I’m promising myself…

That I will restart my exercise regime tomorrow!
I’ve been slacking!
I need to restart it!
So in the morning I am planning on getting up on the treadmill and doing two miles on it!
Then tomorrow evening I may do a third one if I am feeling motivated!
The weight just wont come off if I dont put in the effort, plus, my mood benefits also as I feel great once I do exercise!
So heres to new beginnings and keeping the promise to myself to get fit and get in shape!

Took a walk!

I decided to go for a walk yesterday to get out of the house and breathe in some fresh air, I knew doing that would make me feel good.
Mom took me, but I’ve decided its best if she doesnt take me again. My mom has COPD, and her breathing is effected, she cant walk very far, or on long distances.
We didnt go far. We went to the grocery store and back home again. In total we walked over a mile. At least thats what my phone told me, we did over 2000 steps. Which is good, considering my mom cant walk very far.
The walk was just what I needed. My plan is to start exercising on the 2nd, using my treadmill, and the plan is, to exercise every day, I am going to get really serious about it now that christmas is over.

And its friday!

No plans here at all today! Nothing happening!
I was planning on going to my friend normas house, but we decided that will happen tomorrow instead. Norma went home to her family for christmas, and she’s not going to be back in her own house until later on today so it would have been a mad rush to get there today.
I’ve got nothing on this weekend so can go on saturday and spend a few hours there!
I think the only thing I do want to do today is go for a nice long walk! I will rope mom into doing that with me!
And I’m totally getting completely back on track with my healthy eating, so much so, that mom and me are having vegetable stir fry for dinner, with noodles!
Have a great Friday guys!

Got to Killarney safely!

We got here! We’re all checked in and we’ve eaten and done our grocery shopping. Well, I didnt go grocery shopping, I left that to my mom and my aunt, myself and my other aunt stayed here in the apartment and chilled out. We chatted and caught up as it had been a while since we did that.
Now I am just relaxing in my PJ’s. Mom and my aunts are having drinks and watching tv. I’m not drinking, I’m trying to stay on plan with my healthy eating as much as I can.
My sister and my cousin are going to come down here tomorrow evening and spend tomorrow night here with us. My sisters partners mom will babysit the kids.
Tomorrow we’re going to go for a walk by the killarney lakes, and then my aunt is going to cook a huge pot of curry for us all to have for dinner, I cant wait as I love her chicken curry.
I plan on lazing around in my PJ’s tomorrow morning and I also plan on staying in bed late.

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Morning ramble!

good morning
Happy wednesday! I am so glad its wednesday! half the week is over, yay!
How are you all doing?
I am doing very well! I slept well which was awesome! I am so glad I slept well last night! I was in bed last night by 10 PM and asleep by 10:30. I got a good solid 5 or six hours!
this morning I go see dr. barry! I am so looking forward to our appointment. I love seeing her, as we always talk about a lot. Today will be no exception. I need to tell her that Eileens home. I also need to tell her my sleep is a bit better. And I also need to talk to her about the prazosin, I have to come off of it since the wholesale supplier isnt supplying it any longer. I hope she can find an alternative for me.
I also need to get my trevicta shot from the clinic nurse. I cant believe its been 3 months already since I got my last one!
I hope the wait before I see dr. barry wont be too long. I hate all the waiting. I get so bored. Maybe I’ll bring a book and read that. Or go on my phone and go on facebook or something.
After my apt with dr. barry moms coming over to my place for an hour, she’s going to cut my grass, and she’s going to clean up the dog poop in my yard. My sisters going to drop her off on her way to work. I’ll probably just have lunch while she’s doing those things.
Then this evening at 5:30 my Pa comes. We’re going to walk Nitro. I’ll probably do the same walk that I did last week. That takes an hour to complete. Its a nice walk. Weather permitting of course. I hope the weather stays good so we can get out. I enjoy the walking and we talk as we walk which is nice. Nitro needs the exercise and so do I! It keeps me fit!
So thats my day in a nutshell! What does your day look like? Have you anything planned?

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3tc challenge PL156

todays prompts for 3tc are park, gallop and liqorice

He sat on a park bench, stuffing his face with liqorice. He loved the stuff. Especially the smell of it, the black ones were his favourites.
Suddenly his labrador galloped up to him. He licked his hand, what! You want liqorice too boy? Kevin said with a smile!
Come on he said, time to go for our walk. The dog wagged his tail and jumped around excitedly. Steady, boy, kevin chuckled. Whose walking who here!
They set off and did a couple laps of the park, being out in the fresh air felt so good. This is the life, thought kevin, his dog agreed, it certainly was a dogs life.

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Its good for your soul

What is, you may be asking. Well, its exercise!
Exercise is so good for the soul! I’ve just done 20 minutes on the treadmill and now I am feeling great!
I feel fantastic!
I am determined to be down at tomorrow nights weigh in! I have been walking a lot this week! I did go off plan a little, but I am praying and hoping that it wont matter and that I will still be down at weigh in!
I am planning on maybe going back on the treadmill for another 15 minutes later on tonight! And then again in the morning and afternoon before I get weighed in!
Its hard going but so worth it! Especially when you feel so good after the exercise!
I did over 3000 steps just now on the treadmill, 1.2 miles! Thats good going I think!

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