Food diary for thursday!

I have decided to start doing a food diary again!

I think it will help me focus! So here is mine for today!

Two wheetabix with fresh strawberries on top!

A yogurt, two rice cakes, and some fruit

Slimming world meal, lasagna

Slimming world bar, and fruit

Tea, coffee, water, coke zero!

20 minutes on the treadmill!

First day down and I am totally back on plan! Yay!


Its not good news

I had a terrible result tonight at weigh in! I am so disappointed.

I was up 5 pounds! I cant believe I was up by that much!

Thats on top of the 3 pounds I was up the previous week! So I am up 8 pounds in total over two weeks!

Not good!

I was upset, if I said I wasnt I’d be lying. But I set myself two targets, an action target which is to look through my books to see if I can pick up some titbits, and then I set myself a mini target to lose 3 pounds next week and any more than that will be a bonus!

I cant keep continuing like this! Somethings gotta change!

I came home and I had chicken and broccoli rice for dinner, and then I got on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I have to do the exercise in short bursts, otherwise I lose motivation for it.

I plan on trying to get in my exercise at least twice a day now.

Bad news, but I can pull it back. I can change things. I know I can. I just have to believe in myself. I didnt lose 2 stone for nothing, I have to get back to losing again, I just have to.


Its good for your soul

What is, you may be asking. Well, its exercise!
Exercise is so good for the soul! I’ve just done 20 minutes on the treadmill and now I am feeling great!
I feel fantastic!
I am determined to be down at tomorrow nights weigh in! I have been walking a lot this week! I did go off plan a little, but I am praying and hoping that it wont matter and that I will still be down at weigh in!
I am planning on maybe going back on the treadmill for another 15 minutes later on tonight! And then again in the morning and afternoon before I get weighed in!
Its hard going but so worth it! Especially when you feel so good after the exercise!
I did over 3000 steps just now on the treadmill, 1.2 miles! Thats good going I think!


gibberish chitter chater

so i fell asleep for a few hours.
i think i got around 3 hours of sleep.
i needed it. i woke up when mom called me.
she told me A and E is on. its a medical show about an emergency room in a UK hospital.
I am watching it now.
Its a good show. I love medical shows.
My two friends also called. I answered one of them. I didnt answer the other call. I was too tired. I needed my sleep. I couldnt face talking to anyone.
Now I fear I’ll be awake all night. I really should have stayed up. Bt I was falling asleep on my laptop. I really had to just lay down. I couldnt keep my eyes open.
Tomorrow evening i have therapy. I cant wait. I am so excited to see Eileen. I think we’ll have a good session.
I dont have to go anywhere else tomorrow. I can relax at home. Mom is coming over to cut my grass. I should have slimming world but due to going to therapy I am not going to slimming world this week. I will wait until next week and try to lose what I gained over the weekend. I did gain a few pounds over the past week. I need to cut down on what I am eating so I can lose that again now.
Well thats about it for now. Catch you all laters.
❤ 😀

Did you know? national fitness day

Did you know?
That today is National Fitness Day? Today is a wonderful opportunity to inspire and try new ways of becoming fit and healthy. Dedicated to everyone, not just health enthusiasts, National Fitness Day is the day you should try a new class, a new routine, or just take a walk — even for a day. Shake up your routine and bring a friend!


Food log april 16th

Today had been a little hard. I didnt eat too much. I was too tired to cook. I havent been that mindful of what I ate, either. But I will log it anyway.

Breakfast was two slices of toast with some cooked bacon, and a mug of tea.

Mid morning I ate some fruit.

Lunch was just a bowl of wheetabix, and some fruit.

I didnt cook dinner yet, but I may have something in a while. If I do it will be some sweet potato fries with some chicken fingers and some baked beans.

No evening snack tonight, as its evening here already, but I may have some fruit later on tonight.

My water intake was pretty bad today, I only drank one 500 ml bottle. I’ve also had some mugs of tea and some coffee as well throughout the day.

I didnt do any exercise today either. I will have to get back to it tomorrow.

Hoping tomorrow things will be better. Sometimes you just have days like that I guess.


I think I am overdoing it!

I’ve been on the treadmill twice today! I think I overdid it!
I had planned on going on for short intervals. Say 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
I managed to do two 15 minute intervals. I was going to go on again in an hour but I think I wont. I’ll pass on it I think for tonight.
I’m just too tired. And I feel a little sore and a little weak too.
No point in doing it all at once, is there?
I’m feeling a bit anxious as well. Not sure why. I just feel a little shaky and kinda nervous.
Nervous energy maybe? Who knows…