Hanging out with my friend

So i am at my friends house. I got here a little while ago. We aren’t doing anything special, just hanging out and chatting. It’s nice. I like spending time with her, its my friend Norma. She’s blind like me and she has mental health difficulties so we have a lot in common. We’ve been discussing books we’ve read recently, and we’ve also been chatting about our mentors, as she also has a mentor at the basement club, she goes there too like i do. I’ll stay here for about 3 hours I’d say. When i got here her pa was here and she made me a coffee, she makes a mean cup of coffee. 🙂 it was so cool that she did that for me. I got a taxi here, and the partnership where i volunteer for friendly call pays for the taxi’s to Norma’s house, as they consider me to be visiting her and its kinda part of what i do for them as she’s a client of friendly call also.

I actually feel good!

I got up early I was up with the birds! I feel great this morning! My mood has improved drastically which I am so glad about!
I had a healthy breakfast, washed my hair, got dressed and am ready to smash today!

The sun is shining and its a beautiful day! Although rain is in the forecast for later!

I'm heading to my friend normas house this afternoon! First though its time to tackle my journal of learning!

I'm not really in the mood to tackle it but I will, because its due on Friday and I want it over with before tomorrow!

So hoping I get a good grade on it!
Nitro is full of beans this morning! He also slept well!
I read for about 2 hours last night, I read 4 chapters of my book pimped by Samantha owens.
I'm actually reading two books at the moment, pimped, and tiny prisoners, by Maggie Hartley, I'm part way through both!
Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

Booked a weekend away!

Tonight, I booked a weekend away for mom, my sis and me!

Its a present to mom and my sister for their birthdays!

We’re going to Killarney! In august! For two nights! Staying in a hotel! Going to two shows! It will be fun!

I love Killarney! There is so much to do there!

I am sure we’ll have a blast!

I got a good deal too on it! Its going to be a bonding time for the 3 of us. We dont do stuff like this to often, we almost always have kids with us.

So this is going to be so much fun!

I am so excited!

August 24th here I come! Bring it on!

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I am at work! Work is good. Busy but good. I havent stopped since I came in! I have been here since about 1 Pm. Its 3 now. I am finishing up soon though.
All of my clients were in good moods which was nice!
I love when work goes well for me!
I am going back to mom and dads afterwords, and am going to relax for the evening.
I need to do an assignment for college tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow morning, to get it out of the way.
After that I can relax and enjoy my weekend.

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Napped, and it was so good!

I had a long nap this afternoon. For two hours. It was sooo good! And very welcome. I was so exhausted after yesterday. I had planned on having a bath, then I lay down and bang was asleep in no time, so I had the bath when I woke up after my nap. The bath was good too. I enjoyed soaking in it. I love taking long hot bubble baths. I can only do that at my parents house. It was nice though. I feel much better now. Mom is going to her brothers house tonight, but I am not going with her. I will stay home and catch up on blog reading for the evening. My mom said to me earlier that my eyes kept looking like they were closed, she said you could tell I’d taken something, when I say that I just mean my meds, of course. Its annoying how they effect my eyes. I wonder though do most blind people go around with their eyes half closed a lot? I dont know but I would think maybe so. I felt awake, and I felt alert, but it just looks like I am not. Its frustrating. I hope that wont continually be the case. Anyway. My plan now is to do more self care this evening. I am having a cup of tea right now. I am going to read my book in a little while. I still need to try staying awake from morning until night. But naps are so good. And I need them to function so I think thats ok.

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Party time!

We’re off to a birthday party today. Remember how i said I may not go? Well I changed my mind and I am now going to it.

Its a six year olds birthday party. My sisters partners sisters little boy.

What a mouthful that is lol!


Anyway, it will be fun! I am excited to go spend the day at their house!

Pictures will follow later on tonight, so look out for some!

This kinda day is exactly how I like to spend my Saturday! With family, having a blast!

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Morning ramble

well i dont have to go in to work. i have the day off. there is some training on and so my supervisor told me not to come in. thats fine with me. it means i can go to my parents earlier than I planned. mom and my sister are out right now, and my sister said she’d pick me and nitro up. saves me getting a taxi. i had to wait in for my meds to be delivered, but the guy from the pharmacy just brought them. so now i’m ready to go when they are ready. which should be within the hour. its a beautiful sunny day here. i had my PA here this morning, the relief PA. things are going fine with her. she’s nice. we went out so I could get my money out of the ATM. then we came home and did house work. now the house is spick and span again. feels good to have a clean house. not much else going on here this morning. just relaxing before mom gets here.

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