Well, slimming worlds back on the cards!

So last week I had decided to quit going to my slimming world classes, as I was struggling to lose, and I hadnt lost anything well barely anything in the last six weeks.
I decided to post on our private facebook group, and so on Sunday morning, I posted a message which said how much I was struggling, how that I’d had a few bad days, where I ate everything in sight, and how it was so demotivating to not be losing, and that was what had made me go off plan.
I got a lot of supportive comments, one girl said how she hadnt lost all summer, and how she just started losing again, she told me to stick with it, and that it would come right again, in fact, thats what the majority of commenters said to me.
Then my consultant sarah phoned me.  She told me not to quit. To go to group. Stick with the plan and keep going and so, I decided that I will stick with it for another six weeks. I am going to go to group tomorrow morning, and pay for another six weeks, and if after the six weeks I’m not satisfied with my progress, then I will give up going to group.
I feel I owe it to myself. I also owe it to my group who’ve been so supportive to me on my weight loss journey.
I know partly I am to blame, I am the one who put the foods I shouldnt have eaten in my mouth, I ate them, nobody forced me to do it. I did that all on my own.
I think I can turn things around. I’ll probably be up at weigh in this week, but after that, I should be able to turn things around. Hopefully, I’m hopeful that I will be able to anyway.
Fingers crossed!
carol anne