I was down again this week!

So guys, I did it! Not down by a lot this week but…I was still down!
I got weighed last night! And I was down half a pound!
I know it doesnt seem like much, but every little counts!
Now I am down a total of 2 stone 2 pounds, or for my US readers thats 30 pounds!
I’m going in the right direction! I will admit, I was a little disappointed when I stepped onthe scales, I really thought I’d be down more than I was, but what can you do!
At least it was a positive result!
So now to keep going, keep doing what I am doing. Keep motivated!
I can do this!

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I was down!

I had a great result tonight at slimming world! I was down 1 pound! I actually thought I’d be down more, but I am still happy with a pound. My consultant said that I might see it next week, she said sometimes our bodies take two weeks to adjust, so the extra weight that I was hoping to lose this week might actually come off next week instead.
Still its a good result! My weight is going down, which I am so thrilled about!
I am now down 2 stone 2 pounds, or for my US readers, its 30 pounds in total since I started a year ago!
So I am going in the right direction!
I am very happy with the progress I’ve made so far!
Heres to another fantastic week this week! Fingers crossed!

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Weighing in!

Another week, and it is Time to go get weighed in!

I am so nervous! Its doubtful I am down anything, but I guess we shall see, something may happen that surprises me.

I havent been to slimming world in 2 weeks. The last time I went I maintained. I dont know what will happen tonight.

Wish me luck, guys!

Weight loss update

Well I went to slimming world. I am just home now. I did a lot of damage over the christmas. The result was not good. Not good at all.

Are you ready for it? Ready to hear about the damage I did?

Well here goes. I gained 7 pounds over christmas. OMG! 7 pounds! Thats half a stone!

I cant believe it! I am so gutted. So so disappointed.

But now its a new year, and its time to get back on track. We got a new book tonight. There are some changes to my plan. Now is a good time to get back to basics, and get back down to business and get back on track. So here I go.

I just have to lose this weight! I can do it!

With the support of my slimming world consultant, and my group, I can do this!

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Time to be weighed in!

Well its that time! Time to go get weighed in!
Man I hope that I havent gained too much weight over christmas! Fingers crossed!
I am so nervous! Wish me luck guys! I really hoep this goes well!

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1 pound gain!

So well, after weigh in tonight I was up 1 pound! So not much. I can live with that. I set myself a target to lose 3 pounds next week, I hope I can. I’m going to really try my hardest to do that this coming week!
A lot of us in group had gains tonight. Not the end of the world I guess! I will just have to give it my all and hope for better results next time!
I am still down 2 stone 7.5 pounds! Or for my US readers, thats 35.5 pounds!
Happy days!

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Weigh in time!

Off to be weighed now. Another week gone by. Where did the time go!
I am thinking I wont be down any weight this week. I wasnt at my best. I didnt do all the right things. I did some, just not all. I ate some things I shouldnt have eaten. So if I do lose anything, I’ll be very surprised. But you never know, I might just surprise myself.
Here’s hoping.
So fingers crossed guys! wish me luck!

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