not doing so well with my weight loss

i was supposed to see my nutritionist karen today. but i wont be going to our appointment. i havent been doing well with the weight loss. i’ve eaten a lot of things i shouldnt this week. i doubt i am down any weight. its disappointing. it really is such a battle. i find losing weight is one of my biggest challenges, i’ve battled with an eating disorder and weight issues for so long. its just crazy. i feel like a failure. i feel like i’ll never lose the weight. and believe me i do have a lot to lose. at least 70 pounds. all i can do now is try again, get back on ttrack, work harder next week so that when i go next week i’ll be down a couple of pounds. i think my treadmill is on the blink too which is not good. when i went on it the other day it kept slowing down and then speeding up. i think the motor or the electrics in it are not working right.
If anyone has any tips to motivate me I’d really appreciate them. Does drinking water really help flush toxins out of your body? Is it really true that exercise, more than what you eat shifts the weight faster?