Weekend coffee share, symptoms, symptoms

Well, my fellow bloggers,
If we were having coffee, or maybe a coke, since that is what i am drinking now, i would tell you that i am feeling like crap. my ptsd is kicking my butt. i feel miserable. i keep wanting to hide from the world, run away from everyone and everything.
i would tell you that i have one very happy dog sitting by my feet. he’s happy because he’s warm, fed, watered, and he’s had lots of treats today!
i would also tell you that this week i will see dr. barry, my amazing psychiatrist which i am very relieved about. my therapist who is the other amazing member of my treatment team is on vacation until January 7th. i miss her but on christmas day we texted each other to wish each other a merry christmas and that made me feel so good.
i’d also tell you that i was meant to be going out tonight with family but mom decided she didnt want to face the crowds and to be honest neither did i. so partying will just have to wait for another time.
and another thing…we’re going to the christmas pantomime this coming week, its aladdin. i cant wait. i used to be in stage school as a kid and i always did the christmas pantomimes, i was a tap dancer and when i got older i played parts in the show besides doing the tap dancing.
well that ends my weekend coffee share for now so i will see you all again at next weekends coffee share hopefully this time with latte’s for everyone! 🙂