Weekend coffee share September 19th 2021

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the weekend coffee share! If you want to participate in this weekends coffee share, check out the post here!
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Now come on in, sit down and I’ll make you a drink. I have tea, coffee, hot chocolate or water!
So lets have a catch up!
If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I had a few bad nights of sleep lately. Last night was exceptionally bad. Alls I can say is thank god for books! While I wasnt sleeping I was reading! However today I made up for it, and I slept all afternoon! So now I’m probably going to have a sleepless night again tonight!
If we were having coffee I’d tell you that My mom came over to my house today. She brought me dinner. It was delicious. She made bacon, cabbage, peas and mashed potatos.
If we were having coffee I’d tell you that tomorrow is my therapy day. Psychotherapy, that is. I am a little bit anxious about the session. Last week we did a lot of deep work, that was very hard. We don’t just talk, we do EMDR as well, and that can be very draining.
If we were having coffee I’d also tell you that work was very busy last week. For those who might be new to my blog, I work on friendly call, which is a phone service that calls elderly or vulnerable or isolated people each day to check on them and find out how they are doing and how they’re day is going. I had a couple of days last week that were very busy and really kept me on my toes.
If we were having coffee I’d also tell you that my nephew is making his first holy communion next weekend, and today my sister booked the family in to a nice restaurant for a meal, so I am really looking forward to it. I havent eaten out since the whole covid thing started. It is going to be nice to sit in a restaurant again.
Lastly if we were having coffee I’d tell you that our weather has not been great lately. Over the weekend we had lots of rain. There were a few dry spells too, but mostly it rained and rained really hard. I don’t think this week is looking any better, but I suppose, autumn is coming, so what can we expect?
Well guys it was nice to catch up with you all!
I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!