The Monday peeve

Hi! Well Paula from light motifs is the host of the Monday peeve! Its where you get to vent about something on a Monday. So here I go with my vent for this Monday, but its actually Tuesday here now.

My vent is about workmen! I am so peeved at the ones who came into my house today!

Why do they think its ok to mess up the whole place and not bother to clean it after themselves? It irks me!

Today, 2 workmen came into my home to install a carbon monoxide alarm. They messed up my kitchen, moved everything, and then didn bother to tell me. So I was looking for coffee, my sweeteners, and I couldn’t find them because they’d been moved. Ug!

Then one guy was fiddling with my heating system, and he turned off the gas at the wall, so my heating wouldn’t work. I mean WTF? Don’t touch it dude! Why do you even need to be going near it?

All he was doing was installing an alarm, which uses the electric system, not the damn heat! To say I was peeved is an understatement! I was so annoyed!

I did put everything right, but at first I didn’t even know things were so messy! I though then that they’d left my curtains open, but thank god they didn’t. They did however leave on my lights. Thank god they were only in my house for an hour tops! That is all I can deal with.

Well that’s me done with my vent!
Oh one more thing? They were going in and out of my fron door, and I was full sure they’d let Nitro out. Thank god though he stayed by my side, he didn’t follow them at all. Good boy, Nitro!

some Tilers are coming today

So the work on my shower still isnt completed. This morning two tilers are coming to put tiles on the wall. They had to rip some of them off when they were taking out the old shower. So they’ll come and put some new ones on. That means another few hours of sitting around while they work. Its so boring all the waiting around. I think I’ll stay in my bedroom this morning though. I dont feel like going into the living room. Im sure they’ll be here early. At least I hope they will. I’m really hoping when they’ve gone the electrician will come back today to finish his part too. I just want the work finished as I want to be able to have a shower. I cant go out to slimming world tonight looking like something that never saw some water. I will if I have to, but I’d rather not. I would rather be clean and presentable going out especially since I have to meet people. But we shall see what happens.