invited to a birthday party

So mom and me got invited to a birthday party on Saturday. Its a childs party, but there will be a few adults there also. Its my sisters partners sisters little boy, he turns six. I am kinda thinking I might not go. There will be lots of fattening foods there, and I dont want to jepordise my weight loss. So I probably wont go. Its annoying that I cant go, I mean I could, if I wanted to but I probably shouldnt. Plus they live very far outside the city, and so we’d be stuck to get home. Mom said that my sisters partners mom would give us a ride home. But well I am not sure, I’ll have to think some more on it. Upon thinking of it now, I kinda do want to go, so maybe I will go and just be really good and bring fruit with me and not eat a whole lot of the foods that are there. Yes. I think I’ll do that. What do you think, do you think I should go? It would be a shame to miss out on a family event just because I am afraid of gaining weight.


Boring sunday

its a boring sunday morning. and i’m still sick. i didnt sleep good last night. i went to bed around 10:30. i read for ages after i lay down. im reading a book by cathy glass. her newest one, finding stevie, its really good. i am liking it a lot.
its about a boy who is 14 and who she’s fostering, he has gender issues, and so far the story is really interesting, im on chapter 10 of the book now.
my throat still hurts. i am going to take another lemsip soon to see if that helps. im supposed to go to my friends house later on this afternoon. not sure yet if i will though. i really dont feel up to it. i told her i would, but i can always cancel. she wont mind if i do. i think i should stay home and try to get as well as i can, since my cousins funeral is next weekend and i have to travel to the UK for it so i need to be in tip top shape.
i’ll probably just watch some tv and read. nothing spectacular. just ordinary everyday stuff. i may even have another long hot bubble bath like i did yesterday. i love coming to my parents to have a bath since i only have a shower in my house.


Still feel bad!

I still feel sick. So I am not going in to college today. I am staying home instead!

I feel so achey and weak!

I am going to dose myself up with a lemsip, which is a UK brand of cold medicine. I will make that, take it and hope I feel better in a few hours.

I have plans to go to the gym this evening with my PA instead of going to slimming world. I hope I can still go. I’m thinking I’ll be ok in a few hours.

I got very little sleep last night too which isn’t helping. I tossed and turned all night and felt really bad.

I have a few hours before mom comes over to pick me up. I am going to her house and spending a few nights there. We’re actually going away this weekend to Killarney in co. Kerry. We’re going there for my nieces 11th birthday, we’re having a girly weekend, mom my sister and me and the two kids. It should be fun!

I am so excited to go! I am going to hopefully feel a lot better by then so I can enjoy myself.

Well off to feed the pup and make my lemsip! Catch ya’ll later!

sunday morning!

I woke up at 6:45. I got up as I couldnt stay in bed any longer. I slept well last night which was nice. I was wrecked so went to bed early. I am glad I did. I feel great today! My sister will be coming to mom and dads for sunday lunch, with the kids. Her partner is in prague for the weekend, so he wont be here. After dinner she’ll drop me to my own house. I plan on having a quiet evening. Chill out do nothing! Just read, blogs and my book, which I am loving! I am reading one child by torey hayden. Its a great book. I will review it once I am done! I really have had a lovely weekend. Its been quiet and relaxed just how I like it. I have a busy week ahead so its good I had down time this weekend. I just got done cooking some food for the week. I made a big pot of vegetable soup. I also made a chicken curry. I wont go hungry thats a sure thng! I will also get my speed in with all the veg in the soup! I hope it will pay off and I will have lost weight when I go back to slimming world! Well now I am off to have a nice long soak in a bubble bath! Happy sunday everyone!


Friday at my parents

I did absolutely nothing today. i stayed in bed really late. well i didnt go to bed until 5 AM. so then when it was time to wake up I was tired. I did get up, and ate breakfast. But then I went right back to bed for a few hours. That was nice. It felt so good to just be able to do nothing, just chill out and relax with my book.

I started a new book. I started denied a mummy by Maggie Hartley. So far I really like it. Its really good. I will do a review of the book once I am done with it.

Mood wise I feel ok. Only ok though. I think I could feel better but I just dont. I miss Eileen. The break I am finding it really tough. I havent texted her or called her again, I figured I wont, but I did email her to let her know I am struggling. We’re all struggling with the break really, if I am honest.

Not to worry, we’ll be fine. We can make it. I know we can. I just have to keep believing it will be ok, we will be fine and manage to get through it.

No plans here for the weekend. It is just going to be a quiet one for us. Not much happening here at all. My sister isnt even coming over to our parents on sunday for dinner, she is going to her partners sisters house for a new years party instead. We were invited too, but my dad doesnt want to go so we’re not going to it.

So mostly I plan on reading, both my book, blogs, emails, etc. Other than that, I plan on maybe watching a few things on tv, maybe I’ll start watching some new show, and really get into that.

Who knows!



So I am home, and dinner has been eaten. i treated myself to a chicken burger. I made cocktail sauce and had that on top with some cheese. It was delicious.
going to call my friend norma soon for a chat. then will probably watch a little tv and maybe read for a while. im not going to do too much tonight. just relax, and enjoy the start of my weekend.
mom and my sis left for the camp site earlier. they’ll be there soon I guess. I will call them soon to see if they got there safe. I just texted my mom just now to check with her if she’s ok.
carol anne


Sunday morning

I had an amazing nights sleep! And I am feeling all the better for it!
I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed hahaha 😀
Today my familys having a BBQ, just mom, dad an dme.
I cant wait! I love bbq’S. And the weather is beautiful again here today. Its another really sunny day…right now there is a cool breeze, which is lovely!
My dad is gonna take the dogs for a walk in a little while, so a cool breeze will be nice for them!
I plan on doing absolutely nothing today besides reading, and enjoying the lovely weather and the BBQ.
We’ll be having sausages, burgers, and ribs. Mmmm its going to be delicious!
I also plan on face timing with my friend, who I havent face timed in a while although we do text every day.
I hope you all have a fantastic day today whatever you plan on doing!