What day is it anyway? Tuesday July 7th

My day so far: 3:30 PM
I had a pretty good day today. Pretty uneventful.

My PA frances came at 9 AM. We did housework for an hour, then she took Nitro out for a walk for me. I didnt go. I watched tv while she was gone.

She left at 11:30. After she left I texted some friends, and called my mom. My mom was babysitting my niece and nephew while my sister was at work.

I read for a while and watched some more tv. I’ve got a self care group going on in a little while, its a virtual group, run on zoom. Its run by our local blindness agency.

Other than that no other plans today. Just gonna enjoy a quiet evening, might watch a movie, or binge watch a new tv series.

Hoping you’ve all had a good tuesday so far and if its only starting for you then I hope it will be good!

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