Healthy recipe-Red white and green salad

Red, White And Green Salad
1 pound small red potatoes, cooked and cubed
2 large tomatoes, diced
1 pound fresh green beans, cut into 2 inch pieces and cooked
7 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil
5 tablespoons white wine vinegar
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
In a large bowl, combine potatoes, tomatoes and beans. In a small bowl, combine remaining ingredients. Pour over vegetables; toss to coat. Refrigerate for several hours before serving.
Makes 8 to 10 servings.


Healthy Recipe-Crunchy pork and rice salad

Crunchy Pork And Rice Salad
1 head Chinese or green cabbage, shredded (about 6 cups)
2 cups cubed cooked pork roast
1 1/2 cups cold cooked rice
1 package (10 ounces) frozen peas, thawed
1 can (8 ounces) sliced water chestnuts, drained
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon celery seed
1/2 teaspoon salt
In a large bowl, toss together cabbage, pork, rice, peas and water chestnuts. In a small bowl, combine dressing ingredients; mix well. Pour over the salad and stir gently to mix. Chill for several hours.
Makes 8 to 10 servings.

Feeling Proud!

I feel so proud of myself. I pushed myself to exercise. Part of me wanted to veg out on the couch and not do it. But I pushed myself, I did it. And now I feel great. The endorphins are rushing through me right now hahaha. It feels so good.

Weigh in!

today I had a weigh in. it was unplanned. my nutritionist was at work, but I wasnt supposed to have an apt with her. i was seeing my cpn and texted her to ask if she was free, i really wanted to have a weigh in to see if i had lost anything.

she texted back saying she was free for a couple minutes and said she’d come get me in about 20 minutes. that suited me as it gave me time to finish up with my cpn.

when we got to her office we chatted for a while first. i told her i was using my fitness pal. she seemed to think that would be a good thing and told me if it was helping me to keep going with using it.

we talked about goals for the week. i told her i hadnt exercised much this past week, not at all hardly. and i havent been drinking water either. she told me to try to start to do these things this week and to also use lecothin granuals.

then the dreaded moment arrived. she got out the scales. i stood on it.

101 kg, 223 pounds. oh no. same weight, again. no weight loss this week. this is the third week, how frustrating.

i was really disappointed with myself. She told me not to worry. that it could be due to constipation, or lack of exercise, or no water intake, etc. try harder for next week was all she said.

and i’d been sooo good this week!

I’d had no chocolate, no crisps, no biscuits, no sweet things at all. I’d eaten plenty of fruit and veg, I’d had 3 healthy meals a day and hardly any snacks. And still I wasnt down.

I guess allI can do is try again next week.

Have you ever been stuck at a certain weight for more than a week? What did you do about it?

Start of the weekend, yay

i’ve had a good friday. this morning i went out for a coffee with my old pa Deirdre. she stopped being my pa about a year and a half ago, but we remained friends on facebook and through texting. she had texted me last weekend asking me if I’d like to meet up. she had a day off work today so we were able to do it today. it was really nice to see her again. we went to a local shopping centre and had breakfast, and then we went for a stroll around some of the stores. i was going to get some leggings but the store i usually get them in didnt have my size. i ended up just getting my niece and nephew some sweets and i got some water for myself and some doughnuts for mom and dad and my sister, i was good, i didnt have any. deirdre dropped me back to mom and dads house when we were finished. i am staying here for the weekend. i went to visit norma this afternoon. she had rang asking me if she could come over to my house but I told her I was in mom and dads, and that I’d call over to her. I stayed with her for about 2 hours. I didnt even have to spend money on taxi’s because my sister dropped me over there and she also collected me and dropped me back to our parents. i’ve been doing really good now with my healthy eating. i’m going to write about my weight loss or lack of it in a separate post. but today my dad made a chicken curry and we had rice with it. then tonight i had a fruit salad with plain yogurt on it. i’ve been drinking lots of water as well. hec i wont write about my weight loss in a separate post. i’ll just write about it here in this one. so i went to karen o yesterday and i knew i was going to be up but i couldnt believe it when she said i was up by 8 pounds. i almost burst into tears! it was sooo disappointing! i know it had been four weeks since i’d seen her and i was on holiday and not working hard on healthy eating or exercise, but oh man! i did not expect a jump of 8 pounds! it was crushing! so now i’m determined i’ll work hard this week and in the future and get down that weight again. i decided to cut down on tea and coffee and i only drank 2 cups of tea today and no coffee. i’ve decided i’ll allow myself 2 cups of tea a day and if i really crave it one cup of coffee. i’m going to try to stay away from the coffee though. i dont take sugar in my tea but i do take it in coffee. yesterday karen measured my waist too and it had gone up by two centimeters. up instead of down? not good. thats why i decided to cut out the tea and coffee. i’m also back to using the lesithan granuals. my other friend rose texted me an hour ago asking me to call to her tomorrow if i felt up to it. so i said iw ould. its going to be raining here bad tomorrow. they said by 3 pm it would be a 90 percent chance of rain. i’ll have nothing else that i need to do and i do want to catch up with rose because she’s just come out of hospital. i also got an email from the co-ordinator of the college course the substance use and misuse in youth and community work and i have to go to an open evening on the 12th of september, and then an interview on the 19th. I’m excited to do all that. I’m hoping i’ll get in. I think I have a lot of experience so it is looking good for me right now. well that about sums up my ffriday.
catch you guys soon
have you ever battled with your weight? or had a really important interview?

anxious about seeing karen o tomorrow

tomorrow morning i see karen o my nutritionist. i am so anxious about seeing her. because i know i just know i’m going to have put up weight. and that is something i do not want. i have tried hard this week. but last week and the week before were just crap weeks. being on holiday and all i did not eat healthily. then i didnt exercise either these last few weeks due to my back being sore and me being in pain and it hurt to walk. i did exercise yesterday and today but that isnt much. and each time i only did about 10 to 15 minutes on the treadmill. so i really really doubt i’ll be down tomorrow. i hate disappointing karen. i’ve battled with weight for so long now, its so crazy. every time i think i’m getting somewhere with it i slip back into old patters again. and the weight doesnt come off. and then i think karen is disappointed because we’ve been working together for so long and there has been little progress in that time. i probably have it all wrong. she is probably not disappointed with me. after all she is a psychiatric nurse and so she knows mental illness plays a huge part in how I am doing how well I am doing how good I am at keeping up with things. If my mood is low or i feel bad I am less likely to keep up with things. She knows this and she gets it and we even spend time each week talking about mood and anxiety and things during our goal setting. I’ve also been dealing with constipation. that is another reason why i think i’ll be up tomorrow. i havent been going every day I know its TMI but I just need to document it here. I feel so anxious tonight about it all. I kinda feel stressed. I am trying to do some self care activities to relieve the stress. I’ve been drinking tea and watching some tv and reading. It hasnt been helping. I really dont know what else to do. I dont want to cancel tomorrows apt. I think I just need to go and face it whatever happens.

weight gain depressed and feeling like a failure

so i went this morning to be weighed. i was full sure i would be down. i thought if i was going to be up that it might only be a tiny bit. but yeah big surprise. i went in and we talked about my goals for the week. and we talked about my energy leavels and water intake. and my mood. and constipation issues and exercise and my back. then she said she’d weigh me. and oh my god. i was up 4.5 pounds. 2 kg in total. how depressing. i dont know how that happened! i was doing everything right. i have been eating healthily, exercising lots. how can i be up so much weight? i almost cried. i was so disappointed. then i realised that this week would usually be the week i’d have a period, that is, if i got them but now that I dont have ovaries I dont get periods any more. however karen said i could still get the pms symptoms and that maybe I am up because it is the week when i would normally get my periods. I hope she’s right. I cant think why else I’d be up. There really is no other reason that I would be up. She kept telling me not to worry about the numbers on the scales. But I’m a little obsessed. I cant help it. I just did not expect to be up by 4.5 pounds. Thats really disheartening. I told her I’d start exercising today again after taking a couple days off due to my back being too sore to exercise. She told me that if I need to go at a slower pace on the treadmill then I should. So I will. Normally it takes me 12 minutes to do a kilometer. I will try to do it in 15 minutes for the next little while. She also measured my waste today but it hasnt gon down since the last time she measured it. So yeah more disappointment there. I didnt want this result today. But oh well. Just have to grin and bear it and stay positive and hope for the best for next week.
carol anne