You want some advice?

Don’t panic, at least, try noto.
This too shall pass. We will get through this pandemic. In a safe way, as long as we stay connected.
Connection, that’s what we all need. Someone to talk to, to help us feel ok when we aren’t. When we are panicking.
Stay strong, you will get through this. There will be an end to it.
I know it doesn’t seem that way now but honest we will all be ok, at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.
My advice to you is, have faith, stay strong, don’t panic.

Word of the day: Limerick

Nitros puppy walker her name is helen, she comes from a city in ireland called limerick. Limerick is in the south of ireland, just like cork where I live is. Its a pretty big city. Its known for having a high crime rate, and some people in ireland call it stab city because so many people get stabbed on the streets there. Its not a city I’d want to live in, but I’ve visited it a few times. I’ve never visited Nitro’s puppy walked, although we’re friends on facebook. She loves when I post pictures of Nitro. Even though I dont like limerick, I would visit her if I could, just to talk to her about Nitro and find out what he was like as a pup. That would be so amazing to be able to find out about him…


Feel as if I’m in crisis

My stomach is doing flips. I feel like I am in a bit of a crisis. I am trying to stay calm. I am super anxious though. It is not cool. I hate feeling this way.
Why is mental illness so tough to live with?
I want the feelings to disappear. I am tired of feeling so unstable. I need a break from my mind.
Doubt Ill get it though. Tats just wishful thinking on my part.
Oh well, a girl can hope…

Word of the day: Whimsical.

Moms Whimsical laugh
makes me laugh too
when I’ve had a rough day
I like to sit
and talk to her
we share our thoughts
joke around
she has
such a Whimsical sense of humour
I love that about her
She always knows
How to cheer me up
For that
I am truly grateful

The bullies made a mockery of me but I came out stronger

You take pleasure
in taunting me
making a mockery of me
at least I know
Bullies always get what is coming to them
Maybe not right away
but in the end
I’d hope
that the bullies
Will somehow realise
How miserable they made my life
for all those years
years of name calling
of hurling insults
of hurting me physically
making my life a living hell
but I
am stronger
for what I’ve been through
It has made me a more resilient person
and I am fighting back

This year

2 months gone
how this year
is flying by
cant quite
believe how fast
it is going
whizzing by
in the blink of an eye
as we grow older
time seems to
speed up
and before we know it
another year
will have rolled by
we’ll be another year older
and another year wiser
we hope

Like a vulture

Fear grips me
Catches me off guard
Like a vulture
It claws its way
Into my being
Overtakes me
Makes me shake, uncontrollably
Sitting here
Mug of tea in hand
Unable to shake
These feelings
Of doom, dread, being afraid
So afraid
Of everything around me