I love my dads lamb stew

My dad made a gorgeous lamb stew for dinner today. It was just mom and dad and me for dinner today, as my sister went to her partners family. Normally she goes to them one week and then to mom and dads house the following week.

The stew was amazing! I dont know exactly how he does it, but he flavours it with all sorts of things, and it tastes delicious. The meat was so tender. I really enjoyed it. I was totally famished by dinner time so I ate a huge plate of it.

After dinner I got ready and went home to my own house, mom came with me and we picked up her sister on the way also. Now mom and her sister have left and they are going to go shopping for a while. Then tonight moms babysitting for my sister.

I’m going to go make a coffee and then watch the celebrity X factor on tv. I hope its going to be good. I have beenn looking forward to it all day.

My Saturday!

Hi guys!
How are you all doing on this fine saturday?
I am doing great! I’ve been watching tv with my parents, and now I’m retiring to my room for the rest of the night!

On my way to my bedroom I made a little detour via the kitchen to make a coffee! I needed it! I feel so tired! not tired as in I need sleep and I need it now, but just tired as in, sluggish!

I never did any of my assignment for college today! Ah well! There’s always tomorrow, or Monday! I’m not stressing about it! Life is too short for stress!

I had a nice relaxed saturday, just how I like it!

Now its time to go read my book for a while! Nitro is fast asleep! He’s dreaming and making cute doggy noises!I love when he does that!


Weekend break!

In a few weeks I’m heading away for a weekend break. We’re going to killarney, one of our fave spots. We’ll be going on the 25th, until the 28th of october. I cant wait!

I love weekends away! I’m going with my mom and my two aunts. We’ll probably go to some shows, there is a lot of entertainment in the hotel we’re going to, we’re going to a hotel, but there are apartments there too and we’re actually staying in one of those.

It cant come quick enough! I’m super excited about it!

Plus, its coming at a good time! Halloween is only a few days after that, and halloween is a tough time of year for us. So going away for a few days coming up to it will do us good I think!

Even dr. barry agreed when I told her we were going!

Plus we’ll have no therapy on that monday the 28th, not sure if Eileen is going to do a session that week, she may or may not, it will depend if she is available to do it.

So the fact we’re away on the Monday when we’d usually have therapy will be great! No time to get upset or worry or fret!

So yeah! Come quick October 25th!

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A good day!

Had a great day. College went well. I am wrecked now though. Going to just relax for the rest of the evening.

Might read, might not. Need to catch up on some blog reading as well.

So happy to have booked my flights to america. I can make plans now. I am super excited. So are the kids. They’ve been jumping around all day, and are full of beans, very very excited.

I am so happy for them. I love seeing their little faces light up because they know we’re going on a trip next summer. Now its whose going to be the one to tell eileen, thats what they are all arguing about right now.

I hope everyone had a good saturday. It rained here for most of the day, the sun is out now but it only came out about an hour ago.

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I will be Gone all day

I’ll be gone all day today, I have college from 10 AM until 4 PM.

Its a bit of a bummer. I wish I didnt have to spend my whole saturday at college. I’d rather be at my parents chilling out.

We have a whole 3 hour lecture on how to do our assignment, I mean how can it take that long? I guess they are hoping there will be lots of questions, and there probably will be.

I know how to do it, as we’ve already been told, I dont see the sense in having a whole morning dedicated to it. Its a little bit ridiculous if you ask me. But nobody asked me hahaha.

So I will shut up and just go and hope I wont be too bored. We are having another lecture on something to do with mental health, so thats good. At least that will interest me.

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Too good to be true

So it was too good to be true. My sleep isn’t good again. It was too good to last. The fact I got good sleep for just one night. Tonight was bad again. At least I stuck to my plan and I went to bed early. I was in bed by 10 PM.

I did sleep for about 3 hours. I suppose its better than nothing. I woke up just after 2 AM.

I’m staying up now. No point is going back to bed again. I feel surprisingly alert for only having gotten 3 hours of sleep.

I am going to make a coffee. I have a busy day ahead. My PA frances comes at 9, we’ll do housework, then I’ll go to my parents when she leaves at 11:30. I also am working this afternoon on friendly call.

I’ll be at my parents house until Sunday afternoon.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday and the weekend!