Weekend update

i’ve had an up and down sorta day. some insiders arent doing very well. mainly wendy and liz. both of them are struggling a lot. despite this we managed to do things today. our PA came this morning at 9. We went and did grocery shopping. i sware money goes nowhere. i spent 40 euro in one store and you wouldnt see what i got for it…not very much at all. granted i went to the butchers and i got a lot of meat for 25 euro so that was good and means i have enough food for the week. today instead of going to the grocery store i always go too i decided to go to one closer to where i live. it was worth it because it was less crowded and i got done in an hour. after we got home we did some other stuff around the house. then i had lunch which i’d bought while i was out at the store. it was nice, a bread roll with turkey, stuffing and cheese in it. my PA dropped me to my moms after that. the rest of todays been pretty uneventful. my nephew was here because mom was babysitting him. i ended up entertaining him for a while this afternoon. my sister took her daughter lauren in to town to finish off buying stuff for her communion which is in may. lauren also wanted to spend her birthday money. she ended up getting a pogo stick, i was like what is that? it is this stick that you bounce up and down on. i havent tried it but i dont think i could balance on it. my sister got us all macdonalds on her way home. she payed for all of our food. i tried to give her the money but she wouldnt take it. tomorrow i’ll be typing up tons of stuff for her for college so i guess i am sorta paying her back then. i am seriously worrying about wendy. she seems so down and depressed. i wish i could make things better for her. liz is simply just angry. she is snappy with everyone and irritated easily. i think i had better stay out of her way for a while.
This morning I got up early. I am still feeling sick. My nose is all stuffed up and I just feel rotten. I took more lemsip to try to elieviate the symptoms. I slept well last night. I went to bed quite early and managed to sleep soundly enough. My dad has taken nitro out for a walk so right now I am not up to much just catching up on emails and blog posts.


so alls quiet for a change. my weekend was just very quiet and dare i say it boring. but i dont care because sometimes boring is good too. i slept a lot. i feel i needed it i needed to catch up on the sleep i missed while i was in the hospital. when i was in there i barely slept at all because of too many triggers. my therapist says healing happens when you sleep so i am running with that. i only went out this weekend to get dog food and groceries other than that i stayed home and just chilled out slept a lot and thats ok with me. mom and my sister came over yesterday with my dinner which was nice. i was still able to have my dads home cooking then. my niece lauren is sick so my sister had to take her to the doctor. her throat was sore and she was just not herself since friday. i hope i dont get what she has because i was just recently sick with a flu type thing and i am only now getting rid of the cough i had from that. today monday i am going to go to the basement club. other than that i dont have too many plans. i am reading two good books right now one by rosie lewis called torn thats a brand new book just out since January 14th. the other one is by casey watson called the girl without a voice. i am reading one on kindle and the other is from audible. thats another thing i did this weekend i read a lot. i’ll do book reviews once i am done. wondering if people enjoy my book reviews? let me know if you do.

Just a boring old Friday

i didnt sleep very well last night. thats always a worry. when i dont sleep for a couple nights i tend to get worse mental health wise. i tried to nap earlier today without much success. i had stayed at mom and dads last night. mom was babysitting my sisters little boy this morning. so napping was pretty much out of the question. i did try as i said but couldnt fall asleep and ended up watching tv on my phone. i’m pretty anxious today. something is being triggered for me not sure what though its still very unclear. i just have anxiety and feel pretty emotional. i was supposed to go out to the basement club this morning but at the last minute i changed my plans. i decided i’d be better off staying put since my sleep was off. at least this weekend i am staying home and i only have to go out tomorrow morning with my pa. mom said she’ll have my sister drop my dinner to me on sunday so that will be nice and means i can lay around all day if i choose to do that. tomorrow i need to go get dog food and go grocery shopping. i’ve been trying to eat more healthily again. it isnt going very well. part of me doesnt care but the part of me that struggles with food issues emily is freaking out. emily is 12 and counts calories is a health nut and wants to diet and not eat or throw up. so far we havent but its come close a few times. she cant stand that we’re so fat. of course while we were in hospital we ate nothing but junk food because the hospital food was so disgusting. part of it is comfort eating too i think. its hard when some parts want icecream and chips and candy and soda all the time. its not easy to say no. maybe we need to do some more work around that in therapy. there seems to be so much to work on in therapy. we will get there, slowly but surely.

random sunday musings

todays been mostly an ok day. one of the nurses from the weekend team phoned me early this morning. i forgot she’d be phoning so i left my phone in the bedroom. so then she rang my mom to see where i was. i was annoyed at that but i suppose they have to do that. dr. barry said they freak out when they cant get hold of you.
the nurse who called was called cora. i found her to be better than jessica who was the nurse who called yesterday. she asked me how i was doing and how i’d slept. i told her i was just trying to stay busy until tomorrow when i could see dr. barry.
she told me to ring during the day if i needed anything, they are working until 5 PM. its good to know i can call if things get worse.
i had dinner at mom and dads. my sister and her partner came with the two kids. the kids always cheer me up. my sister was taking lauren who is 7 shopping for a communion dress. Mom went with them. i am heading to my friend Normas soon I’m just waiting for her to ring me.
i thought i was getting a stomach bug last night. i felt bad and had pains in my stomach and gas. but luckily it never materialised and boy was i glad. i hate stomach bugs.

The weekend always goes by so fast

I cant believe my weekend is almost over. It doesnt seem like it was that long ago that it started. I’ve had a pretty good weekend. Friday was our college class christmas party. We went for a chinese which was really nice. Yesterday my PA came in the morning. We cleaned the house, then went to a local shopping mall and looked around some stores. I ended up buying some nice pajamas and a bottle of perfume. I also got my sisters christmas present. I got her a nice dress bag for when she goes out, a bottle of tommy girl perfume, 2 vouchers for 2 different stores, and a bottle of baileys. I never ended up buying groceries yesterday because I had some food and I need to use it up so I decided to not get any. I mailed out the last of my christmas cards at the post office. Then after we did all that we went for lunch. We had fast food, I had a kebab and some taco fries. After that I went to mom and dads like I always do on Saturday. Just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and decided to have an early night last night. I slept well which was nice. Not doing much today Sunday. My sister texted me earlier asking if I’d like to go see a hypnotist on January 16th with her and our mom. Our mom doesnt know about it yet as our sisters giving her the ticket as a christmas gift. I am not sure how it will be as I think its probably very visual but I’ll go anyway. Tonight we’re going to visit my aunt. I’m going to have a few drinks even though I’ve college in the morning. This is my last week of college before christmas. Technically we arent supposed to get our holidays until December 22nd but if everything gets handed in this week we might get them on Friday. That would be nice. Nitro was sick yesterday but he’s ok again now. He threw up yesterday morning. Not sure what he ate or why he threw up but he got over it pretty quickly.

Weekend update

So I’ve had a pretty good weekend. My PA was sick on Saturday so she never came so that threw me off a little bit as I have a saturday morning routine and I like to stick to it if possible and any change to the routine throws me off. So she texted me at like 7:30 to say she wouldnt be coming that she’d had a bad night and she wasnt feeling great. Then I rang mom, mom was babysitting my sisters kids on Friday night cuz my sister went to her class xmas party for her college class. So I asked mom if she’d go grocery shopping with me and to get dog food. She ssaid we’d sort something out and that she could go with me but she’d have to take the kids. I get my dog food from the vet and the vets wasnt open until 10 AM. I had a feeling they didnt open late on Saturdays, and when I rang to find out I was right, they only opened until 12 PM. So then we had to rush and I went to moms house, and she got the kids ready and we took a taxi to the vets to get the food. We went from there to the local shopping mall to buy groceries. I ended up getting some peoples christmas presents as well. I spent way to much money, a total of 150 euro for everything. I got my cousin a purse, and my neighbour a gift voucher, I also got mom a voucher, and one thing for my sister. I still need to buy my sister the rest of her gifts but wont do that until next week. I also bought holiday cards to send to all of my friends. I’ll also give a card to dr Barry and Eileen. After we finished with the grocery shopping, mom rang my sister and she picked us up. We went to my house and put everything away before going back to moms house. Laura made tacos for dinner and they were yummy, I had also bought a nachos kit so we had those too. I just chilled out for the rest of Saturday evening, I went to bed pretty early because I was so tired. Sunday was a lazy day. I got up super early because Nitro was standing at my bed looking at me because he wanted to go out. I didnt do much for the morning just checked email and listened to the radio and talked to mom and dad. We all had dinner at 1:30, my sister and her partner and kids came over for dinner and then mom and my sister and the kids went to a local christmas market. I decided not to go and I am so glad I did. Mom said they lined up for 40 minutes to get on the ferris wheel, and another 40 minutes to get in to see the lights and santa. I went home and napped for a couple hours as was tired from being up so early.

I’m in Dublin for the weekend

Well guys I am in Dublin. I am having a blast. I went with my mom, sister, and some of my sisters partners family. We went to celebrate my sisters partners moms 60th birthday. We took the train yesterday morning to Dublin. It takes 3 hours to get there by train. Some of the people drove and they took our luggage so we didnt have to carry it. When we got there I asked mom if she wanted to take a cab to our hotel. The hotel was outside the city. She said no, that we’d get the bus into the city centre and then get a tram to where our hotel was. All very well, and thats what we did, but it took us 2 hours to get to the hotel. When we got off the tram we had to walk for 20 minutes to get to the hotel. My sister looked up google maps on her phone and we followed their directions. Its a real posh hotel. We got a good deal though. For two nights bed and breakfast and one evening meal it was 130 euro. Thats pretty cheap for somewhere in Dublin. When we finally arrived we checked in to the room and then we went to the bar. It was just my mom and sister and me who got the bus and tram to the hotel. The rest were either driving and some of them went shopping in the city centre. As I said we hit the bar and had a ball. The drinks in the bar were really pricy but I had some strawberry daquiries which were delicious. I must have had 5 of them altogether. At one point last night the price of the daquiries rose from 7.50 per drink to 11.50. I couldnt believe that but I had to take the drink since it was already made up. I cant wait to tell my dad that I payed 11.50 for one drink. He’ll go nuts. We ate in the hotel restaurant last night. It was a thai food restaurant. I had pad thai which was yummy. It had chicken and prawns in it and noodles and a sauce and vegetables. We stayed in the bar for the rest of the night. The place was buzzing and the atmosphere was amazing. Lots of our insiders were so happy to be able to let their hair down. Especially Liz. I think I finally went to bed at like 2 AM. But I only slept for about 3 hours. Mom and I shared a room and mom doesnt sleep very well either so we were both up at 5:30 AM. Today we’re going to a local shopping mall to do some christmas shopping. We’re also going to the movies to see brooklyn. I’m looking forward to seeing it. It sounds like it is a good movie with a good story line. Then tonight I bet we hit the bar again. Right now mom is getting ready to go down for breakfast. I’m already showered and dressed and am just waiting for her. Cant wait to see what breakfast will consist of since the hotel is really posh. I took lots of pictures last night. I already posted all of them to facebook. Its just so nice to get away for the weekend and have some fun. I really needed the break after all the hard work at college the last few weeks. Also after the hard dates that just passed.