I’m Baking in this heat!

Its so hot here! I am melting! I am literally so hot that its hard to do anything, except sit in front of my fans.
I did work this morning on friendly call, but only after I took a power nap was I able to start work.
I really wasnt feeling it. I just wanted to relax and it took all of my will power to actually work and get my calls done.
Now that they are done, i can relax!
I phoned pat, and we had a good catch up, then my cpn sarah called me, I almost forgot she was calling me today. We also had a good chat, and I feel my mental health is doing ok at the moment, I’m in a good place mentally right now.
Long may that continue!
Right now I’m in my bedroom, and its 23 degrees c outside, but the humidity is very high, so it feels much hotter than that.
I’m a little anxious about the fill in person whose coming to cover for frances tomorrow. I hope we’ll get along ok. I have my weigh in tomorrow morning as well, which I am also anxious about, as I wasnt totally on plan this whole week, but well, I was for most of it, so I am hoping for the best.