Starting my day

the house is so warm
feel like I am melting
go outside
play fetch with nitro
cool down
before coming in again
drink some water
feeling refreshed
time to take meds
and start my day
waiting for my PA
one hour to go
before she arrives
then its all systems go
as we tackle the housework
before my fun weekend starts


Wow this heat

I’m passing out here with the heat. Its so damn hot!
We’re having really warm temps here at the moment. actually I think its going to be super hot for the whole weekend.
Today was the hottest day of the year here in ireland.
We hit 27 degrees C!
I’ve been sweltering all day and now I cant sleep because I am too warm!
I had to take two cold showers today it was that hot!
I think I need go get another bottle of water to drink. Hopefully I can sleep soon!


Outside my window…

I decided to distract and do a Writing prompt…the prompt I chose is Outside the Window: What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?

The weather outside tonight is cold and dry, we had rain earlier though!
I am glad to be inside! I don’t like to be cold!
I enjoy listening to the rain pitter pattering off the windows!
There was hailstone earlier tonight! It was huge!
Tomorrow I will hope for sun!
How about your weather? What is the weather like where you are right now?

Mom and my sister went camping this weekend!

So my sister turned 30 yesterday. Mom and her and the kids went camping for the weekend. I didnt go as its not my thing. I dont think I’d enjoy camping. So I didnt go. They left yesterday afternoon and will be home on Monday. I hope they’ll have fun. The weather looks like it will be good for the weekend so I think they will be fine. I think they will enjoy it.

I am going to book a weekend away later on in the year for mom, my sis and me. Its her birthday present from me. I also got her a gift voucher to have her nails done. She’s going on holidays in a few weeks to lanserote so she can go get her nails done before she goes. I didnt see her yesterday on her birthday but I sent a text in the morning wishing her a nice day and a happy birthday.

Cant believe she’s 30! My baby sis is 30 Omg!

Wow! I still remember the day she was born! The excitement of it!

I am going to my dads for the weekend. He’ll probably drive me crazy. But I will go anyway. It will be so weird not having mom there. I just hope we wont drive one another mad!

Rain rain go away!

Its just gone 5 AM. I woke at 4:30. Its pouring down outside. Its rained all night. I fell asleep to it. Now I woke and its still raining.

The sound of the rain pitter pattering on my windows is nice. I like that I am inside listening to it.

I hope it clears up though before I have to go out! I debated whether to go to my dr. barry apt. I’m going to go. I just don’t want to miss it.

I don’t have to go see her until the afternoon, so there is plenty of time for the rain to clear up! I plan on having a leisurely morning, just relax at home!

The storm is over and I survived!

So I survived th e storm!

I didnt sleep too good, but its over now, and everything and everyone is ok.

It was a pretty bad one all things considered. The wind was really howling, and it rained a lot. There was a ton of damage, but my parents house didnt get damaged thank goodness.

I’d say I only got about 3 hours sleep last night, I just couldnt drop off, the wind was just too loud. Nitro slept though, he wasnt too scared at all.

This morning, its like really calm. Its definitely the calm after the storm.


Good morning!

Well I never did get back to sleep! I dozed, but nothing substantial!
Mom came in at 8 and asked me if I wanted eggs for breakfast as she was making some for herself. So I had those with toast.
Im actually feeling ok this morning. Feeling good about going out with mom to get her a present for mothers day. We’ll be leaving soon to go to the store.
I’ve had a lovely shower! Felt so nice to feel the water on me! So healing! So sootheing!
We have a lot to do today. Go get moms present, then go grocery shopping, drop all that to my house, do some stuff around my house, and then come back to moms!
The weather this morning is super! Its warm and sunny!
I may even walk nitro later since my dad wasnt able to do it this morning!
If mom is up to going, we’ll do what we did yesterday and go to the local park to walk him!
Hoping everyone has a wonderful saturday!