Weekend update

i’ve had an up and down sorta day. some insiders arent doing very well. mainly wendy and liz. both of them are struggling a lot. despite this we managed to do things today. our PA came this morning at 9. We went and did grocery shopping. i sware money goes nowhere. i spent 40 euro in one store and you wouldnt see what i got for it…not very much at all. granted i went to the butchers and i got a lot of meat for 25 euro so that was good and means i have enough food for the week. today instead of going to the grocery store i always go too i decided to go to one closer to where i live. it was worth it because it was less crowded and i got done in an hour. after we got home we did some other stuff around the house. then i had lunch which i’d bought while i was out at the store. it was nice, a bread roll with turkey, stuffing and cheese in it. my PA dropped me to my moms after that. the rest of todays been pretty uneventful. my nephew was here because mom was babysitting him. i ended up entertaining him for a while this afternoon. my sister took her daughter lauren in to town to finish off buying stuff for her communion which is in may. lauren also wanted to spend her birthday money. she ended up getting a pogo stick, i was like what is that? it is this stick that you bounce up and down on. i havent tried it but i dont think i could balance on it. my sister got us all macdonalds on her way home. she payed for all of our food. i tried to give her the money but she wouldnt take it. tomorrow i’ll be typing up tons of stuff for her for college so i guess i am sorta paying her back then. i am seriously worrying about wendy. she seems so down and depressed. i wish i could make things better for her. liz is simply just angry. she is snappy with everyone and irritated easily. i think i had better stay out of her way for a while.
This morning I got up early. I am still feeling sick. My nose is all stuffed up and I just feel rotten. I took more lemsip to try to elieviate the symptoms. I slept well last night. I went to bed quite early and managed to sleep soundly enough. My dad has taken nitro out for a walk so right now I am not up to much just catching up on emails and blog posts.