finishing up one of my modules on the independent living skills course

so I just got some good news! I thought I was way behind on my work experience module, and I found out I am not!
Yay! I am so glad!
I have the majority of the module finished. I just have to write my thank you letter to my employer, and my reflections on my work experience process. I cant do those though until I’ve finished my work experience. I also have to finish the diary I am keeping about my work experience.
I have 7 weeks of my work experience completed now. Cant believe I’ve been there 7 weeks already!
I am meant to do 10 weeks in total.
I will probably do longer if Anita is happy to keep me on. But after 10 weeks I can do the rest of the stuff that i need to do to finish up the module.
There is also a team work exercise that needs to be completed but I cant complete that unless one of my class mates is in to help me because we’re meant to work in teams to do it.
So yeah progress is being made and I am happy!

It didnt happen!

well, i didnt start my new volunteer role today! the girl i was meant to be training is sick. i still went volunteering though. instead of training her i am doing admin work, and making friendly call calls to clients.
gees i just got side tracked. my supervisor just rang and we got talking about weight loss since she’s also losing weight. she’s been struggling though to lose any. i said we could have a competition to see who loses the most weight, and she was laughing at me lol.
she said I’d win hands down.
the phones here are hopping this afternoon. lots of people wanting to leave messages for members of staff. its crazy busy. way busier than usual.
thats good though. makes the time fly by.

not this week

I’m not going to the preschool for work experience this week.
I decided not to go in, because of this headcold. I know its getting better but I’m not fully better yet and I dont want to spread germs and pass whatever I have on to the kids.
Plus also, money is an issue this week. I usually have someone here at abode take me there, and then make my own way home. Unfortunately I dont have enough money to get a taxi home though so even if I had not have been sick, I’d still have had the money issue.
I’ll probably take a half day tomorrow and go home early. and then I have a week off, yay!
Mood wise I feel good right now. Everyones been congradulating me on my weight loss. Its making me feel so good about myself.

Friday goals 23 febuary 2018

hi everyone

so my goals for today friday…

eat 3 healthy meals

go on the treadmill for at least 15 minutes

go to my work experience at the preschool

go grocery shopping with my PA

take some me time to do something that I enjoy

read some of my book

text my niece to wish her a happy 10th birthday

text my sister to thank her for my perfume she brought me back from her vacation

take meds


I never went to my work experience today.
I felt like crap in the morning. So I told my tutor and she said I should go home early. So that is what I did.
I emailed Anita and told her I wouldnt be in because I felt ill and I did not want to pass it on to the kids.
I had a sore throat, a headache, and felt all shaky and agitated and irritable.
so i decided to go to moms house for the morning. i got better though as the morning progressed.
i wasnt pleased i had to miss work experience. i’d rather not miss it but i guess if im sick then i have to miss it.
I hope Anita doesnt think I’m unreliable. I’ve missed two fridays now but the other friday was because of the bus driver not being able to take me.

there is a new passworded post

this is just a heads up that there is a new passworded post about my work experience.
i give these heads up for those who might use the wp reader as passworded posts dont show in the reader. so if you want to check it out you’ll have to visit the blog site.
the password is the same as always…for those wanting to check out my passworded posts email me at
for the pw.
carol anne

Call centre tour

so this morning we went to tour a call centre. it was part of our work experience module. it was a very large call centre. it had over 1000 employees working there. they are a company called RCI. They sell holidays to people. rich people. people who have time shares. the company has employees that speak 12 different languages. there cork office deals with all of europe, the USA and singapore and australia. when we got there we got name badges. then we met a few of the staff and we all went into the bord room. we had drinks and popcorn and chocolates. when the lady handed me my drink i knocked it over and nitro got all wet but he licked up the sugary grape juice off of the floor. he was so funny. we had a talk from the companys director about the company, how it operates, and then we listened to someone taking a call. that was interesting. then we got a tour of the whole company. we met the girl who’d been taking that call we listened to. we met a ton of other staff. we got to listen to someone from hungary take a call in hungarian. that was fascinating. they speak so fast! then we went back to the bord room for another bit to do a Q and A session. the manager and director said he was willing to work with us and help us with interview techniques and cv preparation and he said if we are interested in coming on work experience there to let him know. i am not sure. it does seem like a nice friendly place, great atmosphere, great people working there, very disability friendly too. but i’m not sure if I’d like to work in a call centre. maybe, we’ll see. i enjoyed the tour though.
carol anne