Celebrating some birthdays!

Tomorrow my nephew turns 7! And on Sunday his dad turns 32.

My sister took both of them away for a weekend break to Killarney!

Killarney is like our second home! Its cool there. Its easy to get to its only an hour and a half drive from cork!

My nephew wants to go to the aquadome which is a huge swimming pool for his birthday so they are going to do that and then go bolling and at dinner that evening my sister is going to ask the restaurant to bring out a cake.

I gave him money for his birthday, I think my sis is going to take him to a toyshop in Killarney to spend it.

I got my sisters partner some lottery tickets, so I hope he wins on them!

I still feel under the weather

I’m still sick, a week has passed and this stupid cold and cough are still hanging on. Its so annoying. My nose stopped running but now the cough is really bad. I’m still taking lemsips for it which have paracetamol in them.
I stayed home all day yesterday. I just relaxed in front of my new apple tv.
Sometimes you just need a chill day of rest.
I dont think I’ll go in to work today. It wouldnt be fair to pass this thing on to other people.
Waiting now for my PA to get here at 9 AM. Also have a guy coming to fix my boiler, put a new part into it.
Then will go to mom and dads for the weekend!
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy it!

Its almost the weekend!

And I am so thrilled!
I love my weekends! I work today in the afternoon. Then I will go to my parents until Sunday.
I have college work to do this weekend, I have my learner log to write up, its only 800 words though so I shouldnt be too long writing it.
Other than that I am going to cook with mom on saturday, we’re making a slimming world friendly chicken curry, yum!
Right now I am preparing to go to my GP’s to have bloods taken! My pa frances will be here at 9 to take me.
Happy Friday everyone!

Virus-free. www.avg.com

Lesson learned

So after our weekend away, we got the train home. Would I do it again? Not a chance.

The train was overbooked. It was standing room only. There was a mad rush for seats. We got assistance, so we did get a seat, but only just.

It was crazy. Definitely not my favourite thing. I felt so blessed that we actually got a seat.

The lesson in all of this is, book the tickets. Don’t depend on using your train pass! Especially on a bank holiday weekend! Book the seats before you go, that way you’ll definitely have a seat!

And that, I will do in the future!

I was just glad to be able to get home safely. I met a friend of mine whose also blind at the station, I met her at 1:30 in the afternoon. She had to travel from Kerry to Dublin, and then on to wexford, and she said she was not going to get home until after 9 PM! No thank you!

Makes me glad I only live 90 minutes from Killarney! Its not a long ways off at all!


We’re having visitors to our apartment this afternoon. My aunts two friends are coming down for a visit.
We’ll all have lunch together, its my aunts chicken curry.
She cooked two pots of it yesterday morning! We had it for dinner last night, and it was delicious.
Her friends son is also coming, he’s autistic, he has profound autism.
They’ll all spend a few hours here with us.
I plan on staying in the bedroom after lunch, I want to read and stuff. I don’t really fancy being social.
We’ll be going out tonight and I’m looking forward to that immensely.
For now though I just want to do my own thing!