More on the wedding!

we had a blast at the wedding. what a day! it was a fantastic day over all. there was so much love, laughter and fun had by all of us.
the ceremony was beautiful. It was a humanist ceremony, something I’d never seen done before. It was really meaningful though, they personalised it to themselves, the bride and groom did. after the ceremony which was held in the hotel, not in a church or anything, we had a drinks reception, and the photographer also took loads of photos of all of us. then we were all called for dinner, there was a four course meal, afterwords there was a band playing, then a dj. The night didnt end until well after 3 AM.
We were all exhausted by the end of it. No one wanted to get out of bed this morning. Thank goodness for late checkout times we didnt have to check out of the hotel until 1 PM! When we checked out, we just went to the hotel bar, we had more drinks, and our lunch, and thats where we stayed until it was time to leave and drive home.
We just got home a little bit ago, well I am back at moms until tomorrow, I’m absolutely shattered. Going to take it easy for the rest of tonight I think.


Cousins wedding

today I am going to a wedding. My cousin is getting married.

The wedding is in a very posh hotel in killarney. I’m going with my mom and sister, my sisters partner, and her two kids. We’re all staying over in the hotel tonight. It is going to be a fantastic day.

We’re driving there in a little while. I’m currently in the process of getting dressed, and putting on my make up and doing my hair.

Look out for some photos from me later on today! I’ll share some on the blog when I am able to get a few minutes to myself.

I wish you all a fab saturday!


Skills audit

I am supposed to go tomorrow to talk to my resource worker at the NCBI, she wanted to meet me to do a skills audit, to see where my job skills are and what area I’d be best suited working in.
I think I’m going to put it off though until next week. I just have too much on tomorrow. I dont think its wise to overload myself.
We have my cousins wedding on Saturday, tomorrow morning I need to get my nails done, get my eyebrows and lip waxed, and then I need to go to my parents, where mom is going to put a color in my hair and do my tan. I’m just having fake tan on my legs. So all that will take up most of the day tomorrow I’d say.
Best to put off the apt with my resource worker until I can give it the attention it deserves.


The royal wedding

so i gave in. i decided to watch the royal wedding.
mom had it on the tv so i really had no choice. well ok i had a choice, i could have walked out of the room. but anyway, i decided to watch it.
it was really good, i enjoyed the singing. the choirs that sang in it were nice.
i’d say there was a massive amount of security there though. there were over 2000 people lining the street and outside the church to watch it on a big screen.
plus then it was also shown on the tv. so really the entire world got to see harry and megan be married. i cant quite fathom that. can you imagine the whole world looking on as you got married?
i dont think i’d like that at all.
mom said the carriage they got into at the end of the church service was beautiful, a horse drawn carriage. i wonder if they showed the royal wedding in the states, since megan is from america?
I’m glad I decided to watch it though. It was very interesting.
Did you watch it? Do you have interest in the royals?
carol anne