batin down the hatches!

So the storm is almost here! The news said by midnight the winds would be really strong and there would be a massive amount of rainfall!
I am so glad to be at mom and dads house!
I think its gonna be a looong night!
I am safe though and thats what matters!
I hope there wont be too much damage from the storm. Today the sun was shining, it was 21 degrees C here! So the calm really did come before the storm!
Anyway, I’m sure the howling winds will keep me up, so I will prepare for a night of little to no sleep!
How are the storms in the USA now?
Spain had a massive one too and 8 people died in it!
I hope nobody dies in our storm!
carol anne



well i wont be going to the iLS course tomorrow. the weather here is set to be very bad. like minus 7 c all week. so very cold. and snow and sleet too. and i’m afraid if i go to the ILS course that my pipes in my house might burst and then the house would flood. so i’ve decided to stay home this week. its the safest option. my house flooded a few years ago when i was on holiday in america and it took months to get it back to normal again. i just dont want to risk that happening again. i’m not looking forward to all this bad weather. it makes it so much harder to do things when the weather is bad. i know minus 7 might not seem that bad to some people but its very cold for ireland. we arent used to that type of cold. so yeah. if it holds off snowing and is just cold, then i can still go volunteering and to slimming world and stuff this week. i wont cancel everything. just dont want to go to the ILS course, and stay for the week and leave my own home at risk.