More on the wedding!

we had a blast at the wedding. what a day! it was a fantastic day over all. there was so much love, laughter and fun had by all of us.
the ceremony was beautiful. It was a humanist ceremony, something I’d never seen done before. It was really meaningful though, they personalised it to themselves, the bride and groom did. after the ceremony which was held in the hotel, not in a church or anything, we had a drinks reception, and the photographer also took loads of photos of all of us. then we were all called for dinner, there was a four course meal, afterwords there was a band playing, then a dj. The night didnt end until well after 3 AM.
We were all exhausted by the end of it. No one wanted to get out of bed this morning. Thank goodness for late checkout times we didnt have to check out of the hotel until 1 PM! When we checked out, we just went to the hotel bar, we had more drinks, and our lunch, and thats where we stayed until it was time to leave and drive home.
We just got home a little bit ago, well I am back at moms until tomorrow, I’m absolutely shattered. Going to take it easy for the rest of tonight I think.