Sunday morning

We woke up early. Had a good night. Good sleep. Went to bed around 10:30. Slept all night. Feeling great this morning. Feel rejuvinated and refreshed.
Mom got up with us we got up around 7 AM.
We had a few cups of tea, some toast, and spent a while just chatting downstairs in the kitchen.
My aunt and uncle didnt wake up until almost 9 AM.
Now I am showered, and ready for the day. I am feeling good.
My aunts family will be all here later on for dinner. So I plan on just spending an hour or two online before they all arrive.


An amazing weekend

I had the best weekend. Family time, shopping, trip to torc waterfalls, dinner out, the works. It was amazing.
Considering what happened to my cousin, and finding out about her death on Friday evening, well, that really put life into perspective for me. And I plan on grabbing every moment, grabbing it with both hands, appreciating it, and making memories where I can.
Life is so short, we should do all we can to make memories with loved ones, and make every moment count.
I know that is what I will be doing from here on out.
I’m already planning the next trip in the summer, mom and I are planning to go away for a few days when my sister goes on her foreign holidays to spain.
I’m exhausted tonight, exhausted but also very very happy. I’ve had such a fun weekend.


She’s 11 today…

My niece is 11 today. Wow! 11 years ago today, she was born.
I cant believe that! I remember her birth like it was yesterday. I remember how thrilled I was…my first niece.
When my sis went into labour we all went to the hospital with her. She was in labour on lauren for days. I wasnt at the hospital when lauren was born, we’d gone home, only our mom and dad had stayed there, the rest of the family went home. but I remember staying up all night, she was born at 4:40 in the morning. I remember all the excitement of it.
Now she’s 11 and getting so grown up. She is a quiet and gentle child. She isnt outgoing at all. She has the sweetest nature though and the sweetest personality.
At midnight tonight we lit candles on her cake, we got her mini cakes, chocolate ones, we stuck 11 candles in them and we sang happy birthday. She was so embarrassed to her. She hates having a fuss made of her. My sis got it on video, I’ll try to post it later on.
My sister was so funny on the video. She was drunk, and After we all sang, and lauren ran out of the room, my sis was like, in her poshest voice, now, this is what its like in 2019!
We’re going to light her cakes again this morning, when everyone wakes up, and we’ll all give her her birthday cards then. Mom and me have cards for her, and some of my aunts gave mom cards to give her as well.
I feel so nostalgic today. I cant believe my precious niece is 11. Man I am old!


#Weekend coffee share!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d participate in the weekend coffee share!
Weekend Coffee Share is a time for us to take a break out of our lives and enjoy some time catching up with friends (old and new)!

Grab a cup of coffee and share with us! What’s been going on in your life? What are your weekend plans? Is there a topic you’ve just been ruminating on that you want to talk about?

All are welcome! Just add your link to the Linky-List, and be sure to visit others and join in their conversations! The link will be open from Friday February 8th at 7am (Pacific Time) until Monday February 11th at 7am (Pacific Time) to give us a good range of “weekend”!

How was your weekend?
Mine was ok. It was very quiet and chilled out. I didn’t do much on Saturday.
I read a lot. As I think I mentioned I’m reading one child by torey hayden. I am loving it. It is a really good read!
I have therapy tomorrow morning. Well this morning now as its 4 AM here now on Monday morning. I hope I’ll have a good therapy session. I’m a little anxious about it.
Weather today is supposed to be good I think. I hope it stays dry. We’re not getting a whole lot of cold lately. We got some rain this weekend and wind though.
Well, I had better drink my coffee before it goes cold!
Happy weekend to you all! I hope you had fun whatever you did!

sunday morning!

I woke up at 6:45. I got up as I couldnt stay in bed any longer. I slept well last night which was nice. I was wrecked so went to bed early. I am glad I did. I feel great today! My sister will be coming to mom and dads for sunday lunch, with the kids. Her partner is in prague for the weekend, so he wont be here. After dinner she’ll drop me to my own house. I plan on having a quiet evening. Chill out do nothing! Just read, blogs and my book, which I am loving! I am reading one child by torey hayden. Its a great book. I will review it once I am done! I really have had a lovely weekend. Its been quiet and relaxed just how I like it. I have a busy week ahead so its good I had down time this weekend. I just got done cooking some food for the week. I made a big pot of vegetable soup. I also made a chicken curry. I wont go hungry thats a sure thng! I will also get my speed in with all the veg in the soup! I hope it will pay off and I will have lost weight when I go back to slimming world! Well now I am off to have a nice long soak in a bubble bath! Happy sunday everyone!


Changing our plans!

i thought we were going to go out today to the beach. my sister had said she might go to the beach and mom and me thought if she was going we’d go too. we were going to walk on the beach, weather is good here today, no rain, no ice or snow, just cold but dry…
anyway now we’re not going. or we think we arent. my sister said the kids want to stay home. since our niece got her i phone she doesnt want to go anywhere, lol, she cant leave the damn phone out of her hand…
so its doubtful we’re going now…so i will just chill out here at mom and dads house instead. I am still tired anyway from last night. I might read later on this afternoon. Other than that not much going on…


So relaxed!

I just took a long, hot bubble bath! It was bliss!

I am feeling very relaxed now! It feels good!

I am enjoying this nice quiet sunday at my parents house. I am glad I went grocery shopping yesterday. It saved a lot of stress as if I went today I’d have had to take nitro, and my sister was going to take me, but then she’d have had to bring her kids, we’d have had nitro, the shopping, and then trying to fit all of us and the shopping in the car would have been a nightmare!

So I am glad mom took me yesterday! It was good to go get it done. I was able to think what I needed, but I did forget shampoo! Good thing I keep some at my parents house, so I can bring that home until I can get some more later in the week.

My plan today is to do a 20 minute workout on my phone, a walking workout. I was going to go out walking, but it rained. So the workout will suffice.

On another note, and this may be tmi for all you men out there, but my weight loss is progressing nicely, I tried on a bra this morning, one I had that wouldn’t fit me when I weighed 2 stone heavier, and this morning, it fit and fit perfectly! I am delighted, mom also said my tummy seems to be getting smaller so win win!

I feel great! Always nice to get compliments! I’ll take them when I am getting them!