Bad migraine so didnt go to work!

I had a bad migraine this morning so I didnt do my shift today on friendly call, I told my supervisor I felt too ill to do it and she was fine with it.
She sent me an email a few minutes ago asking if I would be able to work all 5 days next week. I said I would, so she sent me on my list of clients to call. All of the staff from the office are self isolating now so we’re all working from home.
Thank god my migraine is gone now. I feel much better! I slept for a couple hours which was needed. I ate dinner and took a nice long hot bath.
I think this weekend will be full of reading and relaxing and not much else. I dont want to risk going out unless I absolutely have to.

Working from home today

I am working today on friendly call, but I am working from home. Mental health wise I dont feel too hot. I feel very anxious and irritable and kinda dissociating a lot also. I told Brenda my supervisor I wouldnt come in, but that I could do calls from home if she needed me to. She is short staffed, I knew that. So I offered to do some from home, where I can work quietly, take breaks if I need to etc. So she sent me on a list of clients to call, and I will get started as soon as I finish writing this. Its nice to be able to work from the comfort of my own house. I like working in a quiet space. It makes me feel safe to be able to stay indoors and work from my living room. I am just so anxious today that I dont think I’d be safe to go out. But I’ll be ok. I hope anyway.
carol anne