Mental wellness challenge, day 9

I missed a few days of this but, I decided to just pick up from here. So today the prompt is

Day Nine.

Take care of yourself today. Do something from your self care list.

so today I practiced some self care. What did I do? I was good to myself. I napped when I got tired. I ate when I got hungry. I am about to read my book for a little while before I try to sleep. These may seem like small acts, but to me, they are a big deal. Because, lets face it, when you have mental illness, and when you struggle on a daily basis just to do the ordinary everyday tasks, doing these small acts of self care to look after your body and mind is huge.

What did you do today for self care?


Mental wellness challenge, day four

Day Four.

What are your top three intentions for each day and how can you meet them?

Intention 1:

Eat healthy and exercise on most days!

Intention 2:

Do some self care every day!

Intention 3:

Journal! Writing is sootheing to me!

What are yours?

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Mental wellness challenge, day two!

Day Two.

Create an emergency playlist for times when you need love and comfort.

So, I love music. Music is so healing. It speaks to me. So many songs move me, speak to how I feel. I play music almost every day.

I have spotify, and alexa, and I use both on a regular basis, I also have apple music, which I use on my I phone.

I like to make playlists. I make themed playlists, its so much fun picking out songs to put on them.

My 5 main go to playlists are:

Broadway tunes and show tunes

Songs to play to make me happy

Sad songs

Disney playlist

Love songs

I have others too, but those are my main five.

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Mental wellness challenge, day 1

What is one thing you can improve in your day that will improve your mental health?

Definitely my sleep! I need to improve on that!

Meds are helping, but I need to be getting more sleep than I have been getting!

I am going to try to work on it over the summer!

I think 7 or 8 hours each night would be good! I doubt I’ll get that much every night, but a girl can dream, right?

I am really going to try to work on a bedtime routine, on windingdown at night, before bed.

Heres hoping it works out for me!

I will try my best anyway!

Sleep is so important for a healthy mind, and a healthy life!

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A winning result

So, I smashed it tonight at slimming world.

I weighed in, and was down 3.5 pounds! Woohoo! I was so thrilled!

Its such a great boost when I am down anything. To be down 3.5 pounds, thats incredible!

I’m now down a total of 2 stone 8.5 pounds. For my US readers it is 36.5 pounds.

Only 5.5 pounds to make it to 3 stone! I hope I’ll get there by christmas!

I feel on top of the world right now. I must be doing something right.

Long may this feeling last! I plan on continuing this for the next week and hopefully I will have another good week next week!