A few odds and ends

So my mom bought an air purifier at the weekend. She got it on Friday. She used it on both Friday night and Saturday night, and she said she can already feel the benefit of it. It cost her 160 euro. I wasnt sure at first about it but it seems to work for her so thats good. Anything that will help her to breathe better, I’m all for.

I’m a bit miffed tonight because my ginger souflet body lotion is all gone. It was a scent I loved. And the store that sells it is no longer selling it, and even if they were, its not opened now, and it probably isnt going to open again once the coronavirus is over.

I have other body lotions, but my other favourite one, which is rose scented and makes me think of our therapist, is almost gone as well.

Speaking of Eileen, I just sent her a text, because I hadnt gotten the link to our zoom meeting for tomorrow. She has already texted me back. She said I am keeping her on her toes. She just sent the link to me a couple minutes ago.

I am so looking forward to therapy tomorrow. We have just been so off this week. It feels awful. So I will be glad of the session and the chance to talk.

Well gonna go read, so catch yall later!

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I thought I was getting sick

I’m at my parents house for the weekend. I have slept a lot. I went to bed early last night, because I thought I was getting sick. I had a very sore throat, and was coughing a lot. I was worried in case it was the virus, but this morning I seem ok again. My sore throat is gone. So I think I was just tired.
I will take it easy this weekend. No plans. Just relax.

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Long weekend is over!Heading home!

So I am heading home today from my paretnts house!
I will go home after we’ve eaten dinner!
We are having ham, cabbage, peas and potatos yum yum!
I am a bit worried about having to give Nitro his meds for the rest of the week, he’s so cute that sometimes he’ll spit them out and I dont know he’s doing it!
Mom has given me squares of soft cheese to put the tablets into.
Hopefully that’ll do the trick, I will hide them and when I open his mouth to put in the tablet I will hold his chin up so he has to swallow it!
Its been a nice weekend, quiet, relaxing, just how I like it.

Its Already Friday

My days just seem to blend into one another. Being on lockdown isnt helping any. I am just at home all the time, now, and sometimes I dont even get dressed, like yesterday, I stayed in my pajamas all day. Shame on me. I know I should make more of an effort to get dressed but I figure, whats the point?
Today though I will change that. I have my PA coming at 9 this morning, and I am going to take Nitro out for a walk. We’ll go out for half an hour. I hope we dont get stopped by the police, they are stopping people now and asking them where they are going and how far they intend to go etc.
Nitro needs a walk and so do I. I neeed the fresh air.
Other than that I work today. I thought I’d have next week off but again my supervisor asked me yesterday if I am ok to continue on working for another week, and I said I would. I wont see them stuck and with the pandemic they’ve gotten a lot of new referrals now.
Self isolation is so difficult. I have up and down days but I am trying very hard to just be ok. My friend Pat called me last night, and he said he’s feeling very depressed and he’s sleeping a lot. We talked for a while and I think it helped him to just chat. It helped me and I said I’d call him again this evening.
I literally havent seen anyone since sunday except for my next door neighbour and my PA. And thats how its going to be for a while yet I’d say. After my Pa leaves today I wont see anyone again until she comes back again next week on tuesday morning.
But I am thankful its the weekend, I do love weekends, even though nowadays every day seems like a saturday or sunday.