Wp comments going to spam

Hi guys
I am having some issues with wp I think. I think my comments some of them at least that I post on others blogs, are going to peoples spam folders. If you can check to see if my comments are ending up in spam, I’d appreciate it.
Its not cool! I don’t know why wp has so many issues sometimes! Very annoying!
If you can check and then let me know?
some blogs I’ve commented on tonight are
salted caramel
a guy called bloke and K9 doodlepup
the bag lady
my inner mish mash

Please check for me! Thanks!

wp again. bad gateway

its now telling me bad gateway when I try to log in. does anyone know what wp’s contact email is? I cant access the site at all now. I am posting this post via email. anyone able to help me out? anyone on a laptop and tried to log in or go to wordpress and getting a bad gateway error message?
carol anne

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WP problems!

Is anyone not able to access wordpress? I am having problems logging in. I was logged in and I tried to comment on a post. I couldnt. It wouldnt let me said it was connecting to wordpress but never went any further than that. Then I logged out and now I cant log back in. Ug sigh!
Is anyone else having issues this evening afternoon?

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just doing a test sending a post via email

hi everyone
I’m just doing a quick test posting this via email. Recently there was problems with wordpress and emailing in posts so I wanted to see if it was fixed.
did the text come out in this post? Is there anything there? If your reading this let me know if it showed up.