Changing our plans!

i thought we were going to go out today to the beach. my sister had said she might go to the beach and mom and me thought if she was going we’d go too. we were going to walk on the beach, weather is good here today, no rain, no ice or snow, just cold but dry…
anyway now we’re not going. or we think we arent. my sister said the kids want to stay home. since our niece got her i phone she doesnt want to go anywhere, lol, she cant leave the damn phone out of her hand…
so its doubtful we’re going now…so i will just chill out here at mom and dads house instead. I am still tired anyway from last night. I might read later on this afternoon. Other than that not much going on…


A morning walk with mom

So I am at my parents house since yesterday. I stayed there last night after the awards ceremony. I was very tired after the ceremony and came back to mom and dads and slept for the entire evening. I must have needed the rest. I felt exhausted and I hadnt slept too good the night before sooo…..

But this morning I feel great! I got up and mom needed to go to the post office and credit union so I asked her if she felt like having a little company and if she did that I’d walk there with her. I said I needed the exercise and could do with a walk.

So we set off and had a really enjoyable walk together. The sun was shining. It was a lovely fresh morning. Bright and just a lovely day to walk. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.

I came back, ate some lunch and am now just chilling out. Mood wise I feel fantastic. I am happy and content. I think all the walking must have did me good.

I’ll be heading home later this afternoon to my own house. My pa amanda is coming in the morning, I need to go home as she’ll be coming out to my own house. Tomorrow morning I have a busy morning as I need to go to my gp to get bloods done, go to the gym, do some house work etc. So a busy day ahead for me tomorrow as well. I am also going volunteering tomorrow afternoon too. Oh well I like busy so am glad I have things to do.


Gym assessment this morning

This morning, I have an assessment at the gym. The instructor is going to give me a programme to follow. I need to be shown how to do weights and use the weights machines, so he’ll show me how to do that.
Then I can get going and really get into exercising!
Mom already said she’d take me to the gym on saturday. Yay!
Thanks, mom!
I’m excited to start. Of course I am even going to get some exercise in before I go to the gym at all, as I am walking there with my PA!
So yeah! Fit is good though, right?


Got a walk in!

Went for a long walk this afternoon. Went with my mom and sister, we went to a local lake and did two laps around it. It was lovely. I felt really good after it. I walked for 2 miles. We also sat and had a coffee afterwords. It was nice. And good I got some exercise in too today. That part I am delighted about.
Brought Nitro too. He made lots of friends. Everyone kept admiring him and saying how beautiful he was. Talk about being a proud mama! I was so proud of my furbaby! He was loving being out for a walk, his second walk of the day!
Got back home about an hour ago. Am planning on chilling out this evening. Just relaxing and watching X factor on tv, and maybe also reading for a while.
carol anne


We can safely say that after an hour of walking, I am totally and absolutely exhausted.

I am not at all fit. I do need to change that so I plan on walking as much as I can, when I can.

I walked this morning with my PA to the local supermarket, I had to go to the ATM to get money. We went to the cafe there to have a drink too while we were there, we needed to rest our feet.

It took 30 mins to walk there from my house, and 30 to walk back again. I took nitro so he got a walk too. He’s wrecked now too.

We met another guide dog in the cafe. He looked exactly like nitro.

Walking is good for me though, that’s what I keep telling myself.


I took a nice walk

I just took a lovely walk in the park with Nitro. It was really nice to get out in the fresh air and stretch my legs. I needed it. I was feeling a lot after todays therapy session. I needed to clear my head.
I did a few laps of the park. There are 3 different trails you can do. I did the smaller ones first. Mom was with me and she was having difficulty with her breathing so we had to go slow but it was still very nice.
Now I am feeling great. My head is clear and I feel able to think clearly again. I asked mom if she wanted to go again tomorrow evening. I’m staying at my parents tonight and tomorrow. She said we could do that. It is a beautiful day here today too. The sun is shining and its just so nice, not too hot and not too cold, just how I like it.


Pushing myself to walk

I feel so good! I really pushed myself this morning. We went to the park next to where I do the ILS course, and I did four laps. Normally I do 3. I’ve never done more than that. I used to be only able to do two before I would get out of breath. Now I am up to four! I cant believe it! I feel so proud of myself. I am making progress! It took me 20 minutes to do four laps. Then I came inside and ate a big bowl of soup, it was carrot, cellery, onion and chick pea soup that we made this morning. It was delicious! The only thing is, my tutor fell in the park, nitro knocked her over! He was off the lead and he came running at both of us and crashed into her and knocked her over! silly doggie! He had a ball though running around. He was in his element and had so much fun! He needs that. He needs to burn off his energy. I love giving him space to free run at least once a week if I can. He enjoys it as well. Now my tutor just told me she had to write up an incident report. Always a drama around here. There are so many rules if you so much as get a tip. But because her knees are sore she said she’d better do it just in case she had to go to her gp at the weekend. so yeah. But its been a good morning. Going home in an hour. Cant wait, bring on the weekend!
carol anne