Good afternoon

We’ve had a nice relaxed afternoon. I was meant to work today but I didnt go in. I figured I’d take a day off so I told my supervisor I wouldnt be coming in, and she was fine with it. I told her I’d work on Friday instead.

I napped for a few hours in the afternoon. It was good sleep and I feel much better now. I love when I can get decent sleep. Makes life a lot more bearable!

I’ve been watching tv and doing stuff online, uploading books, downloading books, and checking email. I can do all that while I watch the tv in the background.

I have no plans tomorrow. My mom is coming over for an hour in the afternoon, but other than that there isnt much going on around here. So I am not too worried if I stay up late tonight. I do have my PA coming tomorrow evening though. For 2 hours.

I’m planning on finishing up my current book I am reading tonight. I have 2 hours of it left to read. Its a great book, but it is a bit graphic, its about a girl who was trafficked, and abused by gangs of pakistani men, it is a good read.

Early finish

So I finished up early today at work! I was delighted! I went in at 11, because my PA was finished all of my house work. She asked me if I wanted to get a cab with her, she payed for it. I said ok, it saved my supervisor a journey as she’d have had to pick me up.

I only worked for an hour and a half! I had about 25 people to call. I didn’t get a few of them but I got through to most of them.

After I got done one of the girls in the office dropped me to my moms, as my supervisor was gone to one of our clients funerals, the one who died over Christmas.

It was a good shift though. All of the clients were in very good spirits.

Friday morning thoughts

Its Friday! Another weekend is coming! Yay!
I am feeling amazing this morning! I went to bed early last night and I slept great!
I woke up at 5 AM and I hopped out of bed!
I’ve had two cups of coffee already and its not 7 AM yet!
My PA is coming at 9 this morning. We’re just going to do housework I think. I was meant to go get my nails done and my eyebrows waxed but I just didnt have enough money to do it this week so I rescheduled my apt for 2 weeks time!
I work later on this afternoon also. I am looking forward to going into work. We lost a client over christmas, I dont think I mentioned it to you all. I didnt know the client very well, but I had spoken to her once or twice. She died at home and it was sad but it was what she wanted.
After work I will go to my parents house for the weekend. Mom is making chicken curry for dinner, yum! I love her chicken curry! I will certainly enjoy that.
I think I’ll go visit my friend Norma this weekend. I will probably go tomorrow. Mom and my sis are taking Lauren shopping for her confirmation dress, and I dont want to go with them because they’ll be spending hours going in and out of shops trying on dresses and its just not my cup of tea not when I am not the one oing the trying on!
Well guys, have a great Friday!

#JusJoJan for Jan. 2nd! A photo of me and Nitro!

I am participating again in JusJoJan today!
Today I will share a photo I took of me and Nitro!
I am meant to share one I took this past week, but I dont have one to hand!
This one was taken when I was working in child vision which is a preschool here where I live, for kids with special needs.
I worked here for a few months in 2018, I wasnt working to get payed, it was a voluntary position and I absolutely loved it.
This photo was taken outside the building and I really love it.

Working over christmas

I am working a lot this week. I am helping brenda out, brenda is my supervisor. She is short staffed, so I helped her out this morning. I worked for 3 hours this morning. I also worked yesterday afternoon but that was my regular shift. I am working tomorrow and on friday also. I dont mind. The office closes on Friday afternoon but we’ll continue to make calls over the whole christmas holiday period. I will just work from home for a few hours each day over christmas and the new year. I will have about 12 to 15 clients to call. There are 10 of us working it. I’m happy to do it. Some of our clients wont see anybody over the holidays so they are depending on our call. I’m happy I’m able to help.

Too early for me!

Omg its freezing this morning!
I woke up far too early lol!
I have work at 10 AM! I tried to book a taxi on credit, as I normally would do, but the firm I wanted to use was all booked up.
So now it means, I have to pay for one to get there!
My supervisor would have picked me up, but she has a dental apt this morning!
I hope I’m only working for a few hours!
I went to my parents house last night, for Christmas! I wont go home until after the 1st of Jan!
Well off to go wash my hair and make myself look presentable for work!