I had a pretty good weekend

i cant believe its monday once again. my weekend was pretty good though. my pa came on saturday morning, it wasnt my regular pa but instead it was the other pa that usually comes on thursdays, she was covering for my regular saturday pa. we did some house work and then i went to get my nails done and do my grocery shopping. i was going to have lunch at subway but then i decided to buy my lunch at the store and just eat at home. so that is what i did. i’m really trying hard this week because at my nutritionist apt last friday i was up 2.5 pounds. this week i am eating very healthily and trying to exercise as much as i can. hoping to be down when i see her next friday. i went to mom and dads when my pa finished doing my housework on saturday. i spent a relaxing afternoon doing absolutely nothing, and then on saturday evening my two aunts came to moms and we had drinks, except i didnt drink at all. i slept well on saturday night and woke up feeling refreshed on sunday morning. sunday was a quiet day. my sister came over to mom and dads with the kids for dinner. mom was babysitting the kids sunday night as my sister was going out with her college friends after their exams. i went home to my own house, and now this morning its back to college and i am trying to finish an assignment that is due on friday. i have therapy this afternoon with eileen. who knows what that will bring up.