therapy review

so towards the end of our session yesterday eileen asked me if i thought therapy was going well. she asked if i was happy with how things were progressing. i said i was. we talked for a few minutes about therapy and then she asked me to take some time this week to look at my progress and to look at our work together over the past five years. it will be five years that we’ve been working together next week. i cant believe its been that long! it sure doesnt feel that long. it feels so surreal. sometimes i wonder if i’ve made any progress in that time. sometimes i feel as if i havent. its like taking two steps forward and three steps backwards. its slow going. if i really sit down and think about it though i can see changes in us over that time. like better communication between insiders, changes in certain insiders behaviours, attitudes, etc. like liz, for example. i think liz is the insider whose changed the most over the time we’ve been in therapy with eileen. anyway this week i am to look and notice and see if i can think about our progress and then next week during our session we are going to do a sort of review, just to see where things are at. we dont normally do reviews this is just a sort of one off. it will be interesting if nothing else. and maybe looking at the therapy process and how we’ve changed will give me some perspective going forward.