Quitting slimming world, but not by choice!

I’m quitting slimming world. Its not my choice, and if I had a choice I’d still be going.

But my slimming world consultant is closing her group.

And I don’t really feel like starting over with a new consultant and a new group.

One reason why my consultant is quitting is because the room she normally uses is being used for something else. Instead of looking for a new venue for her group she has decided to stop being a consultant.

She’s been doing it for the last six years, so she’s probably fed up of it.

Well, I’ll be saving 30 euro a week!

I think I can go it alone, and still be fine.

I know what to do. I’m sure I can keep losing weight, if I want to.

I will miss my consultant. She was really nice.

She was very supportive. And I admired her honesty about her own struggles with her own weight.

So, it’s the end of an era!

Slimming world is no more.