Back to work

I had a pretty good day yesterday. I was back to work. Back volunteering on friendly call. That was good. I was happy to be back. I got picked up by my supervisor at around 1:45 PM. I had christmas presents to give her and my other colleague trish. I gave them bath stuff, which they loved. They told me I shouldnt have gotten them anything. But I think its nice to be nice. They’ve been really good to me throughout the year. Picking me up every week, bringing me to and from work, etc. Its nice to acknowledge them and acknowledge that.
We had a bit of a crisis yesterday with one of our client. One of our clients is very depressed, and anxious. She has really bad anxiety, well yesterday when I got there she was on the phone to another volunteer, she’d been on for about an hour, when we’re supposed to get off the phone after about 20 minutes max.
My supervisor told the volunteer to hang up and she told the volunteer to tell the client that she’d ring her back at 4 PM. Which she did, the client was ok, she said she’d been calling a couple other support lines, like the samaritans, the aware phone line which is for people suffering from depression etc.
So at least she had some extra support. We arent trained therapists or anything, so its good she has other people to support her too. The volunteer she’d spoken to was quite upset after coming off the call. It can be really draining if your speaking to a depressed person for a long time on the phone.
Anyway, I worked until around 5 PM. I went to mom and dads then. Ate dinner, and crashed for the evening. Started to watch something on tv, but fell asleep in the middle of it.
I have no plans for the weekend. My plan is just to relax. Not do much of anything at all.


Friday shinanigans!

thank god its finally friday! i am very busy though. my pa was here this morning. we did housework, lots of it. then she took me to the gym. i hadnt been to the gym in a week. i am out of practice. i was exhausted after walking on the treadmill for 20 mins and doing the bike for 10. i need more regular exercise so i will try to go more. I will go again tomorrow. it was a good workout. after my workout i went to get my money out of the ATM. then we went across to a shopping centre to get food. there were crowds everywhere. you know with it being black friday. the crowds were unbelievable!
we managed to get a taxi home pretty easily which i was surprised about. we got home around mid day. ate our food. and then i let my pa go home early. there wasnt anything else she needed to do for me.
i got picked up at around 2 Pm and I have been volunteering doing my friendly call shift. It was a good shift. We were really busy again. We’re short staffed so I had a lot of extra calls to do. I’m actually still in the office now as I write this. I’m waiting for my supervisor to finish up her calls. Then she’s going to give me a ride to moms house.
The weather here is crap. Its been pouring down with rain all day. I was soaked this morning. I think this rain is going to last the whole weekend. If the weather forecast is anything to go by it will. I have to go out tomorrow so I hope it wont be too wet. I dont fancy getting soaked.
I love that its the weekend now though. I love my weekends. I love when friday rolls around.


A perfect saturday

im having a good day. i woke up at the butt crack of dawn. I was so hungry. I went to the kitchen and got a pear, then I promptly fell back to sleep after I ate it.Then of course Nitro woke me up. He wanted out. So I let him out and then got up. Showered and ate breakfast. Mom and me decided to go out. I was going to the gym to do a workout. I did the bike, 2 KM on it. I did the treadmill for 20 minutes too. I didnt lift weights today though. It was a great workout. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt so good afterwords. Exercise really does lift my mood. My mood was a little bit low today. Not sure why, I just felt off. But after my workout I felt good again. My mood picked up. We decided to walk to the gym, even though it was drizzling rain. We were going to get a bus, but we decided we’d have to wait too long for one so we just walked. It only takes 10 or 12 minutes to get to the gym from moms house. AFter my gym workout we went across the street to a local shopping mall. I wanted to do a little bit of christmas shopping. I ended up getting my friend norma some tommy girl perfume. I also got my uncle a gift set. Just a little gift set with body wash and other stuff in it. I got my nephew a birthday present, he’s six on friday. I got him a road blocks set, you know, he’s really into road blocks. Then I wanted to look for some jeans to wear. Its been years since I was able to fit in a pair of jeans. I found some that I loved. I tried two pairs. And one fit really well. So I bought that, and I also got a nice dress top to wear. It was lovely. I thought both the jeans and top would come to 35 euro, but when I went up to pay they only came to 32 euro. So I saved a little on them. I ended up also going in and buying some fruit for the week, some milk, and the ingredients for a chili. We were going to cook this afternoon but mom said she is feeling tired so she asked if it is ok if she waits until tomorrow morning to cook. We got a taxi home. Tonight I have to go to church, there is this mass on for all the people in the parish who have died in the past year. My aunt died last year and so she is included in the mass. So all of the family are going to it. I plan on wearing my new outfit to church. Im kinda apprehensive about going. I dont normally go to church as its triggering to us. I go if I have to, like for funerals, confirmations, etc. But I do need to go tonight to show my respect. So I will do it. I hope it will be ok though. I’m a little worried about it. Other than all that though it has been a great saturday so far.


Weekend meet and greet come join me!

Hi guys
I thought I’d do a meet and greet this weekend! Come on and join in! You know you wanna!
So the rules, because there’s gotta be some rules, right? But only a few!
1 Put a link to your own blog, or someone else’s on this page
2 Reblog this and like the post.
3 Go visit other blogs that have joined in and show some love!

These are the rules, so simple!
So come on lets get meeting and greeting guys!
Welcome to the weekend! And welcome to Carol anne meet and greet!

The meet and greet will stay open until Monday! So go on, join in! 😛


Sunday funday

so im having an amazing sunday here. a quiet morning. doing not much of anything. just enjoying the peace and quiet of mom and dads house. relaxing, taking things easy.
i have to go to the store in a little while. I need to buy fruit for the week. fruit, and milk, and vegetables for todays dinner. we mom and me, we will walk to the store. we’re going to walk further than the store though, we said we’d take the long way around. just to get a walk in.
then later this afternoon I am going to go to my friend normas house. she asked me to come over since we havent seen each other in a while now. so at around 4 PM I will go there. I have the taxi booked to take me there.
until then I am just going to enjoy my sunday. I will enjoy dinner of roast chicken, roast potatos, and mashed potatos, and peas and I am buying some cauliflower to have as well.
what are you doing on this sunday?


Weekend meet and greet, join in!

So I haven’t done this for a while. But this weekend I thought I’d do a meet and greet on my blog. So please do join in!

Rules are simple. Post a link to your blog. Or another blog your loving. Or a post, or posts that you find interesting and want to share.

C’mmon, say hi, would love to hear from all of you!

Don’t be afraid, just say hi, wave, tell me about yourself, etc!

And all important is to share a link to a blog, youtube, twitter, etc anything you fancy sharing!

Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing with you all!

carol anne

Quiet weekend

so i am having a very quiet weekend. I am at my parents, came over here yesterday after my volunteer shift on friendly call. last night was a cult trigger date, so that was hard on us. but we managed, we’re ok, and we’re safe, and thats what matters. we got through it. we went to bed super early, at like 8 pm. and slept well despite it being a hard night. this morning we havent been up to much. just been online downloading books and emailing people. called our friend and talked to her for a while. we might go over to her house later today for a few hours but that depends on whether she’s free this afternoon or not. we may wait until later in the week to go. my sister came over last night to our parents because she was dropping her little boy to his sports club for training. she brought me chili and i am going to have it for dinner today. she brought enough for a few days, so thats good, it means i will have some for during the week too. i plan on starting a new book later this evening. the new cathy glass book is out and i got it and will start that one. it looks really good. how about all of you how is your weekend going?
carol anne