#3TC – Flash fiction piece

Di AKA pensitivity101 is our host for the 3 things challenge, a daily challenge where the object is to use the words given and write a post using some or all of the words!

Your three things today are:

I am so cold!, elly said.
Where the hell is frank!
Frank had gone to look in a nearby store, leaving elly to stand in the street.
With all the hubbub of noise around her, she didnt hear him calling out to her.
Elly, babe, over here!
Suddenly elly spied him next to their car!
Thank god, she said, running over.
I was freezing my ass off waiting for you!
Did you find what we needed?
Unfortunately not, frank sighed.
Oh well, elly said, there’s always next weekend. For now, lets go home and have a nice cup of tea!

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