More on dad and his eyes

well it looks like dad is going back to the doctors tomorrow. the drops he got from the emergency doctor arent working. of course this is a huge deal to him. he didnt want to go in the first place and be seen! so the fact they arent working now for him, just gives him more to whine at us about.
mom said she’d make an appointment for him to see his own gp tomorrow. he’s saying he told the out of hours doctor about the drops he always gets, the ones he’s always put on for his eyes, but he wouldnt give them to him since he said the infection is bacterial and they wouldnt work on it.
i dont know, but to be honest? i dont trust the out of hours service. the doctors there they dont really care, they dont take the time to really examine you or to see what might be wrong, and most of the time they misdiagnose you.
right now dad has to be in complete darkness. he cant open his eyes. he finds it hard to keep them open or to look at any sort of bright light.
i just hope they’ll sort it tomorrow!


Dad update!

hi everyone

thanks for all of the prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, etc you sent my dads way!

He’s on the mend now! It was a bacterial eye infection that he had. Both eyes are effected!

He got two lots of drops which he has to take and if it doesnt get any better within a few days then he has to go back to the doctor again! I hope they will work! Im pretty sure they will though.

He’s very whiny, so not the greatest being around him at all tonight! But he went to the doctor, thats the main thing! After much coaxing from mom and me!

Just glad he’s doing somewhat ok! Heres hoping this double eye infection clears up quickly!


Bloody hell!

My dad winds me up! I am proud of myself though!

He started on at me about getting up to early. About how he wanted to stay in bed and couldn’t because of me!

I ignored him! I didn’t bother to reply to his moaning and whining!

I went to my room and started reading blogs! 😀

Mom brought me in a mug of tea! Thanks mom I love you!

I am so proud of myself for not rising to the bait!

I did good! I don’t know why he has to moan and whine anyway, its not like he stays in bed past 8 AM! He gets up early on most days!

Just because I got up at 7:30, and showered, doesn’t mean he has to bloody make a huge scene!

Honestly its pathetic!
carol anne