Panicked dog?

Nitro is so agitated! He’s really panicking tonight! Panting and shaking like a leaf. I thought it was due to us eating, he started it around the time we were having food. But he’s still going! And we’ve all finished ages ago! He’s standing by my bed now panting and nudging me! I am wondering is it because a storm is coming and he can sense it? I really dont know what is wrong with him. I tried to let him out but he wont go out! He is refusing to come when I call him! Im just not sure whats up with him!


Hurricane diana!

There is a bad storm outside this morning. It started last night. High wind, rain, and the wind was really whipping up outside, howling very loudly. I wasnt able to sleep with the noise. I am very tired this morning. But I need to go see dr. barry and go get my shot also.
I dont really want to go out in it. But I have no choice. I hope I’ll be ok and manage ok in the bad weather.
I’m going to mom and dads today after I see dr. barry. I got invited to a lunch with the staff of friendly call today too. They are being audited and there is a lunch and they invited me to it. So I will be going to that today but other than that I wont be doing much else today.
The weather warning is in effect until noon. Its pretty bad out there right now.


A rough night last night

Well my headaches finally gone. I’m so delighted. I had it all night. I wasnt able to get much sleep at all. I kept waking in pain.
Plus there was a huge storm where I live. The wind was very strong. Howling and whipping up outside my window. Plus there was heavy rain too.
Then my phone kept notifying me of text messages, of wordpress comments and likes, etc. I should have probably silenced it. But I didnt. My bad.
So I am pretty tired today. But I am volunteering this afternoon. I’m in the office now about to start my calls. I will be here until 5 Pm I’d think. I was debating canceling but now I am glad I didnt.


Horrible weather

I had an up and down kinda night. I woke up at 2 AM. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep for a few hours. I got up and went online for a while. Then I read my book for a bit. Finally at around 6 AM I fell back to sleep. And then I slept until 9 AM.

It was raining really hard during the night. I was enjoying being snuggled up and listening to it beating down outside. I even had nitro in my bed with me. We were all cuddled up until he jumped down because he got too hot.

I finally got up at 9 AM. It is still raining. I rang my supervisor and told her I wouldn’t come in today. So I am not going volunteering. I just don’t feel like getting wet. So I turned on my heating and am chilling out now at home for the day.

No plans. Just read, watch tv, blog, prepare food, etc. Nothing major. I love these sorta days. Feels nice to just be able to say I am staying home today.

Well I’d better go take my meds! Catch yall laters guys!

Snowy memories

Karens #whatif prompt from a few days ago, was:

Today’s prompt:

snowy memories

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

I am going to participate in this one!
We don’t get a lot of snow in Ireland. We had some this year though. In march, we had snow for five days!

It was great! Except, I live on a hill, so I was stuck indoors for the whole five days!

Never fear though! Me and Nitro had our own fun!

My memories of the snow storm were of going outside, and it being so silent, dead silent, it felt so eary, not a sound, in my back yard!

Well of course that was when the kids weren’t outside making snowmen and snow angels!

My other memory is of Nitro licking the snow and trying to eat it! He’s such a funny puppy! He had never seen snow as it was a few years since we’d had any substantial snowfall!

I made a few snowballs and threw them at him! He didn’t think that was cool, though.

I tried to make a video of us outside, too! That came out well too!

The other thing I remember about the snow we had was, we couldn’t get bread in our stores, they literally ran out of bread! Everyone bought it up! Hahaha 😀

I do love snow though! I love walking in it, and the crunch of it under my feet, such a nice sound!

#whatif prompt-when winter hits

Today’s prompt:

❄when winter hits

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

I am not looking forward to winter! I hate it! Especially all the snow and ice! I am so anxious about having to deal with that. I live on a hill so, yeah! If we do get a lot of snow or ice, I will be stuck in my house with no way out! Thats the part I hate!
I’m simply hoping for a miracle! I know winter is winter, and bad weather is what we will usually get but this winter I am just hoping we wont get it too bad! Not like 2010 when we got the big freeze here in Ireland, and my whole house flooded! What a mess! I was literally homeless for a few weeks!And I wasnt even in the country when it flooded, I was in the USA!
So yeah, heres hoping nothing like that happens this year!


well Gees!

Its so cooold!
I am like, freezing!
My toes feel like a block of ice!
I am going to go make a nice hot cup of tea!I need it to warm myself up!
I put socks on, but my nice fleecy slipper socks are at home. I dont think I have a pair at mom and dads! Le sigh!
Now that its not raining, or windy, I’m glad, but man is it ever cold! The heating has been on in the house for hours!
I hope it warms back up tomorrow! I know its almost the end of oct, but I am not ready for winter yet!