3 things challenge! april 14th

Today’s prompt: pie, fuel, designer

sitting on a restaurant stool

wondering about my sisters car fuel

when she’s going to get it?

Eating pie

giving a big sigh

as its so delicious…

Looking around

Then down

At my sketchers

Designer shoes…

What a day!

Feels so insane

But pie, pie

eating pie, now

thats, joy personified!

And my sis did get the fuel, eventually! And as for my sketchers, I do need new ones, but they’re far too expensive to justify buying them righ tnow!



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For SoCs: slip!

Well hello everyone! What do you think of my great idea, yes, an idea, here it is, I shall just slip into bed? I think I should! Its night time afterall, but I am not even tired!
I had a wonderful day! I slipped away from my parents house, and slipped off to see my friend norma!
She gave me a birthday present! A beautiful pair of earrings! They are shaped like hearts and are so darn cute!
I love them! Earrings always make me feel so girly, and I love the really girly ones, with hearts, butterflies, roses, etc on them!
What else? I came back to mom and dads, and I slipped out of my clothes and into my PJ’s! I had to! I felt a lot better once I did that! Much more comfy!
I went to make a cup of tea, and I almost slipped in the kitchen! And damn that wouldn’t have been a good thing! The last thing I wanna do is fall! Not on a hard wood floor!
Well, as my dad says, if you wore slippers, then you wouldn’t fall at all!
hahaha I would, I’m that unlucky!
So now I am debating, whether to continue reading blogs, or go read my maggie hartley book and finish it!
what do you say guys? Should I close the laptop down for the night?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 13/19

Opposites attract challenge for april 9th

what to do
stay or go
up to you
who me?
I am so indecisive

cant make my mind up

either way, i’m screwed

Who knew?

Its true?


I’m not making sense!

When did I ever?

Not just enough clever!

So now its time

to unwind

to exercise

forget about decisions

they’ll somehow make themselves either way

whether I go

Or stay


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Did you know? 27th march

Did you know?
That today is The Day the Words Went Away? On this date, Louis Armstrong originated scat singing when he forgot the words to a song he was recording. This event was named The Day the Words Went Away by Paul Harvey. It is also known as the birthday of scat singing.

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Alexas healing words of the day friday

Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.
Roy T. Bennett

3 things challenge

Todays prompt: chemistry, blanket, mailbox

wrapping her arms around herself like a blanket
walking out into the cool brisk air
she walks to the mail box
softly singing a tune
would it be there?
The letter from him?
would she feel the chemistry between them
When she picked it up
And read the words?
She skipped lightly down the sidewalk
And when she got to the mailbox
to her huge surprise
Instead of the letter she’d been expecting
There he was
Tall dark and handsome
Gosh he was so handsome
There he was
Waiting, and as they embraced
He smiled, she smiled
The happiest smile
On earth


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