Another fall

My dad had another fall this morning!
He fell in the bedroom when he was getting out of bed.
He cut all his arm! Mom had to pick him up off the floor.
He wouldnt go to the hospital, so mom had to stitch his arm with paper stitches.
They had words, and mom tried to get him to go but he wouldnt.
He’s in a very bad mood now. Mom wouldnt even tell me about the fall, she just said they argued.
He told me himself that he fell.
Its really getting beyond a joke now, I mean he’s being just so unreasonable and not getting the treatment he needs. Mom said his arm barely bled, because there isnt much blood coming out of it.
Its unfair on mom as she gets out of breath so easily. She really isnt able to be lifting him up off the floor, even though he doesnt weigh very much.
I should’ve known when my mom texted me and asked me to come over that something was up. The plan had been that I’d stay home this weekend. But obviously she needs my help just in case he falls again.