Today is 21st January

I’ve had a great day. Woke up feeling amazing, got some great sleep for the past 2 nights, which left me feeling in a great mood.
Frances came at 9 AM today. We did housework, and she went to the store for me, and she took Nitro out for a walk. I was going to go with her but the roads were icy, so I didnt end up going.
It was so icy on the roads this morning, that Frances almost slipped on her way to my house, thankfully she was able to save herself from falling.
She helped me make eggs and toast also which I had for breakfast.
When she left at 11 I worked for a few hours on friendly call. All of my clients were doing well today which was awesome.
I finished work around 1, had lunch, and then decided to read. I started a new book, its shane dunphys latest book called, no ceremony for the dead. Its starting out really well, and it looks like its going to be a terrific read.
Am enjoying some quiet time now just relaxing in front of the tv, then will probably do some more reading later on tonight.
I just updated my screen reading software also, and am going to organise my external hard drive, have to download some books onto it.
Hope your all having a good day!