I didnt give in!

I feel so proud of myself. Today in work, at lunch time, all of the girls in the office got chipper food, for those who might not know, its take away food like chips, burgers, sausage in batter, fish, peas, curry sauce, chicken wraps etc. There is a lot to choose from but its all very unhealthy.

I didnt have any. I said no to it. I decided I didnt want to sabbotage my weight loss result for this coming week. So I said no, and went home and had stir fry instead.

Usually I would just cave and have it. I am so proud of myself for not giving in. I just hope when I step on that scales next week, all the fruit and vegetables I’ve been eating will pay off and I will have lost a few pounds.

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Work today!

I’m at work right now. I’ve been here about an hour. The weather is quite bad here today butI managed to get here without getting wet.
I walked into the office, and my colleague trish was giving a group of student nurses a presentation on friendly call, so she roped me into talking to them about my role as a volunteer.
that was fun! They are only 18year olds so they have a lot to learn.
I got a long list of people to call today! 57 in total!
Good thing I’mhere until 4:30! It looks like I will be busy!
I love days when I am kept very busy!
I’m on lunch break right now, but I’ve already made about 15 calls this morning!
Have a long way to go yet!

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How to destress

what do you do
when your head is in a mess
how to destress
advice, please?
who am I kidding
I should learn
To take my own advice
Now I shall
Take a long
Hot bubble bath
Read my book
and chill out
Tomorrows another day

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Life is going along just fine!

I’m a little stressed though. My assignment for college is due in a week. I’ve so much to do.

I need to make a start! Well no, I lie. I have already started on it.

I’ve gotten the introduction done, and my methodology.

That leaves me with 4 parts of it to finish up!

I’ve to present it next wednesday, a 7 minute presentation on friendly call!

You’d thinkn I’d nail it! I work for them! But the hard part, is linking the pieces of our module to the friendly call service!

I’m so overwhelmed thinking about it! I want to do well on it!

I am seriously going to try to finish it today! Seriously!

If not then my supervisor said when I go to work tomorrow, I can finish it in work. How nice of her!

My friend Denise is going to put it on powerpoint for me, since I dont know how to use powerpoint. I’m not good with it.

So all I really need to do is, put the document together on microsoft word, and then braille out my notes for my presentation.

OMG guys! I’m stressed!

Why do I leave everything until the last bloody minute?

At least I slept well! I was so exhausted! I went to bed early and I slept, but then, when I am at my parents I always sleep better than when I am at home!

Ok, breakfast time! Bacon on toast for breakfast, yum!

Then I shall start! We hope!

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Sweet smell of coffee brewing

I listen
to the kettle boiling
cups being filled up
I wrinkle up my nose
that familiar smell
coffee brewing
A favourite smell of mine
I savour it
As it wofts into the room
Any time now
A cup of coffee will land on my desk


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Oh Crapola!

I just feel awful! I’ve been in bed all day, since I got home from therapy! I’ve been mostly sleeping!
I seem to have a heavy head cold! My nose feels all blocked up and I feel crappy!
I took some cold meds and am trying to just rest!
I dont think I’ll go into work today! And I cant go get my flu jab either!
They wont give you the jab if your ill!
So I think it is going to just be a resting kinda day for me today!
I need to take more meds soon!
I do feel really awful!
It kinda came on out of nowhere! I thought it was an after effect of our therapy session at first, but now I dont think it is!
If you can, please send me some positive vibes and or good thoughts!

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Omg guys! What an afternoon I’ve had!
I went in to work, not to work, but to do college work instead!
I hardly got any done though! I procrastinated too damn much!
But my supervisor did send me on a ton of stuff which I will use! Looks like I am still going to be doing college stuff this coming weekend, even though I thought I wouldnt be!
Oh well, it is what it is!
I hope I can do it this weekend, on Saturday, and get it over with!
I’m glad I did go in today though! I enjoyed being in the company of others!
Plus one of my classmates came in to the office! She runs some groups for the partnership, but she’s also studying and is in my class!
We had a good chat!
Anyway, I am going to chill for the rest of the evening!
I’m switching off for a while! Be back later!

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