going to see karen o our nutritionist tomorrow morning

hi everyone
it is me emily
im 12 years old in case people dont know or forgot
and i have an eating disorder, bulimia
im worried tonight
we are going to see karen o our nutritionist in the morning
i really dont want to go
im scared we will be up and not have lost any weight
we have been struggling lately with our weight
we’re eating healthily but there seem to be no moving the weight
we tried exercising too but not a lot
i think thats the problem
its hard to breathe though but thats down to being so big too
i would love it if we could just keep losing
i am wondering why weight has to be such a struggle for some people
and for us
its frustrating to me
i’ve been trying to not binge or purge
and not count calories or restrict
i havent thrown up either lately
even when i have wanted to do it
so maybe that means i am making progress
i hope so
i dont know if i should try to talk to karen about it tomorrow
maybe i will