Like a vulture

Fear grips me
Catches me off guard
Like a vulture
It claws its way
Into my being
Overtakes me
Makes me shake, uncontrollably
Sitting here
Mug of tea in hand
Unable to shake
These feelings
Of doom, dread, being afraid
So afraid
Of everything around me

Poetry-Like a vulture

Fear wraps itself around me
and like a vulture
it grabs
It grips
It claws
It pulls
It is my constant companion
At night
There is no rest
No reprieve
the Fear is just always there
Staring me down
Making me crazy
I’ve come to know fear
As my friend
The friend I hate
The friend I don’t want
And just like that vulture
who swooped in
I want to swoop in
and feel something else
Other than the fear
I feel now