diagnosis questioned, was painful.

however we did get an award sum. so i guess that was good since that was the goal. that was in 2007, but we started the whole process in 2003. so it took four years for the whole thing to be completed. and to be honest i thought it would never end!

i’d never ever want to go through it again. looking back on it now, i’m not sure i’d do it again. i’m not sure i’d have the strength. so many reports had to be written up. we had to have so many examinations and evaluations of our mental health. it was torture.

#whatif: Snowpocalypse

a snowpocalypse
That’s what we had
For the past month
The white stuff
It fell
fell hard
we were housebound
While the white snow
fell like cotton candy outside
At first we liked it
Loved it even
But then we grew fed up of it
We just wanted spring to come
and finally
spring has sprung
All the daffodils in bloom
Its so nice to see
And the sun, the sun melted away the snow
And at last
We could venture outside
Turn our face upwards
And breathe in the fresh spring air


SoCs for this weekend!

The prompt for SoCs for this week is picture.

A picture says a thousand words
right now, i’m saying nothing
The picture I see is bleak
Bleak as can be
Sadness, pain
Its all so mundain
Brings me down
Brings me to my knees
I get no relief
from anything
Writing soothes me
Soothes the pain away
And makes me think
Tomorrow, tomorrow
Is a brand new day!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 24/18