Nitro’s gone out for a walk with my PA. He loves going out with her.
She takes him out most days when she’s here.
They go out for about 25 minutes.
I usually dont go, well sometimes I will but today I didnt feel like it.
You should have seen Nitro. I kept saying to him, lets get the lead, and he was jumping on me and whimpering.
so cute.
I’ll get some pics when he gets back from the walk. He’ll be tired then I am sure.

short walk

I got out this morning for a short walk with Nitro. My P/a went wth me. It was so nice to get out into the fresh air and breathe it in. I thoroughly enjoyed the 20 minutes I was out. Nitro did too. He was exhausted when we got home. I noticed he’s slowing down a lot now. He doesnt pull on his lead nowadays. He just walks calmly beside me. There were a few people walking dogs but not many people were out. I am glad I got out. I feel refreshed now and nitro is gone into his bed, he’s fast asleep now.

What day is it anyway? Friday March 27th 2020

Its Friday! Yay! Hoping ya’ll are having a great day!
Mines been awesome so far!
I decided to go to my parents for the weekend! I was planning not to go, but then I got so bored at home, and I was missing my mom. So I decided to go and spend the weekend with them. I got here around 4:30. I spent a bit of time chatting and watching tv with my parents.
Its been 3 weeks since my moms been out of the house. My dad is doing the grocery shopping, and the other things that mom usually does. He’s not liking it but he’s doing it anyway.
I didnt get to take Nitro for a walk today! I was planning on taking him out, but then I knew I’d have to get a taxi home after grocery shopping, and I wasnt sure if they’d take him in the back seat since now with the coronavirus the new law is that you have to sit in the back of the taxi!
So I felt really guilty not taking him out!
My dad said if he feels up to it he’ll take him out in the morning, which will be great for him. My plan is to take him on tuesday again. For an hour long walk. It will do him good and do me good too!
Nothing planned this weekend, other than starting a new book! Dont know what I’ll read yet, but I have plenty to choose from. I’m not short on books!
Well enjoy the rest of friday!
Oh yeah, now the UK prime minister has coronavirus, and prince charles also has it as well!
Ireland has had 19 deaths now, we had 10 yesterday. We have over 1800 cases of the coronavirus here now.


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What day is it anyway? Tuesday March 24th

My day so far 3:22 PM!
I didnt get much sleep last night, maybe got about 2 hours, that was it. Surprisingly though I am not at all tired from lack of sleep!
My PA came this morning at 9 AM, and we took Nitro out for a walk. We walked for an hour. I felt so amazing when I arrived home. I think walking has really helped to boost my mood!
Other than my walk with Nitro, I havent done much today. A friend visited for an hour, it was nice to see her.
The plans for the evening are to chill with a book, watch some netflix and facetime with my friend sarah.
Are you having a good day?
Our governement is meant to make an announcement this afternoon about restrictions that are set to be put in place in ireland. Already they’ve said that schools will remain closed after March 29th, and all restaurants and cafes are to close their doors today. As for what else will be put in place, we’ll just have to wait and see what they’ll say.
I’ve decided though now that if we do go on complete lockdown today I’m staying here at home. I had a rethink, and it will be better if I stay at home. Especially so I can do my therapy sessions with eileen, and my conference calls with my slimming world group, and also working from my home is better than trying to work from my parents house.
I hope your all having a great day!


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I’m promising myself…

That I will restart my exercise regime tomorrow!
I’ve been slacking!
I need to restart it!
So in the morning I am planning on getting up on the treadmill and doing two miles on it!
Then tomorrow evening I may do a third one if I am feeling motivated!
The weight just wont come off if I dont put in the effort, plus, my mood benefits also as I feel great once I do exercise!
So heres to new beginnings and keeping the promise to myself to get fit and get in shape!

Took a walk!

I decided to go for a walk yesterday to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air, I knew doing that would make me feel good.
Mom took me, but I’ve decided its best if she doesnt take me again. My mom has COPD, and her breathing is effected, she cant walk very far, or on long distances.
We didnt go far. We went to the grocery store and back home again. In total we walked over a mile. At least thats what my phone told me, we did over 2000 steps. Which is good, considering my mom cant walk very far.
The walk was just what I needed. My plan is to start exercising on the 2nd, using my treadmill, and the plan is, to exercise every day, I am going to get really serious about it now that christmas is over.

And its friday!

No plans here at all today! Nothing happening!
I was planning on going to my friend normas house, but we decided that will happen tomorrow instead. Norma went home to her family for christmas, and she’s not going to be back in her own house until later on today so it would have been a mad rush to get there today.
I’ve got nothing on this weekend so can go on saturday and spend a few hours there!
I think the only thing I do want to do today is go for a nice long walk! I will rope mom into doing that with me!
And I’m totally getting completely back on track with my healthy eating, so much so, that mom and me are having vegetable stir fry for dinner, with noodles!
Have a great Friday guys!