Blustery night

The wind whips up
Rain falls
Bouncing off the ground
And windows
Me and Nitro
Are cosy and warm
In our cocoon
With the heat on
I hear the rain
Hammer my window paynes
Oh how glad I am
Not to be
Outside on this wet night

A storm is forecast for today

Well, we’re due to have another storm today, the fourth one this month!
Its due to arrive at around 1 Pm today!
We’ll have high winds and lots of rain!
I dont know how to spell the name of it, but it means george in spanish.
It was just snowing a little a few minutes ago. But it didnt stick on the ground.
I think mom and me are going out this morning. I need to get some new clothes to wear, and I also need to get my money for the week out of the ATM.
I hope we will get home before the worst of the weather hits. We should, though.
My plan then for the rest of the day is to stay indoors, read, go online, etc.
And stay out of the storm!

Good morning guys

I slept great. I went to bed at 8:30 and fell into a deep sleep. it was bliss. I’d been up since 1 AM so I was exhausted. I let the kids have take out for dinner, which they absolutely loved. Darina was super super happpy about it!
I woke at 5 this morning, but I stayed in bed for another half hour then I got up. Its pouring rain outside, and we’re meant to have another storm this weekend, so not looking forward to that.
I will be going to my parents house this weekend. First though my PA comes this morning, we’ll just do some housework. Then I work on friendly call for a few hours. I am going into work early. I will go in after my PA leaves.
Tonight mom is going to do my hair for me, she’s going to put rollers in it. I am trying out the rollers and will see if my hair is nice curled. I have a family confirmation next week and I’d like to wear my hair in curls for it. So we’ll see how it turns out, if it turns out good I’ll also do this for my niece’s confirmation which is in a few weeks time.
I’ll leave the rollers in overnight and take them out in the morning. I really hope it turns out.
For now though think I’ll go watch a little tv. I am loving my new tv package. Its cool.

Being outside at 1 AM

As I stand at the back door
to let Nitro out
the wind howls
freezing my ass off
hurry up, Nitro
he’s sniffing around outside
not in any hurry to come in
its after 1 AM now
the rain splashes me
as I stick my head out and call
Nitro, Nitro
Come on boy
Time to come in
He runs up to me
soaking wet
Shakes himself all over me
As I turn to close the back door
We rush inside
Out of the biting wind
We sit
Me wrapped in my blanket
Nitro at my feet
I sip on a mug of hot chocolate
And begin to read
As nitro begins to sleep
And outside my window
The wind blows and rain falls

Fowc: Salient

A salient breeze
Blows this morning
It has been blowing all night
As we slept
Peacefully and soundly
Step outside
Almost get blown over
Fingers numb
As the wind wooshes and whirls
Around me
Think I prefer
The safety of indoors
Where the heat is on
Where its warm and cosy