word of the day: sand


slips through my fingers


slips by slowly

i cup my hands

so the sand stays in them

wish i

could cup time

in the same way

i wish that

time wouldnt speed by

zooms so fast

that i almost

cant catch up with it

and like the sand

slipping through my fingers

hours slip into days

and into weeks, months


make the most of time

for we dont know

when we wont have it any longer


Word of the day


dark feelings

come, and go

not forgotten

throughout each day

feelings spike

especially at night

memories of hard things

threaten to overwhelm

i sit with the memories

try to distract

so that

they dont kill me

some days are hard

some nights also

but I always get through

my spirit is stronger

than any feelings i might have




As I sit here
Relief floods through my body
I am wide awake now
No more bad dreams
No more overhwlming emotional responses
to horrific memories
I am sitting here
Without fear
Its a Cathartic releasing
Of everything
Thats pent up inside of me
That threatens
to send me
Into a tailspin
Sitting here
Listening to the morning birds
sing their melodies
I sip on my coffee
Hear their call
And I feel
So happy to have gotten
Through the night
I am alive
i am ok.
I do not have to fear

word of the day…obnoxious

5 AM
tossing and turning
cant believe
I’ve woken up
this is obnoxious
how rude
for my night
to be interrupted
I need
My beauty sleep
so I slowly
Climb out of bed
Feeling annoyed
go get a drink of water
and then
I decide
More sleep is needed
so I trudge back to the bedroom
curl up on my bed
for another hour
second time around
I wake
Feeling much
So glad I had that extra hour! I only went to bed at 2 AM!
I needed it!