weight loss: Mid week reflection

I’ve been doing fairly ok this week I guess. I did eat a few things that werent on my food plan. But thats ok. We’re all allowed some treats from time to time, right? I think so.
I have not been exercising too much. I have to work harder on the exercising. My treadmill is broken so I cant use that. I dont really have anyone to go walking with. I need to try to save up for either a new treadmill or else an exercise bike. I hope I can do that. Money is tight lately though.
I’ll keep working on it. Hopefully something will happen soon. In the meantime I will try to walk when I can with either my mom or sister or my pa.
Im hopeful I will be down a few more pounds this week. Even if I only was down a pound, I’d have gotten to my two stone award and that would be awesome if I could do that.

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A small loss this week

This week when I stepped on the scales I just had a small weight loss.
Only half a pound. Still its better than a maintain or a gain. I’m glad I didnt gain any weight.
I now have just 1 pound to go to get to my two stone milestone.
For my US readers that is 27 pounds in total that I’ve lost in the last 5 months.
I’m hopeful I can get that pound off next week and get my award. Fingers crossed!

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I smashed my weight loss goal this week!

this week I smashed my weight loss goal again!
I was down 1 and a half pounds!
So now, I am down 1 stone 12 and a half pounds, or 26.5 pounds for my US readers!
I have 1 and a half pounds to go to make it to two stone!
I’m hopeful I’ll get my two stone award next week! I’d be thrilled if I did!
In only six months I’ve lost almost 28 pounds! I cannot believe it!
I feel great! I’m planning on doing a lot of exercising this coming week.
I just feel so happy and so good about myself!

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weigh in, heres hoping i’ll be down?

its time to go get weighed! I am hopeful, so hopeful that I’ve done enough to be down a few pounds this week! I tried so hard this week! I am keeping everything crossed that I did enough!
So wish me luck guys!

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Gym chronicles part 2

so we went to the gym, and i did a 30 min work out.
i used the treadmill for 10 minutes, the bike for 10 minutes, and then I lifted weights.
I did 3 KM on the bike, thats about 2.5 miles.
It was an intense workout! I was sweating after it. But I enjoyed it. I found it to be a challenge. And thats what I like.
The weights were hard, I only lifted 2 kg weights. I did 6 sets of 10 lifts. It was strenuous.
I had fun though. A lot of fun.

Blog share, Lose it lis!

Hi everyone, I’m Alyssa or “Lyss” and I’ve been blogging for almost two weeks now. A total newbie, I know! 🙂 I’m 23 & have struggled with weight my entire life. My blog Lose it Lyss documents the weightloss journey I’m currently on, plus some super simple but oh so yummy recipes, and Weight Watchers tips and tricks. It’s new but I’ve got some big stuff planned! I hope we can be friends.

Her Blog:


Weight loss, week 7

Well guys, I have both good and bad news this week.
I was weighed in, and I lost a pound. I am happy, but I was a little disappointed as well, because another half a pound and I would have made the stone.
But I’m happy I lost weight, and I didnt gain.
And there’s always next week right?
13.5 pounds down now and counting…
I also got slimmer of the week again this week so I got a nice basket of food which was a bonus!
I got peppers, carrots, pineapple, and tins of tomatos!
Nitros happy because I just gave hima carrot!
So I’m pretty happy with myself and looking forward to another good week!
And hoping that next week I’ll lose more than a pound, as for the past 3 weeks a pound seems to be what I’m stuck at!
carol anne