#SoCs sup?

s’up, yall?
its Monday here already. Where on earth did Sunday go?
I spent my day lazing around my parents house. Feeling hot and sweaty. Trying to stay cool.
No matter what I did though, cool I was not feeling.
Dad cooked us a lovely dinner which I hungrily ate.
I read for a while. Not long though. I was too lazy to sit and finish my book. So I went online, and read blogs, and email. I got caught up on email but not on blog posts.
I talked to two friends on the phone. That took up about 2 hours. We had a great catch up.
I played with the dogs. Those dogs are a hoot. My dads looking after my sisters two pugs, man are they a handful. They’re so spoiled. Of course every time he goes out of the room and comes back, he has a biscuit for them. So not only are they spoiled but they’ll be getting fat too.
I just made coffee and am sipping it while I write this. It will be or should be bedtime soon for me but well I doubt I’ll go to bed tonight, I’m just too hot to sleep.
So how about ya’ll, s’up with you?

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#whatif prompt for 7-8-2018

Today’s prompt: over at what if we all cared is…

strawberry lemonade

Temps in ireland soared again today. And I wished I had a tall glass of strawberry lemonade to sip on. Man that woulda been so nice. I love fruity drinks. And I love lemonade, and it would have cooled me down, so win win all around!

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