The time has come!

so the time has come! off to a new slimming world group, weigh in, and a new group, can I handle it? I hope so!
I am doubting I will have lost any weight, but we shall see!
wish me luck guys!


I dont want to jinx myself but…

I think I am going to be down this week at weigh in! I really think so!

I weighed myself on my own scales just now, and it looks like I’ve lost a few pounds! I’m not going to actually say how much, since I want to wait to get on the weighing scales at slimming world, and take a proper reading. I will go by their scales, since that is the one that I weigh in on each week!

But standing on the scales just now, and seeing the number drop down from what I weighed last week, by a good number of pounds, made me feel so elated!

All my hard work is paying off!

I hope its right, and I am down!


Weigh in time! I’m hopeful of a good result tonight!

Its weigh in time! I am off to get weighed in!
I am so hoping for a good result! I tried so hard this past week!
Heres hoping it payed off!
If I am not down tonight I am going to be so disappointed!
My own scales is telling me I am not, but I dont rely on it, as I know its not totally accurate!
I have been drinking a lot of water, and I know when you do that your weight fluctuates a lot.
Please send me good thoughts and vibes for a good result tonight!
❤ thanks, guys! ❤


The result at weigh in was Not that bad after all

Well guys,
I went and I got weighed in. And, things dont look so bad! It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be!
Yes I am up, I am up by 3 pounds.
So I am up by less than I thought, yay!

I can lose that by next week, that and some more as well!
I can do this!
I will work super hard this week and make sure I am down next week at weigh in!

I came home and I exercised! I got on my treadmill for 20 minutes! Then I drank a ton of water and ate some fruit!

I’m doing well so far ❤ ❤

Thanks guys for all of your support! You’ve all been incredible! I really appreciate it!


going Back to slimming world tonight

I am going back to slimming world tonight, after having a break. Its a month since I’ve been to group.
I think I am going to be up a few pounds. I wasnt being very mindful of my healthy eating plan. I was doing ok, but sometimes I was going off plan a little.
So I guess we’ll see what happens. I wont be surprised if I am up a few pounds though. In fact I am expecting it. I’m expecting to be up around 5 pounds.
I’ll keep you all posted and let you know the results later on tonight.
I’m kinda nervous about standing on the scales, even though I know to expect a gain when I do.