Mental wellness challenge, day four

Day Four.

What are your top three intentions for each day and how can you meet them?

Intention 1:

Eat healthy and exercise on most days!

Intention 2:

Do some self care every day!

Intention 3:

Journal! Writing is sootheing to me!

What are yours?

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Mental wellness challenge, day 1

What is one thing you can improve in your day that will improve your mental health?

Definitely my sleep! I need to improve on that!

Meds are helping, but I need to be getting more sleep than I have been getting!

I am going to try to work on it over the summer!

I think 7 or 8 hours each night would be good! I doubt I’ll get that much every night, but a girl can dream, right?

I am really going to try to work on a bedtime routine, on windingdown at night, before bed.

Heres hoping it works out for me!

I will try my best anyway!

Sleep is so important for a healthy mind, and a healthy life!

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Woot celebrations!

So I have good news!
I went to my nutritionist, and, wait for it, I lost 3 pounds!
3 pounds without doing exercise, I cant believe it!
I’m beyond thrilled 🙂

I now weigh 15 stone 11 pounds. And there’s more…

I lost an inch and a half off of my waist as well!
Doing the happy dance! I’m ecstatic!
🙂 ❤
This has spurred me on and motivated me to do better and keep up the momentum!
Next week, exercise here I come! Tackle it head on.

Just am so delighted I have lost weight this week because I didnt think I would!