About moms scan

Just found out mom will have a scan on the 16th. The hospital just called her. It wasnt the private hospital though. She is not going to go privately now to have the scan, since the other hospital were so quick and called her with a date. They told her it would take an hour and a half, and then she’d have to go upstairs to the rapid response unit, where the doctor would give her the results of the scan. So she will have her diagnosis on the 16th. So 11 days from today. It seems a long way off but it really isnt. I’m trying to be rational and say well at least she is getting seen to quickly. As quickly as is possible in the public system. And there really is no point in her wasting 200 euro on a private scan if the public hospital will do one and are doing it this soon. I didnt ask her if she’d like us to go with her. I am not sure I want to because I am not sure I’ll be able to handle it if its bad news. If she wants me to go though I will. I could use some prayers and support for the next week guys. This is such a hard time for me.