The weekends here!

and i am sooo glad. dont get me wrong, i love being busy. i love that i have things to do during the week. but by the time the weekend comes i am usually flat out exhausted.

i plan on doing absolutely nothing this weekend. i will just chill, read my book, binge watch tv, and only do the bare minimum around the house.

I slept well last night. So thats two nights in a row that I’ve slept good. thats progress!

anyway. i might go to my friends later today if i feel up to it. it’ll depend on the weather, the weathers been crappy the last day or so, lots of rain and stuff.

whats everyone else doing this weekend?
carol anne

Never fear friday is hear!

its friday, yay! so happy!

I am feeling a lot better this morning. I am still taking lemsips though. I think I’ll take another few maybe for another day or so just to be sure I am over this for christmas.

I stayed up late, but once I went to bed I actually slept. And today I am feeling good.

I’ll be going to my sisters house tonight with my mom. Just mom and me are going. WeRe going to stay over and have drinks, a christmas get together for just the 3 of us.

I am having a very lazy day. Its almost mid day and I am still in my pajamas. And I dont care lol.

Mom went last night and gave out christmas presents to family. I asked her to give out mine too. So I was getting texts all evening from my aunts and my uncle, because I’d bought all of them presents. I got my god mother a present, and my aunt that I am very close to she is moms sister, and then moms brother as well.

I’ve been sorting through my christmas music on one of my external hard drives this morning. I have a lot of it so its taking me a while. I also signed up for amazon prime last night. So now as well as netflix I’ll have amazon prime video on my apple tv.

My Sunday thoughts

My Sundays been quiet. I did not get up to much. I had planned on going home to my own house this afternoon but mom said if I wanted to I could stay the night and go straight from their house to therapy tomorrow morning so I decided I’d do that instead.

After not sleeping at all on Friday night, I slept most of yesterday away. I didnt mind as I didnt have anything that I needed to do. I was supposed to visit my friend Rose but we canceled when I told her I was just too tired. She understood but I still felt bad because I’ve been saying I will visit her for the last 3 weeks and I still havent done it. I will soon though, I promised her I would.

Like I said did not get up to much today other than catching up on emails, reading and watching tv. I just got done watching x factor, the UK one. I love that show, probably because I love singing. Some of the contestants made me laugh, they hadnt a note in their head. Whoever told them they were good lied to them lol.

My mom went to visit her sister tonight. She had asked if I wanted to go with her but I said I didnt. The truth is that I was too lazy to get ready to go. I just wanted to chill out and if I would have gone there I’d have had to get dressed and stuff so I said no to it. Instead I tried chatting with my dad, he was in a kind of good mood tonight and wanted to talk about his bowel issue. I can see he’s struggling a lot with pain and its getting him down. Next week he has to have a liver ultrasound, and then the following week he has to have physiotherapy, not sure what that will entail, but probably they will show him exercises he can do to relax his bowel? I really dont know. He sees his gastroenterologist again on the 9th of October.

Well thats about it for my Sunday guys. How has your weekend been? Do you like reality tv shows like the x factor? Do you watch them at all?

such a wonderful saturday

saturdays been so good! I had a chilled out sort of day. I relaxed, I binge watched tv, I read, I slept. Well I didnt sleep much last night so I napped a little this afternoon. I hung out with mom for a while, we chatted about this and that while she painted the wall in the bedroom. I stayed in my pjs all day today. And I am not one bit sorry! Its been a really good day all around. Tonight my two aunts came over to mom and dads house. mom and both of my aunts were drinking, I wasnt. My diet is too important to me to drink and ruin my progress. But we chatted and listened to music. My aunts are moms sisters. I love hanging out with them. My sister did not come over today with the kids like she normally would on a saturday. She went to her partners family instead. They wont be over tomorrow either. Its so weird not to have the kids here. The house is so quiet without them. I just remembered I gotta take my night meds. I almost forgot about them. Better go do that now guys. Catch you all later.


uneventful rest of my day

the rest of my friday has been uneventful. again, i couldnt stay awake. i think i got overheated. i tried to sit outside in the afternoon but the tiredness got the better of me. i told mom i was going to go lie down for an hour. that ended up being 2 hours though.i woke when mom and my sis came back from grocery shopping. we all ate together. mom made a salad and she also made sandwiches for me because i did not want salad. she bought this gorgeous bbq chicken, it tasted so good. she also got this lovely wheat bread that I had my sandwich on. i’m doing really well health wise. i just had the wheat bread with beef and one slice with chicken on it for dinner. mom tried to get me to eat more but i said i had enough. i didnt get to do any exercise today though which i am kind of disappointed about. i asked mom if she wanted to go for a 15 minute walk but she said she was too tired. no worries though there is always tomorrow. my sister wont be coming over to moms tomorrow because she has to pack her cases for going on holidays next week. so it will just be mom and dad and me until sunday. we were going to go to a vintage car show on sunday but my sister said she felt tired after her week at work so we might just go to a local park with the kids instead. once i get my walk in tomorrow i’m good. i might go visit my friend in the afternoon too. my friend norma that is. i also have to finish packing for respite on monday. i’ve been watching tv for the evening and just relaxing. hope you’ve all had a good day today.

carol anne


Oh what a night

i woke up at 4 AM. I needed to pee badly. hate when that happens!
when I went back to bed I couldnt sleep. So I texted some friends. and now I’m catching up on the blogs I follow.
I think the fact I actually went to bed early, 8 PM is early for me, should be taken into consideration as to why I cant sleep. I cant even remember hearing my parents going to bed, thats how exhausted I was. And that was even with me taking a nap yesterday afternoon as well!
I’m planning on going to my friends house this afternoon. My friend Rose invited me over. That is good because it means I wont be alone and it will keep me distracted. And distraction is good.
What are your plans for today and this weekend?